Sunday, June 7, 2009


Had SO.MUCH.FUN at Lagoon yesterday. I felt like a 12 year old going to his first amusement park or something, only the first time I went, I was much younger, and also when I was 12 I was pretty depressed so I guess that wasn't a good example. Whateva you get what I mean. :) We stayed for nearly eight hours, and by the end of the day, I was exhausted. My hole (the PEG one) was hurting terribly, I was doing everything I could to try not to stretch and move it around too much, but all the whipping and jostling around kinda made it mad at me, but despite all that I didnt let it get in the way of my fun-having.

Here's Big B and I on our way to Lagoon. I am in mid-chew of a granola bar, and my nostrils are quite the large ones from this unfortunate angle. The granola bar was awesome, by the way.

I wanted to get a shot of the rollercoasters from the parking lot. Brandon told me I was an adoradork (adorable+dork) but these things must be documented!

Here we are, waiting in line for the Bat or Spider or Wild Mouse. I think. I'm still trying to figure out why almost all their rides are named after rather small creatures that aren't too scary except for spiders. Weird? I think they should name a ride You'll Crap your Pants! or something, that would scare me more than a wild mouse. Pish. But anyway don't we look cute and happy in this pic? I really lurve it.

My cute twin bro and his darlin wife Angela, while waiting for the Bat/Wild Mouse/Spider or whatever.

Here's a pic of me and Ang and my cute Boss J with her adorgeous (adorable+gorgeous) daugher, C. My whole work got together for a catered lunch that consisted of hamburgers and hot dogs being served by rather sullen teenagers.

OKAY. Big B HAS NEVER HAD DIPPIN' DOTS before. Can you believe this monstrosity? Here's his first bite, while we were in line for the Rattlesnake Rapids (yes another animal!) and he loved them. I got freezer burn on my tongue from gobbling them so fast, which for some reason makes me feel fat. No worries I ate them anyway, haha.
So funny story about the Rattlesnake Rapids. Obviously it is a ride you can get wet on. I was a little hot, so I decided I didn't mind getting too wet, but I didn't want to get sopping. The four of us were in a raft with two like 10 year old boys that we didn't know. They were sitting in their own seats across from the four of us. The ride was nearing its end, and I was so relieved that I'd got no more than my crotchal area a little wet. But then looming up ahead I saw these gigantic water falls ahead , and I knew that if the raft turned the right way, I'd be under the falls and get thoroughly drowned. And, OF COURSE, as luck would have it, the falls were turning so that Big B and I would get most wet (although they were big enough pretty much everyone would catch some of it) but I thought OH NO YOU DON'T - I AIN'T GETTIN THIS WET! So I leapt across the raft right next to a startled 10 year old boy, and like tried to cower behind him. I practically humped the poor kid, no kidding. He seemed to be a good sport about it though.
And I still got soaked anyway. :)

This is the ride in my aforementioned post when I told you I was holding Brett's hand and crying because I just knew I was going to die, and I wanted to let him know I loved him? Yeah, it's The Rocket. No rollercoasters actually freak me out, where I think I'm going to die. I get excited, and exhilerated, and get a surge of adrenaline, but none of them actually make me nervous while I'm waiting in line. The Rocket does. And I kept cursing myself, wondering why I had allowed myself to once again come near the jaws of death and put myself through all that again. So as we were strapped in, I was holding (well, more like CLAWING) Bran's hand for dear life, and I STARTED CRYING.
I almost died guys. Seriously.

Here's the product of my fear. Unfortunately the marks didn't photograph well, and they'd faded because I took this shot hours after our Rocket ride, but you can see many of the red scratcheds on B's (hairy) hand while I was blubbering and waiting to die.

One last kiss waiting in line for the last ride of the day, Dracula's Castle. Big B was most especially looking forward to it because I told him I'd make out with him during it.
I didn't let him down, haha.

Anyway, it was awesome. No ED to worry about with food and body image, just fun and family and coworkers (yes I had fun with coworkers, weird! ;)
Life was good yesterday. Not so good today, though, as I'm paying for my fun. I came home last night and my PEG had totally bled and there's this really nasty, like, growth on it, and it hurts and is bleeding and I think I need to go to the doctor. Maybe I shouldn't have amusement parked it up with a PEG? Whatever, I HAD to! Ed no longer is controlling my life, and I had way too much fun to pass it up.

Be jealous. I know your Saturday wasn't as good as mine! ;)


Keely said...

I am totally jealous! Sorry your peg hurts. I would get it checked out, just to be safe. But hell no wouldn't i miss a lagoon trip of I had to do it again (If I were you, of course. :)

Kara said...

Sorry your PEG sucks, but I'm glad that you didn't let your PEG ruin your fun.

I can't believe B had never had Dippin Dots before!!!! I hope he loooooooved them because they are the best ice cream eva!

McIntyre Family said...

Sounds like soooo much fun Brie! Man it's been forever since I've had Dippin' Dots!! Best thing would be to eat them on The Rocket!! Love love that ride!!
Sorry you're payin' for your fun today but hey there's no way you could pass up Lagoon right!!
BTW it was great to meet you today!
(and yes you two look totally cute and happy and adorgeous!) said...

What a wonderful day!

lisalisa said...

how fun! It looks like you had perfect weather for your fun day, too! I love Lagoon!

Lisa said...

Dippin Dots are sooo cool! We used to go to Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and they had DDs way before they made it to your average amusement park/zoo/mall.

You look so happy in those photos. I'm glad you had a good time.

Standing in the Rain said...

can i just say i love it when you say "your hole hurts." i mean, i know i shouldn't be laughing or whatever, cuz it's a "real" hole and not your vaginzeee you are talking about, but nevertheless it makes me laugh.

at any rate, glad you had fun and hope it feels better/stops bleeding (hehehe) soon!

Telstaar said...

Okay... what is a Dippin' Dot???

I am SO SO jealous of you :), but really glad you had such an awesome day. You totally deserve to have a fun filled day (week and month)...You really are an inspiration miss Brie. If you relapsed tomorrow (which you won't) you would STILL be an inspiration, but just YOU as YOU... wow.

Go rollercoasters and rides of death!!! lol

Love you xo

Penny said...

Loved the pics, especially of you and Bran. Just cute and happy and natural. So glad you loved your day out and so glad you are loving normalcy!

Brooke said...

I can't believe Bran has never had Dippin' Dots. That is sad. He has lost out on so much in life.

I'm glad you had a great day. Much love :)

CookieGirl said...

I love this. you rock. : )