Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An Alarming Case of "Pregnancy Brain"

Last night at the grocery store:
Looking at a muffin display:
Me: "Ooh! Those french huffins look good!
Brandon: "WHAT?"
Me: "I mean peach huffins. I mean muffins. PEACH MUFFINS."
Brandon: "What is wrong with you?"
Me: "Sorry, I couldn't read the label without my GLASS-LIGHTS on."
Brandon: "You mean GLASSES?"
Me: "Yeah, that's what I said, dork."

(incidentally, I was wearing my glass-lights glasses)


michelle said...

I'm laughing out loud. And just beware. After too many babies, that shit is permanent. I was last pregnant seven years ago and I still tell my kids to put on their back packs... strap seats... seat belts when we get into the car. They look at me like I have two heads. Or no head.

Lady Clare said...

Haha- yeah I only have one and I still do stuff like that! Worse is that my memory is shot as well... =)

Kara said...

Hahaha. That's hysterical!

licketysplit said...


Penny said...

Actually this is not FUNNY!! It has happened to me manyi times and I always associate it with pregnancyi and childbirth. BEware, it only gets worse and then some point in the future plateaus kind of out. Until then, enjoy your witty isms and pretend you meant to say them.

Lizzy said...


Laura said...

I asked Belle to hurry up and do her pizza so she could eat her homework.

I also asked Jack how football REHEARSAL went, and if he got his COSTUME for it.

He was like, "UH, you mean PRACTICE and UNIFORM...."

yeah, kid, whatever,YOU try speaking after 10 years of no sleep.

Sheryl said...

I've been laughing intermittently for like 2 minutes just thinking about this one - people at work are looking at me like I slipped some of the methadone into my coffee -HEHEHE - they'll never know