Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boy or Girl?

Tomorrow I'm going in for another OB appt, and since they're doing an ulstrasound, I miiiiigght be able to find out if the wee babe is packing boy or girl genitalia. Big B and I are thinking it's a girl (my sore boobies tell me so) but Lil C is pretty insistent he's going to have a little brother. And really, as long as I don't get one of those babies with TWO sets of junk, or a neuter baby with NO junk, I'll be good.

What do you think I'm having?

PS Is anyone else freaked out by my baby widget? You know, that skinny, amorphous thing that's supposed to resemble what my baby looks like inside me? Every time I see it I kind of gasp and go eeeeeh. I think I should maybe peruse the www for another one.


Lady Clare said...

Oooh that's exciting! I think it is funny that the only two things you would be worried about involve junk or lack of. As for the funny blob shaped thing, leave it, because it's actually pretty realistic, and it won't be long before it looks like a baby and not a skin covered lump anyway... then it won't be so freaky! Have you ever googled for those 'inside the womb' pictures? Those are crazy! There is a whole book you can buy (I tried to link it but it's a no-go) that is really great. It even has pictures from the whole, poppyseed size stage.

Lady Clare said...
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Lady Clare said...

Oh and I am going to have to go with "girl" because really, who doesn't want a chance at one of each?

Tania Carvajal said...

Im sure cade will love a lil sis to take care of.. not in the beggining cause he ovioiusly wants a lil brother to play pranks on, older sibilings like to do that, heh (me).. but seriously imagine lil c and outcomming lil girlie holding hands in the park ** cuuute! and he watching over her.. aww thats soo exciting!!

good luck with everything tomorrow!

Pattie Cordova said...

I'm voting girl too. You should have a poll on the side bar!

tawny said...


2 of your sisters have had twins.


ya know.

you NEVER know.

and, I will be D Y I N G to get a call.


good luck sissy, xo

tawny said...

oh wait.

YOU and ME are BOTH twins.

That doesn't help the odds!

luvs u!

alana.rachelle said...

confirmation of 100%. your sick widget fetus totally freaks me out!

Kara said...

Yes - the "baby" widget looks like an alien!

bananas said...

The widget does freak me out, yes. More than half the time, the umbilical cord looks like a giant dong!

Heather Lindquist said...

I looks funky. Especially how many times it flips over in a span of 60 seconds! Does that really happen????

Standing in the Rain said...

the head is what freaks me out the most. i mean it's like enormous, and you still have 188 days to go. you deserve a medal for pushing that thing out of your vag.

zubeldia said...

ooh, so exciting! I am a horrible guesser and get it wrong EVERY TIME!!! My gut says it's a boy, so you are almost assured a GIRL!!!!!!!!

Laura said...

I am guessing it is a girl..or maybe a boy.
Whatever you secretly want (because we all want a healthy baby, BUT we all want a girl, too!) is what I will pray for

and skinny little baby to the right is NOT creepy...unless you think MIRACLES are creepy! Me likey little creepy baby fetus

Keely said...

I think you're going to have another boy, but I'm hoping for a girl! You're baby does look alien-like. I thinks it's the head angle (chin permanently stuck to chest)