Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Man

To a hardworking husband who is both hot and manly,

I love you for so many reasons, it's just insane. I never would have thought that the man I was going to marry and have children with would be that chillax guy wearing that tacky Where's Waldo shirt on the first day you introduced yourself to me in History class. (Please burn that shirt if you ever find it again...)

I really believe that you are It. The One. Hand-picked for The Briester by Heavenly Father. I sometimes don't think very highly of myself, but God MUST, for giving both me and Cade YOU. If I ever think that my life was in vain, or a failure, I need only remember that I was given you, and together we made something priceless: our son, Cappa-Taden.

You are passionate and resourceful, logical but forever optimitic. You are patient and kind. You are my rock, my foundation, especially when my body image gets out of hand and I start to freak out and feel like a fatso. :) Caden will grow up "normal," if not because of his slightly unstable mother, then because of his honorable father.

Thank you for your jackhammer spermies giving me Caden, and I can't wait until you give me more!

I love you, I love that ony you can turn me on, and still give me butterflies in my stomach, after all these years.

On this day I celebrate you - today, and always.
Love you, Baby-


Jamie said...

That is the loveliest thing I have read in a while. That is so wonderful, Brie.

I'm very glad that you found such an incredible man! :)

Gena said...

Sweetest and most awesome Father's Day post ever. I wish all of my daughters can find what you have. You are truly a blessed woman.

Brooke said...

I love you too Brandon! You are an awesome Dad and husband. You are probably the best -- well, next to John, of course!!

Happy FAther's Day!

rachel ramsay said...

jackhammer spermies? hehhheh.. it was good seeing you this weekend. You are swell and I think Brandon is swell too and Cappa-Taden and chocolate shakes.

Laura said...

wow..he IS hot.

I love that he still gives you butterflies..and butterflies have ZERO calories!

happy fathers day to him...

Krystle said...

Aw! This is beautiful!

Penny said...

You got it right with him! Lucky or/blessed? Thats for sure.