Wednesday, October 14, 2009

10K Steps: a New Dilemma

Well drat. I did indeed procure a note to get out of the competition. I asked my T not to mention that pesky little word, anorexia, in the note to HR, as they don’t “officially” know I am, like, MENTALLY ILL. They can guess all they want (having multiple feeding tubes is pry a great indication) but I have never officially come out of the Eating Disorder Closet. So when W wrote the note, she conceded and did not mention it.

Which was nice.


On her letterhead, it clearly says that she is a licensed clinical psychologist, and then she lists her website,

I haven’t turned it into HR yet. I’s scared.

photo: don't my eyebrows look delicious?


I'm A. said...

Do it! Turn the note in. Then... when they screw up and accidently tell someone in the office, who in turn spreads the word to everyone ELSE in your office, you can sue and get rich.

brie said...

hrmmmm i like the way you think!

i could benefit from a little exploitation. my therapy bills are expensive!!

Courtney said...

Definitely a tricky situation--I myself have always tried to keep knowledge of my ED out of the workplace because of a horribly awful situation I once had (that I probably could have sued that wretched company for in hindsight). But at the same time they are supposedly bound by law to keep your info confidential and I'm SURE they've dealt with stuff much worse. You could always white-out or cover the website with a strip of paper and then photo copy the note (but maybe a copy would look too suspicious?). But I still think you should turn in the note, someone needs to stand up against their insanity.

bananas said...

That sucks. BUT HR is supposed to keep things confidential.

If I were in your position I'd rather have a note from the OB_GYN.

Stacy said...

I am with A... and you brows are hot... just like Jillian :o)

lisalisa said...

GIVE THEM THE NOTE! Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of! You have a chronic disease that is not your fault. No one would look down on you if you could not participate due to MS or Lupus. This is no different!
Brie, here is your chance to do something to help erase the stigma of mental illness by "coming out of the closet". DO it!

Sorry I am just a little passionate about this.

...Shi Shi... said...

I haven't left a comment before for you, but I do read your blog. and while I agree that mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, I understand the anxiety. I also see W and as hard a*s as she is, she would probably re-print the note for you without the website and just leave her @gmail contact. Just another thought.

tawny said...


and I missed lil C today...was waiting for him and then Amber filled me in.

Hope he's okay, prayers! luvs xo

satisfiction said...

Hey Brie,

Hope all is well, aside from this silly pedometer thing! The majority of North Americans have a mental illness, so it's not a HUGE deal, right? Plus HR has to be really confidential and non-judgy, don't they? They're supposed to represent the people of the company. I make sure my notes all say it's a medical condition, and my person's really crafty. She makes it sound like it could be anything, even be a pain condition, so if the note bothers you, you could ask W to re-word it or get one of the other docs, right? Take advantage of the team. :D

Oh and your eyebrows are totally hotter than Jillian's. ;)

Good luck with this stuff. The whole pedometer thing irks me on your behalf. :(


P.S. No idea why I finished each paragraph with an emoticon. Totally just happened.

sona said...

Hey brie

either you cud get W to reprint the note without that particular header Or just hand it in as it is, then HR can really realize how unnecessary they were being pushing the pedometer on you!

Take care XX

Penny said...

Oh My I love dilemna's that you have. Your life is soooo interesting.

Kelly S. said...

Turn in the note.

"Coming out" with your mental illness will actually be beneficial to you, as it will allow you to request reasonable accomidations under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Not having to participate in a silly, non-work related walk-a-thon is a reasonable accomidation.

Also, this is from a while ago, but PLEASE do a boob-job post! As a flat-chested person, I am terrible interested.

Laura said...

I just called HR and told them for you, so you don't have to worry. They promised to keep it quiet.