Friday, October 2, 2009

No News is Good News?

Okay, well, hi. I didn’t find out el sexo of the baby yesterday. How lame is that? I thought they’d do an ultrasound, since they’ve done one at every other appt I’ve gone to, but apparently they’re not going to do another one until Nov 3rd, unless there is something wrong before then. So it looks like I’ve still got some sad waiting to do.

For some good news, I totally lied and got out of my schmear yesterday. But I’m not worried because I don’t think I have pap smear cancer or whatever the hell it is they check you “down there” for.

In other news, there is no news. Just working and being a single mom a lot since B is so busy with work and school, and eating and sleeping and trying to breathe.

Yesterday I was explaining to C (yet again) that there was a baby in my tummy, and I showed him a pic of an ultrasound I’d had done. I said, “See, that’s a picture of the baby!” and he looked at the blurry blob, and then looked at me like I was crazy. “No Mama,” he says. “that’s a baby!” and he points to a picture of himself hanging on the wall that was taken when he was 3 months old. He then looks at the ultrasound picture and finally concludes, “You’re having a funny baby. This is a funny baby.” It made me smile.

At least he didn’t see the freaky baby widget on my blog, eh?


Nichole said...

Hey guys, Vote for Blogxygen here!:

And support Brie! Ha ha, she may not want this recognition... But I bet she wants the $250 prize :)

Alexandra Rising said...

'Pap Smear Cancer', hehe. I smiled.

Kara said...

November 3?! That's another month away!! Sigh.

bananas said...

Well sorry you didn't get to find out... don't you just love how doctors make you wait and wait for everything?

Cade sounds like he's gotten SO much more chatty since I last saw him. It makes me want to have a conversation with him!

Brooke said...

It's time for Fetal Fotos!!

Sheryl said...

CADE IS ADORABLE! hehe - from the mouths of babes :)