Thursday, June 25, 2009

Re: Manslut

This afternoon I was headed to downtown SLC to meet my sisters at the mall. I was waiting at a stoplight to get on the freeway, and heard someone to my right honking. I looked over, and saw a guy gesturing to me to roll down my window. I thought that maybe I'd left my gas cap open, or something, and rolled it down. I swear to you on something really important like Hairyola and my boobies that this is exactly as the convo ensued:

MAN: Hey, do you wanna sell your car?
ME: ?? No.
MAN: Well do you wanna sell your body then?
I start to roll up my window
MAN: Are you sure? I pay really well.

What a dick. Seriously, no words. Can't believe I was actually solicited. I always wonder to myself if I have the she-balls to be a whore, and now I know that I do not. Talk about being offended. I wish I had told him to go F himself. Literally.


Jackie said...
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Standing in the Rain said...

now if that doesn't add to the grumpies, i'm not sure what does.

Kara said...

Sicko. said...

UGH! This is insane and unreal! Horrible!

Penny said...

Actually, I am glad that you said nothing else to him. I don't think you can trust what people might do next. So roll up the window and keep your thoughts and gestures to yourself. Actually a few years ago I guess I looked cute from the back and my car was new then and these guys honked a lot and waved and then drove by me. They were so embarrassed when they saw how old i was and I Loved It. We all need validation on occasion but not like what happened to you. Seriously, though, you are looking prettier and prettier to me.

Jamie said...

Oh my god, that is ridiculous. That dude is such a creep! Ugh. Absurd.

Krystle said...

Weirdo. I've been asked to star in "adult films." Gross. The weird thing was, it was in the dead of winter, and I was wearing a huge winter coat. What was so interesting? lol. Seriously creepy.

Pattie Cordova said...

total freaks... THOSE are the type of guys who did not have awesome moms.

"Julia" said...

And just think. This is in Salt Lake City. Can you imagine what it's like in the less conservative cities?
It's cases like these that make women hate men.

Keely said...

Ewwwwww. I have got a couple of those on the train coming home. You'd think that they'd leave me alone with my headphones on and nose in a book, but alas. A drunk, homeless man plops right next to me.
"You're hot."
I give a half smile (go away!) and go back to my book.
"Do you want to go to dinner?"
"I have a boyfriend." (lie)
"What's his name?"
"Tyler." (lie)
"I don't think he'd mind."
"I think he would..."

bananas said...

Ew. That's so disgusting. What a perv.

Brooke said...

Girl, next time someone gestures for you to roll down your window that is when you run the red light or run over the guy! Please don't ever roll down your window or talk to anyone ever again!

That is how stinky ol' men get their thrills!

You are lucky to be safe :) Count your many blessings

Angeline said...

Idiot!!! What was he thinking? I once was flashed by some dirty man at a stop light downtown. Totally creeped me out and I kind of wanted to cry. Why these "dicks" think they can say or do anything to women just because we have a vagina is beyond me. Makes me feel bad for their mom's...if they only knew. Gross! Sorry that happened to you.