Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reasons I Didn’t Blog this Weekend

1. I never blog on the weekends
2. I was in the ER all of Friday night with Lil C, who has a kidney infection.
3. I felt sick.
4. I had an asthma attack.
5. I had another one.
6. Yep, add another.
7. And another one for good luck!
8. Finally went to the ER myself, because, you know, I kind of find that breathing is rather an asset to actually living.
9. Woke up last night with an EAR INFECTION.
10. I haven’t had an ear infection for two decades.
11. I just threw up.
12. My head hurts.
13. I am leaving work to go to the doc to procure antibiotics
14. and be miserable
15. and hate my life.

My husband is operating under the theory that my body has a quota it needs to fill of things to go wrong with my body at any one given time because IT HATES ME.

I heartily agree.

PS. I have much to say regarding the comments I garnered on my last post, but uncontrollable salivating and retching and ringing in my ear forbids it. Till next time!


Krystle said...

Oh honey. I am so sorry you guys are sick. :(

lisalisa said...

ugh how awful! Maybe a lung transplant is in order (just kidding). I hope you are feeling better soon.

HAFC said...

Holy shmikes! So sorry you feel so crappy with the asthma and your little one so sick! Is he okay? Did you always have asthma or did it hit you as you got older? How do you go through labor with asthma? That must be really hard. Do they give you something for your breathing?

Well, I hope you start to fee better soon. Feeling sick and worried about Cade probably equals stress and anxiety, but I have faith in you that things will soon get better for both of you. It's lucky your insurance pays for your hospital visits.....mine doesn't as of yet. Take care girl!

Heather Lindquist said...

Hey.....I almost forgot. Have you ever had Pedialyte (grape) ice pops? They are DELICIOUS and also very hydrating. The liquid Pedialyte (I recommend grape flavor) is amazing too. Tastes like melted grape popsicles which I just loooooove! I always get Pedialyte when I have the flu, which just happened to be a few days ago.....it really helps. Hope you feel better soon, theirs nothing worse than feeling crappy and still having to be a mom and take care of C. Good luck!

Telstaar said...

*non-annoying skin irritating hugs*

I must say... I do think perhaps I agree that your body might very well just hate you! :(

Oooh, sooo much sympathy heading your way! Seriously. Being sick sucks, let alone being multiple forms of sick - I think the crappiness exponentiates instead of just adds.

Thinking of you with many prayers


Lisa said...

Holy moly that's a suckfest of a weekend. Hope you and lil C are on the mend.

Anonymous said...

Get better soon, Brie. If the whole misery-loves-company thing helps, I fell down on my way home after getting kind of lost this weekend and sprained my ankle, and now I'm on crutches with textbooks in my backpack. (At least you don't have crutches.)


Alexandra Rising said...

Thinking of the little one [and you!]. Hope you both feel better soon :) [That includes the super little one, as well.]

Brooke said...

I'm sure you know the poems by Shel Silverstein right? In the book "Where the sidewalk ends?" Remember the one where the girl is laying in bed with a thermometer in her mouth and saying all of these things she was sick with which were a lot because she was trying to get out of school (like 2 pages worth)? And then, she realizes it is Saturday and jumps up and goes to play?

I really wish that your health problems weren't legit, and they were just for play to get out of work or school. Wouldn't that be the life? You have so much crap with your health...pretty much everything on the list. I just wish you could get the weekend off to go play just like the girl in the poem.

My thoughts are with you. Hang in there.

Pattie Cordova said...

Ugh... sorry about all the crapola that is going on. Happy thoughts going your way!

Laura said...

I think I am in love with your sis Brooke. Love her comment. Love that poem.
Sounds like a bad weekend...so sorry...but your body doesn't hate you...it is such a young body, and needs some long over do TLC.
I'll say a prayer for you and Lil C....
that is scary when your babe is sick...
give him a big kiss from me,even thought he has no idea who I am.

tell him it's from SpongeBob