Thursday, June 4, 2009


Hello Blogxygeners, I’m back to being not super blah. Yay! My hair is in a supercute braid, I’m wearing dangly earrings, and I NEVER wear dangly earrings, and I kind of think ‘dangly’ is a weird word, and I can’t stop repeating it over and over in my head, in cycles of eight. YES, I still have a bit of OCD lurking in the corners of my brain. dangly dangly dangly dangly dangly dangly dangly dangly.

Luuuurved all the comments I got from my last post, every one of them tickled me. I especially was happily reminded that the phrase “THAT’S NOT YOU, THAT'S YOUR EATING DISORDER TALKING” is pretty darn bad, and I should have put it in my top 10. Ooh and also “FAT IS NOT A FEELING” is pretty rank. Haha. Anyway, thanks for cheering me up yesterday, I needed it – and also the mood stabilizer I had to pick up from the pharmacy. I’m feeling better now, thanks to you and modern medicine. :)

Mini fill in:
NOT going to write to the GI, but instead call him. My brother is a surgeon and says that if you get a formal letter like that, they automatically think lawsuit. I don’t want to sue the guy, just figure out what the H bomb was going on in his head.

Slowly gaining weight. Since being in the hospital 9 weeks ago, I’ve gained X pounds since then. Still have a ways to go, but the Briester is making progress with her weird, wrecked body, so points for me, for both weight gain and alliteration – you know how much I love alliteration!

Lungs are doing better, too, though summer is always the best time of year for them – allergies aren’t as bad, once spring passes. The dry, hot air of Utah, mingled with the sharp scent of Chlorine, seems to help my lungys. Summer is a Beautiful Thang.

I now work just as a receptionist at work, and not as a Contract Coordinator. The work was too demanding, and I didn’t have the time or energy to devote to that when my health was in such bad shape. I now have minimal stress at work, and only work 4 ½ hours a day. I think it’s better this way, though I miss being important at work, haha.

What else? Oh yeah. I think you all are neat.

Have a good day, please. Be nice to people.


Pattie Cordova said...

Brownie points for reducing your work hours to 4.5.

and... I'm ALWAYS nice to people (well, kinda). I'll be extra nice today.

Lisa said...

I counted my earring collection the other day: 106 pairs. Several of which are quite dangly (and agreed, it's an odd word).

You think we're neat? Well, we think you are amazing.

licketysplit said...

Love the earings.
So happy you're having a good day.
& I think you're pretty neat too :)

Brooke said...

Brie, I'm glad you are feeling better today!

And just for the record, seriously, I am sooo much nicer (is that a real word) to people than I was a while ago. I just needed a few mood stabilizers like you. I also thank modern medicine. I probably would have hurt a lot more feelings of Arctic Circle and Home Depot employees! etc. etc.....

Sarah said...

I think you're pretty darn neat yourself darlin.


Angeline said...

Great last two posts. Dangly is a great is "scarf". For some reason I just think that is the funniest word ever. :) Keep having a great day!


HAFC said...

When ever I hear the word "dangly", or in this case, read it, my mind goes directly to a man's penis. Cuz, uh, that's what they do unless of course, well, I won't go any further with this. I already feel like I said too much! But anyway, I can't stand that word. : )

tawny said...

I love dangly earrings!!!!!!

You look hot in those dangles...

should do it more often!

So glad you are doing the receptionist 4 hr day shift so you can hang with us GIRLS MORE! yay.

and yay for summertime and sunshine and your silver danglies.


Penny said...

I agree with Tawny and I'm hoping as you hang with the girls more wearing your pretty danglies, that you realize that i can hang with you too!Yay for me, too. Looking forward to summer with you!

emily said...

I'm a big fan of medication myself. And I like your earrings. Now that you're working fewer hours, could you give me a makeover? I have serious unibrow and mommy-vibe. I figure you are the best gal for the job.
Glad you're feeling better,

CookieGirl said...

I think you are neat, and major props for doing what you needed to take care of yourself at work. : )

Sarah said...

Also props on the weight gain. Blah, but good, right?