Friday, September 18, 2009

Hell to the O!

Good morning my fun little pretties! Do you likes my hair? I colored it just a bit darker. My hair got so lightened by the sun this summer and I was like NOT COOL so I went back to being a bit darker. I like it when I’m wearing makeup but in the morning when I look all gross and pale and pre-presentable it kind of makes me look like a vampire, but not the traditionally hot and svelte ones. (Edward would definitely think I was a LOSER.) Sigh I guess I can’t have everything.

This week has SUCKED. ER visit Monday, then back in the instacare on Tuesday for an ear infection. Even now, my ear is plugged and ringing pretty loudly and I think my listening skills are a little sub-par because I get distracted when people are talking to me wondering if the ringing in my ear is in fact so loud that they might also hear it?? So it’s been lame. But I haven’t worked all week which is kind of nice. (I’m back to work today for a full EIGHT HOURS and holy oh my moly how do you full-times do it??) Yesterday I was able to spend all day with Cade, and we had a blast, minus the time he wanted a toy (well, three) and I didn’t want to buy all three and that didn’t really go over well. But we played at the park and he so eloquently bequeathed me with maybe the best compliment I’ve gotten in a really long time. He said, “Mommy, I love you billions. You’re the queen of the world!” And that just made me smile and smile.

Yesterday I got another ultrasound and got to see the little bald and amorphous tike. It was so wonderful because the baby was kicking and bouncing around my uterus and never once stopped moving. It made me happy to see it so active. It’s teeeeeny little arms and legs were waving around and I’d like to think I have the smartest fetus in the world and it knew I was taking a gander at it and was waving at Mama and telling her to keep eating, keep being strong. So after that I totally wanted to go to IHOP and eat a big ‘ol breakfast, and well I didn’t, but I did eat a good breakfast, just not IHOP style. But still it was good! But it was so gratifying and relieving to see Baby, and in a few short weeks I’ll be able to know if it’s packing girl or boy genitalia, and then I’ll be able to buy clothes and sew blankies (the bad-ass seamstress in me is like DESPERATE to get out) and narrow down names and just generally get even more excited. I’m also approaching the end of the first trimester mark (a few more days) and BOY am I excited. The second trimester is by far the best because I’m not quite so pukey and hormonal but I’m also not yet super big and fat and so I remain pretty equable. Once the third trimester hits I’m like Momasaurus Rex (and about as big as that too) and it’s like GET OUT OF MY WAY BECAUSE I WILL EAT YOU. So hopefully there are some good times ahead…for the next 13 weeks, at least.

Well, all of you are freaking fabulous. Er, at least the 34 of you that commented on my blatantly needing support blog. Seriously, that was awesome. I read the comments really slowly, spread out over a few days, cuz I was sick, but every time I read one I thought damn, I have the best readers in the world. And what’s INSANE is that the vast majority of you…I don’t even know you, have ever met you, or have had a real conversation with you. But still, you stopped by, and took time to remind me that Ed sucks and life rocks and offer your own unique ideas and ways to support me. You are da raddest.

So basically here’s the ED update: I GUESS I’m still in denial but I’ve decided to shut my pie-hole about it (This is ironic. Think about it.) and just follow my meal-plan exactly. And, really, I don’t have much of a choice because if I don’t, (even if I miss like one grain!) I’ll have to go to el hospitalo which would sucko, so that’s pretty good motivation. So onward!

I’m going to go catch up on blogs now. LOVE YOU.


Anonymous said...

Hearts and rainbows and other happy thoughts! Glad you'll be in less pukey territory soon!

alriggells said...

Guess what Brie, I pretty much love you girl and KNOW that you pretty much rock. said...

Autopiolot your way through that meal plan. You got it. It's your only choice. I believe you will do it no matter how sucky it feels.

Heather Lindquist said...

Isn't it great when you don't have to work? I looove it.....a bit too much! I've reduced my work hours by half cuz I was getting way too stressed and anxious. We've decided that timothys income will pay the bills and stuff and my income will go into savings.

Oh.....and your hair color looks great. Just last night I was telling timothy how I wished I had been born with dark brown hair instead of my dirty blond. I covet your hair and awesome eyebrows!!

So, can you feel the baby move yet? I'm so happy for you! Your eating, resting, and taking such good care of yourself. You made such a good choice,albeit difficult, to follow your meal plan exactly! I'm sure it makes the beano-baby proud and peaceful!!!

T and me are wanting to have a baby soon, and Reading your prego posts motivates me. It shall be interesting!!

I hope you make it through work today without losing your mind! Your also motivating me to write on
my blog. I've neglected it for quite some time.

Take care,

Heather Lindquist said...

Hmmmm. My iPhone changed my name! So, that post was written by me, heather.

Cammy said...

Love the "smartest fetus in the world" idea, I can't wait to find out whether it's a boy genius or a girl genius! Keep on hanging in there, this is an incredible challenge and I think you are a champion for your bravery in moving forward doing what you know is right for your child, just don't forget that taking care of yourself is also worth it for you too. It's easy to see it as a means to an end (the end being that healthy baby), but you deserve nothing less than the best no matter what the circumstances are.

Alexandra Rising said...

Here is a 'non-ED' related comment for you:
Does Cade know that he will be a big brother? If yes, is he excited?

sona said...

Good for you Brie!

Power through it, u know inside you can!

Something thats really Really helped me when I thought all these responsabilities, stuff we have to do, life we have to face was too much and unfair was when someone said to me, you have it in you - otherwise you wouldnt be where you are.

You have it in you to look after yourself and your little baby growing inside of you ...Not u have to do it, or you should do it, but you have it in you to do it...just trust in yourself!!

love and lightXXX