Monday, October 26, 2009

The Weekend was Spent:

1. Buying UGLY maternity clothes.
2. Buying C cute little hoodies from The Gap (he is so much more stylin’ than me!)
3. Suffering from Buyer’s Remorse.
4. Reading 4 books to avoid mi vida.
5. Waking up to go to church and realizing my lips were white and ringed with a little blue.
6. Going to the ER to breathe which involved steroids, breathing treatments, x-rays, etc, you know, The Norm for me.
7. Giving C meds that I think (I hope!) are already helping his little kidneys. But also, as a side-effect of the meds, changing S E V E R A L blowout diarrhea poops. Getting said poo on my fingernail.
8. Drinking far too much Diet Coke.
9. Not sleeping well.
10. Still feeling angry, but not so angry where I want to rip off my shirt and jump off my in-laws roof and go on walks at midnight without shoes, mittens, or underwear on.

So really, it could’ve gone better. I'm thinking.


Stacy said...

wear the shirt... don't let the shirt wear you.
Sorry your weekend was less wonderful than most.

I really hope the breathing goes better for you this season than last year.

Prayers for you and Cade and baby unborn.


Elle said...

I found your blog last week and proceeded to read it, compulsively, for the next five days. I even stayed up until 2:00 am one night reading it. You are such an incredibly talented writer, have you ever considered turning your work into a book?

Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for the highly entertaining experience.

Alexandra Rising said...

"UGly" shirt is not ugly.
And, what 4 books did you read?
[Hope you are feeling better!]