Friday, June 19, 2009

Green River & Moab, Utah 2009

Here's some pics from our mini-vacay last weekend. We detoured before Green River to look at some petroglyphs and dinosaur prints. Here you can see Bran and Lil C and lots of my fam climbing the rocks; me and The Peg Hole decided to hang back.

Cappa-Tade throwing rocks with Lighning McQueen.

They're both cuter in real life.

So am I. I think.

Bored and snapping (more) pics while yet another hill was climbed that wasn't Peg friendly.

Cave fun.

Cade caught unawares.

Cade loved the big rock. He said he was "king of the rock!"

I love this pic of Daddy and C on the bridge that looked like it was momentarily going to collapse. A total framer, if you ask me.

Later that night, we all went to a park for a BBQ and games.

My hole didn't like playing football, either.

My nerdier family members played a riveting game of Red Rover. C LOVED it which surprised me. Here he's standing between Aunt Ambie and his cousin Makaylee, getting ready to run.

Playing Big Booty with my sisters and older neices. This game is so lame, but addictive. You can tell my family doesn't drink, haha. Wholesome games are fun though!

Doing the much anticipated Booty Dance. I'm so good at it.

This year Big B and I opted not to hike Delicate Arch due to my hole, but instead hike Landscape Arch, which was short and relatively flat. It's the longest free-standing arch in the world. Here I am with my nieces Marissa and Madison and my sis-in-law Ang.

Cappa-Taden stayed behind while Cappa-Gwandma watched the little kids so we could hike. He loves Gwandma Penny more than anybody, including me and Bran, seriously. Cute shirt, Mom!

And, well, no more pics were taken after that since the rest of the trip consisted of me sleeping, puking, and sleeping. It was uber fun though, promise! Thanks M and D for the fabuloso trip! Until next year...


bananas said...

Super cute pictures! Thanks for sharing. :)

HAFC said...

I love the pics! Looks like it was hot!

Krystle said...

These pics are great!

Keely said...

Yay! Thanks for sharing! I can't believe how big Cappa-Taden is getting!

On a side note, I couldn't read "Red Rover". I just looked at it and was like "they played red roover? I've never heard of that..." until I saw the pic with everyone holding hands... ha ha!

Kara said...

Love the pics! I agree with you, the bridge picture is definitely a framer!

Jamie said...

Aww, what awesome photographs! It looks like you all had a lovely time. =) You look beautiful, too!


Ahhh girl! You have the cutest family ever! You are such a doll! I am sooo happy that you were able to have a fun time last weekend! And that The Tube came out this past week too! Yiippeeee for Summer Fun! Have a rock staf, kick ass weekend!


tawny said...

oh my gosh you are cracking me up in the middle pic....ha ha ha! "spank the booty" girl!

and love the pic with you cute girls under landscape arch..sweetness. cya this wknd! xo

Gena said...

I want to know how to play "Big Booty" since mine definitely is.

Great pictures and looks like y'all really had fun. Hope you and your hole feel better soon.

Penny said...

I think that Lil C playing "Red Rover" was the high lite of the trip (for him). Who would have eva thought that he would join in the big children game? He and all of the kids were so cute that night. I will never forget it! Good times and thanks for sharin.
Already wish it was time for another trip. But wait, it is almost time for mine!

Keely said...

Wait. I can't remember how to play Big Booty. Will someone tell me how it goes?

Telstaar said...

I like the pictures and commentary, I feel like I get to live a bit vicariously through you and that is cool, I like to do that :).



zubeldia said...

You are all so beautiful! Love these pics, Brie. It's so good to see you up and about and being with your lovely family. And Cade.. oh, what a cute-heart.


kristin said...

Very awesome and cute pictures, Brie. I'm glad you posted them! :)

love, kristin

Brooke said...

I can't believe Cade played Red Rover. He was so darlin'

Big booty was da' bomb! To be continued at my house on July 24th in my circle. Be there or be .....uhh I'll be sad if you're not there.

Misty said...

That trip was so fun! You weren't the big booty queen this year though I do have to say! Usually you rule but your reflexes were s-u-p-e-r- slow last weekend. Maybe cuz of your hole.