Friday, June 26, 2009

Hungry Tiger

First off, random: does this make me a bad person? When I heard that M.J. had died last night, (from surprisingly my dad, as he doesn’t follow Hollywood and wouldn’t know who Paris Hilton was if she came right up to him and said, “That’s hot”) the first thing I thought was,

So if M.J’s ancestors are presumably like welcoming him into Heaven right at this minute or whatever, are they asking him why the hell he’s white?

I wonder, oh, I wonder.

Well, the grumpies aren’t as bad today, even though my body was solicited yesterday – gah that makes me mad all over again! That dude – man, talk about being a hungry tiger! And this broad will NOT be feeding him…
Anyway, my grumpies post actually really cheered me up yesterday, because it was utterly ridiculous. It’s good to laugh at yourself.

Hopefully this weekend should be rad. Whit and I are going to see My Sister’s Keeper tonight, and then tomorrow Big B and I are taking Lil C to the pool for some hardcore family bonding, which will consist of him playing with C in the water while I broil on my beach towel. I love bonding.

Glad it’s Friday. I need the break; need Big B to be home to help me with C. He’s kind of being a monster right now, and my limits are getting precariously close to their breaking point. The little fiend knows how to push my buttons, that’s for sure. Motherhood is a blessing, truly cheesy – but true - but sometimes I wonder why I allowed some jerk (aka my husband haha) to inseminate me. Obviously I don’t really mean it, I love my mini-man, but there are times when I want to throw up my hands and give up.

That’s not an easy thing to admit.

I’m not one of those perfect mom bloggers out there whose kids are always in clean, ironed clothes who eat organic vegetables and never get in fights. I’m not that perfect, my child’s not that perfect, and I’ll never presume to be. It’s just hard right now. Mama Brie needs a break.

And Big B? If you were thinking of being a hungry tiger tonight – you are so gonna be starved. Wifey Brie needs a break too. ;)


maddog said...

You're not a bad person for thinking that (at least in my opinion). I keep wondering why, oh why, MJ did those things to his nose.

Standing in the Rain said...

i think many mothers are just like you in admitting their weaknesses. and i KNOW no mother is perfect.

(not even those who pretend they are!)

as Oprah says, "it's the hardest job on earth." i, personally, think it's the most important and most potentially rewarding. remember the end goal...the kind of person you want C to be, and the fact that ten, twenty, years from now it'll only be a good story that he liked to hit his mom when it was bedtime or whatever.

(ps. one of my best childhood stories is my mom sending my little brother's to time out in the bathroom (they shared a bedroom and it was too fun for time out) and when she said they could come out they had covered themselves in that blue sparkly toothpaste, like body paint. ALL OVER. at the time i'm sure she was pissed and frustrated, now it's a cute memory.))

anyways, don't know if this helps, as i am NOT a mom, but just know you are supported and cheered on by many and you ARE doing a wonderful job, whether you know it or not.

Telstaar said...

I agree with STIR :) I don't think any mum is perfect, and I think perfect mum's tend to raise crazy screwed up kids.... but good mum's are loved by their kids and Lil C certainly loves you because he knows his mamma loves him. And really, at least he knows he CAN be naughty because he's not so scared of you that he trembles in fear.

I hope you get a break soon too and I'm glad its Friday for you (or saturday for me).


Praying for you lovely
Love Telly xox

Misty said...

Brie - You should try to be more like your sisters. Why, we feed our kids ALL and ONLY healthy foods every single day that we have grown in our gardens and washed and cut so tenderly. We only talk about happy things and roses and sunshine.
C'mon - get real!
You are doing an amazing job as a mom and little C is the cutest freakin kid on earth!

Penny said...

As a Mom I agree with all, and think that its great that you have some lovely different things to lookforward to, especially on the weekend. Remember even God had to rest and needed one seventh of His time to do something else! And He is perfect so its ok for you to enjoy 2/7ths of your days doing other things. Keep up your quirky thoughts. You stated a great question. Mickaels parents up in heaven probly walked right past him!

Devon said...

I'll take part of the responsibility for the insemination. ;) Good times visiting Brie :D

PS - my offer to babysit is still valid. Plus, kinda miss my Brie

bananas said...

You deserve a rest and break, my friend. For more than one night.

Laura said... child molesters really get to go to heaven???

and clearly, you need to read my blog more. Forget organic food for the kids, have you noticed that mine are never dressed?????????

have fun at the movie..should be uplifting...I hear it is hysterical!

Kerri said...

Any mom that tries to imply they are perfect is lying!! And I feel exactly like you described a lot lately. My Caden is 4 and he has developed the saucy mouth. Sigh... not fun to deal with at all. Of course, he is also the same child who will sometimes wake me up in the morning by rubbing my back and giving me kisses saying "I love you the bestest, mommy"

kristin said...

I'm not a mother or anything, but I know that being stressed out about motherhood like you are is normal. Sometimes we all get to a point in something and find ourselves struggling and frustrated and wanting to give up. But, during those times, we have to hang in there and keep going. No one is a perfect mother. You just have to do the best you can. And I'm certain the best you can is just perfect. You're a very good mother, Brie. Don't forget it.

Take care, Brie.

Lots of love, kristin

Brooke said...

Girl, you know if anyone one understands IT IS ME!! Remember my last post? Yeah. Cade will be your biggest trial and your biggest joy! I think the joy doesn't come quite as often day to day as it should which is a wee unfortunate....but

TIP:Every night when he falls asleep go lay with him or look at him for a minute, and you will feel the JOY. For me, it sometimes is enough to get me through the next day until noon :) ha! Seriously, it really does help though.

Mothering really is the hardest job ever and not appreciated enough. One question? What does Oprah know about motherhood? Not to be rude to your former "commenter," but she is childless. She bugs. Whatevs.

Shelby and Mike Fenton said...

Brie! I'm so glad you found me in this blogging world! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your comment! Our little family have been nomads the last month traveling, so things have been a little bit crazy! I'm glad to hear you are doing well! Your little boy is absolutely darling! What a cute family you have! Keep in touch! I enjoy reading your blog! Take care!