Monday, June 22, 2009


Good morning, my little kittens! I hope you had a fabulous weekend.
I did.

In fact, Friday was so, just…made of Hell, no! that this weekend couldn’t have possibly gotten worse – and it didn’t – it got better. :) Saturday I went to Provo and did some major shoppage with my mom. I bought Big B his Fathers’ Day gifts, and Cappa-Tade was so glad to see Gwandma Penny. :) It was rainy and lame, but shopping always alleviates weather (and other sorts of) woes.

Today I only work till noonish, and then I’m totally hittin’ the pool. To strangers who look at me, I’m quite dark; very tan-looking. But when all my sissies see me, they laugh at me because they say I’m so WHITE. Those fools are almost black with tan-ness. Don’t you love my new wordage? I need to copyright all this amazingness…but anyway then after the pool I’m headed to the-rapey (anyone ever see Girl, Interrupted haha?) at 4. I’m thinking I’m going to get a giant red stamp that says C U R E D in my file today. You know.

Speaking of cured…I’ll update you a bit on how things are going: my weight is still lower than it should be, but stable. Did you read that word…that STABLE word? You understand the meaning and significance of this, right? STABLE means that I’m not losing weight or wanting to tear off my clothes and run around the neighborhood nakey sobbing I DID MY BEST, I DID MY BEST, I DID MY BEST because of anxiety. Stable means I’m eating enough to maintain. Stable means you don’t hear embarrassing hungry tummy growls when you’re with me. Stable means that I am full of near-curedness. And that I’m also classy and fabulous, and that I do have proper grammar and spelling skills when needed. Absolutely. I should call Mr. Webster and update him on some of the finer details of the definition, as apparently STABLE and I are quite acquainted. ;)

Okay, well, have a good day. I’m going to go back to drinking my Diet Coke and noshing on my granola bar. Have fun doing something not as cool as me when I’m at the pool, suckas! Bye!


Krystle said...

I am so unbelievably happy to read this! Yay Brie!!!!

tawny said...

YAY- you are coming to the pool today!!!!!!!! c you there!! Mace will be muy happy for Cappa C.

and your just a lil' white...:)

Penny said...

Hey White Woman!
When you use that word STABLE in the same sentance as YOU, I am the most HAPPY MaMa in todo el mundo! I would do cartwheels if ever I had been blessed with coordination!

Krista said...

Oooo I think I might head to our local pool today now. What a great idea now that it's not a tropical rain storm outside. Jax will thank you for the great idea!


Brie- I'm so glad to hear that you are doing well!!!! Keep fighting and working towards your recovery! I am soooo proud of ya!

P.S. I am freakishly jealous that you will be sitting next to the pool this afternoon, as I am sitting here in my stressful-as-ever office. :) Get some sone for me!


inthemainstream said...

That's fabulous, Brie. Take some serious joy in that!

Shannon said...

This is such a happy blog :) But does "near-curedness" mean you are almost preserved?

lisalisa said...

That's awesome that you are maintaining your weight tubeless-ly! Way to go, Brie!

Telstaar said...

WHOO HOO re stable :)

YAY re early work day and pool time :)

*big smiles for The Briester*


Pattie Cordova said...

uh oh... got me worried there for a sec. I thought you had a crapolicious weekend again. Glad to hear it was fun.

Kara said...

I love that you did a post about being stable. STABLE is honestly one of my favorite words.

I'm all about a good tan - but don't go off getting skin cancer now, missy! :)