Monday, October 5, 2009


Hi people. What’s up? How’s everybody? So I’m going to complain now.

I’m good, eh. I don’t know, I mean I really don’t have much of an update other than complaining about pregnancy stuff. The morning sickness is more or less gone (unless I go too long without eating, that’s an excellent way to plummet my blood sugar and make me pukey) but the need to pee is actually, really, incredible. I should win an award for this, no kidding. I mean, my baby’s the size of a lemon (and how does that consequently make my bladder the size of a thimble?) – and how am I peeing so much? It’s actually maybe the single most annoying thing I have to deal with, especially because this frequent urination thing means that I usually have to go in public bathrooms, and really, those are never fun. You should be happy the majority of you are not graced with my freaking-out-OMG-I’m-in-the-bathroom-as-I-write-this-texts-HELP-MEEEEEEE!!!

Also, I have a headache. Or maybe headaches, I’m not sure. It’s like this big long continual one, so I’m not sure how that works. And I really don’t know if it’s a pregnancy symptom, or an ED-related symptom, or what. But only being able to take Tylenol is entirely unhelpful. Sometimes taking Diet Coke helps, which I’m trying now, (with Tylenol) but it’s just sucky because it usually puts me in a pretty rotten mood; not being able to shake this headache. It’s about the size of China, I’d say, and is gaining size and momentum. Soon it’ll be roughly the size of the entire Asian Continent. Boo.

Also, fatigue. Now, if you know me well, you’ll know that I love to nap, pretty much have to, and do, all the time. But the normal fatigue that comes with pregnancy isn’t going away; it’s only significantly making everything worse. I could nap every day for seriously like 4 hours if I didn’t have a semi-life and child to take care of. As it is, every day I nap for two hours – and I don’t mean to be lazy, but really I don’t think I could function if I didn’t – I for realsies mean it. It’s horrible.

Still have a small bump that hasn’t yet turned into a big bump which really only means that it looks like I drank one too many beers, and me no likey the look. If I’m gonna be bigger, I’d rather be big enough that people knew I was pregnant, and not nursing a secret alcohol addiction. It’s annoying.

Still working on eating. I mean, I’m eating, of course, but eating enough to check off all my maddening little boxes. It’s definitely a work in progress, a slow, laborious, work in progress. A miserable, looooooong, torturous, exasperating, frustrating, upsetting, work in progress. You know.

New, official pregnancy craving of fury: SOUR PATCH KIDS. I mean, I’m craving these puppies so much I went to Costco on Saturday and bought an entire giant box of them – for only $12.88, I bought happiness. Who knew, huh? Also, the Sour Patch Kids taste best when eaten with a tuna melt and Cheetos. If you are my friend on Facebook, you know this.

Okay, well there’s my update. I haven’t complained in like a whole week, so I figured it was time again. It’s been rough holding back.


Keirelle said...

Eww I had the most massive, I wanna bash my head against the wall headaches until sometime in the 2nd trimester with Caden. They were so awful sometimes I would just lay around whining about them. I had a thing for sour candies too- plus, oddly enough, baked potatoes! Anyway, hope that crappy headaches gives you at least some respite soon... (I just realized I have been posting on here under two accounts, lol. I am also mum2caden)

Natalie said...

I hear ya! Hope it gets better. :)

Keirelle said...

Brie- I found this today and had to laugh. It made me think of your deformed alien baby widget. =)

Chocolate chip ones as baby shower favours? What? too much? hehe

starbert said...

So you don't know me but I found your blog and I was hooked. I struggled and still sometimes really struggle with body image and crazy anxiety.I am sure you know this already but you are not alone and you have so many people cheering you on. I don't know how to say this because I am not gifted with words like you. But I want to share what has helped me so immensely in my own struggle. I found on my own self image struggle something that made a huge difference was to stop looking at magazines or pictures with models in them. And to not watch movies where women are objectified or dress very immodesty. And I won't lie this was NOT an easy task. I was drawn to those things and then would compare myself with those images. I would get down on myself and pick out all of my faults and imperfections and that is so destructive. I am sure you have heard this so much but you truly are your own worst critic. You are beautiful! You would be the kind of girl I would look at and think I wish I looked like her (even with an extra thirty pounds on you I would think that) You are naturally beautiful. Not because you are thin but because you have beautiful features. You are lucky. But I also had to give my burden(anxiety) to the Lord. That was, and still is sometimes, the hardest part. But do you know that scripture that says that if you cannot believe if you can only desire to believe, let that desire work in you. And then plant that seed (whatever your seed is, mine was trust)and try your best to nourish it and if it grows it is good. So basically I just took that scripture in Alma and applied it to my situation. I did not have a problem in believing in God or believing the gospel but it works in other situations too. This changed me. I am SO much happier now. Before I was in a state of anguish. Now I have my times of feeling depressed or down or when I find myself being so critical of myself. But in those times I have learned I need to serve others. That changes everything. And I am far from perfect because I really don't get out and serve sometimes but when I do, what a difference. Well, Sorry for the novel but I will keep you in my prayers and maybe this is weird but I just wish I could give you a hug and tell you you are perfect because God created you and he makes no mistakes. So even when we think we are not what we want to be, we are perfect and all we can do is do the best with what we have been given. Life is no competition and it is for us to be happy that is what the Lord wants for us. Well here I go again but I am rooting for you.

The Cotton's said...

Okay so I did not realize but I signed in with the wrong account. In case you are curious who the crazy girl is that wrote you a novel..I have a lame blog.

Courtney said...

Hey Brie-

So first off, it has been WAY too long since I've commented here...I've been off in crazyland or something but still that's no excuse for the fact that I haven't yet congratulated you on being preggo! I definitely won't profess to understand everything you're going through, but I can oh-so-vividly remember how difficult it was to deal with ED+pregnancy+weight gain+everything else!

You already know how wonderful it will be when you have that little babe in your arms and that all the agony will be more than worth it, but that doesn't change the fact that what you're doing is HARD! And wouldn't it be wonderful if once they got here it was all a breeze (in fact right now I'm listening to my little guy scream and I'm wondering if all 25 lbs of him would fit back in my ute)?

I gotta run but just want you to know you have every reason to complain...just keep pluggin' along. It sounds like you're doing awesome and that little kid is so lucky to have you as a mom!

P.S. I think I singlehandedly kept Sour Patch Kids in business while I was pregnant I consumed so many of them!

Laura said...

and the scariest part of it all, is that pregnancy is the EASY part of motherhood.

Kara said...

I'm a serious napper too. I can't function without them. I'm a tired girl. I can't imagine being pregnant and being extra tired! Good luck!

licketysplit said...

Pretty sure that being pregnant gives you the right to nap and complain all you want! Heck, there's GOT to be some benefits to it. :)

Sarah said...

Can I just say that I love how you keep it real? "I haven't complained in like a whole week, so I figured it was time again. It's been rough holding back." I LOVE IT!

Penny said...

My favorite of your complaints is your "small bump" versus having a "big" bump. Hey, i remember when your big bump of a manchild was getting ready to be born and you were grateful for the good growth he had but oh so miserable. So, I hope that you can allow yourself to really enjoy this part of the pregnanacy. You get all the sympathy and support but you are not yet so miserable that you truly need it! And bersides you really do look quite fetching in your new shirts. They are very cute.