Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I need ya’ll to help me with these burning questions.

Is Hilary Duff going to become a regular on Gossip Girl? Am I now going to be forced to watch Lizzie Mcguire: the Grown Up Years? (coughpleasepleasenocough)

Riddle me this, riddle me that: how does one make your Tivo record all the shows packed in on Thursday night? And why are The Office, Project Runway, and Grey’s Anatomy all on at 8 pm? Why must I pick and choose? I live in a world where I can use mustard readily and buy skater shoes and flush my pee pee away with the flick of a wrist and I can’t even watch 3 shows at once? WTF?

Who is LOVING Biggest Loser this year? Who just wants Coach Mo to be their grandpa and give you a big ‘ol bear hug? (I will make no Jillian is hot comments. I will make no Jillian is hot comments. I will make no Jillian is hot comments.)

And, Glee? Um, the best new show out there? Hellz yes! Normally musicals make me feel weird sometimes due to the corniness factor but this is just too edgy and hilarious to pass up. The OCD school counselor cracks me up. I mean, that is just a sexy carrot I can’t pass up.

What about the short season of ANTM? I like it more than I thought I would, though every year Tyra gets more and more dramatic and over the top and I feel sorry for her. Well, I don’t really feel sorry for her. She’s a multi-millionaire hot supermodel. I don’t feel sorry for that kind.

What other shows am I missing that are a must watch? I must admit that I am watching the Vampire Diaries, too. It’s no Twilight, but it’s kind of scintillating, in a guilty pleasure sort of way.

Jillian is so hot.


Brooke said...

ha ha ha! I think the only show I don't watch in your list there is Gossip Girl! Thanks goodness because now I don't have to choose between all of my fav shows on Thursday night. You forgot about Community after the Office, right. So good.

Best of luck trying to decide. Hey, good idea. Record two downstairs and use M & D's tivo for the other on Thursday. There you go. Problem solved.

Bye now.

p.s. jillian is so hot!

Jonny and Haley said...

I am sure you don't even know me or know that I read your blog but I just have to tell you the secret to Thursday night TV because I had the same problem. Project runway is on again an hour later so you just have to record the later showing. Hopefully that helps with your Thursday night woes!

brie said...

haley, of course i know you! thanks for the advice - i think you are LITERALLY saving my life!

(tell jonny hi!)

tawny said...

yes haley is right. that is what i do with project runway.

and I will say it for you, Jillian is a hot chick. seriously.

but I don't love her as much as you DO!! oh and lucky you tonight, it is Biggest Loser, you get your jillian eyebrow fix.

and me no watchy CM or Hilary duff and stuff, I think 32 makes me to old?? sad I know.

Maeve said...

I have no idea how long Hillary Duff will be on Gossip Girl (but sadly I think it could be awhile). On a related note, I think one should feel sorry for Tyra Banks after seeing her in Gossip Girl. She's always "teaching" the wannabe models about the importance of being able to act, but she can't even play a bad actress well!! It was almost as sad as her "super smize" getup.....

bananas said...

Giiiiiiiiiiiirl, why aren't you watching Chelsea Lately? That's where it's at.

Arielle Lee Bair said...

Project Runway is actually on at 10 pm. What's on at 8 is the rerun from the previous week.

Ooops! I just realized you're in Utah. I'm in Pennsylvania (eastern time)...I guess that changes things a little.

I feel your pain!

inthemainstream said...

How I love Glee.

Laura said...

Sunday night is my tough night. Amazing Race, Entourage and Desperate Housewives.

Kara said...

All I have to say is thank goodness for TV!!!!!!!!!!

Jonny and Haley said...

Oh good. I didn't want to be the blog stalker type. And yes, Glee is the best... Oh how I love it when that man sings to me.

Alexandra Rising said...

I think we are stuck with the H. Duff for awhile longer..
...BUT!! In Dorota news, we will be seeing a lot more of the woman soon!

Sheryl said...

SO TRUE!!!!!!! I have 2 tivos just for that reason - but it still doesn't cover all the awesomeness of the Thursday night shows - DAGNABIT!!!!