Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Pinch of this, a Dash of that

1. I liiiiiiike my new(ish) earring from Nordy’s. Not only are they coral, (the color of my aura!) but they’re sportin’ a peace sign, and brotha, I’m all about peace. They’re so cheery! I love having bright, colorful objects near my face so it can deflect, you know, from my face.
2. Cade’s kidney infection is completely gone, I think. I’m so happy for the little guy, he can now sleep through the night without waking up in horrible pain, while grabbing his junk and screaming IT HURTS ME IT HURTS ME! and he seems to be more active and happy in general. My doc told me to hold off potty-training him for a few months, so he can hopefully forget about the trauma of painful bathroom experiences, and heaven forbid I contribute to that and have to pay for it later in therapy bills, so we’re content to wait right now.
3. Speaking of Cade:
4. The kid looks awful now. And I feel bad saying that, because he’s my son, and I love him, I really do, but it doesn’t detract from the statement, HE LOOKS AWFUL. See, his hair was getting really long and it was cute during the summer, you know, he was kind of sportin’ the whole casually gorgeous surfer dude haircut, but then it started to look borderline mullet-ish, and mullets are sick and wrong, so Bran took him to his dad’s so he could give him a haircut. Yeah, I’d say that idea bombed. He was freaking out so much that Father-in-Law gave up halfway through the cut. So yes, my child has HALF A HAIRCUT. And really, for entertainment purposes, I’d post pics, but I’ve decided this is a time in his life that I want to repress, so I’m not going to document the evidence for his (and my) emotional salvation at a later date. It’s uneven and it elicits a strong compulsion to weep whenever I look at it. If I put gel in it and squint, it doesn’t look so bad, which is nice. So really we think we might at this point just buzz it, you know, cleanse the palate, but we’ve decided that can only happen under anesthesia. We’re stymied.
5. I know that once the new season of Biggest Loser starts, you know, every season, I have to talk about how much I want Jillian Michaels’ eyebrows. I covet them like one might covet gold and riches and things of the world. I love them, I need them, I want them, oh baby oh baby. I was thinking about posting a pic of them, but I don't know, I mean, is that creepy? I mean I love her so much I might go lesbian for her and I just don't want to come off as obsessed, you know? ;)
6. I found a sweet little boutique yesterday called Expected Maternity, and I luuuurve it. See, I’m having issues with finding maternity clothes, because just because I am a mother, does not in fact mean I want to dress like one. I mean, garish flower prints that are large enough to shelter my family while camping is just not gonna fly. So this boutique was kinda expensive but everything didn’t look so mass manufactured and tired and wilted and the nice fabrics and eclectic designs made me happy. I even scored sa-weet on the sales rack and was able to pick up shirts that were normally $75 for like $25. Not bad, eh?

I’m wearing the shirt that’s pictured in pink, only mine has ¾ length sleeves and is yellow. This other pic is of a shirt that I have decided I NEED. So so adorable and not really mommish, right? Opinions ladies! (Or fashionable men.) (Wait is that an oxymoron?)
7. My mealplan:
8. Wait, I don’t want to talk about it.
9. Seriously I don’t.
10. Damn boxes.


Kara said...

LOVE both shirts!

On Jillian:

She honestly scares me, good eyebrows or not.

Ally Cox said...

So you don't know me but I read your blog religiously! I love you and I don't even know you! Anyways, I love the shirts you posted and I thought I would give you some info. Expected is doing a road show right now and they are selling the shirts (like the pink one, and a lot of other cute ones) at Costco! Yes, you heard me right, Costco. Last week they were at the one by Southtowne Mall and I am 99% sure the lady told me they were going to the Orem Costco next. They will eventually come to the Murray Costco as well but I am not sure when. Anyways, they are $25 a piece and they were also selling cute skirts and maternity jeans for $35. You may want to check it out cause I know they are much more expensive at Expected! Also, they go quite fast so you may want to head there ASAP! If you don't have a Costco card, go with someone who does! ;-) Good luck with your pregnancy girl!

Michelle said...

Bought 2 maternity shirts at Expected and went back the next day and bought 2 more. Love them!

alana.rachelle said...

don't know what it is about this post, but it was entirely delightful! loved it, loved going out with you the other night. let's do it more often!

Heather Lindquist said...

I think you should splurge and get the shirt! Can you buy their stuff online?

Keely said...

You are always so stylish and beautiful. :) I LOVE those shirts too...

Penny said...

I have seen the shirt on her and believe me, you don't have to be prego to look cute in one of them. I think anyone could look stylish in them. Would be fun to find them at Costco. Enjoyed the post today.

tawny said...

I "know" the girl who owns Expected Maternity and Y E S the clothes are so darn cute. BUT so darn expensive too!

I remember when I was prego w/ Mace, I walked right in and then right on out! I couldn't fork over $75 to $100 bucks on a maternity top. COuldn't do it. SO I headed of to my fav store the BUCKLE and got all the stretch band waists shirts for 25 to 30 bucks. Much better and still so cute!

But gotta say you looked H O T in your shirt yesterday at misty's s.s. lunch...SO ya know.

Um, BUT really, you don't EVEN need to buy maternity yet you are cute as a bumpkin! xo

lisalisa said...

I don't know why you would want to deflect from your face' you are so beautiful!
I am sick maybe but i LOVE shopping for maternity clothes. Except I hate that they charge an arm and a leg for them. I think its because they know you have no choice.

The Howell's said...

I love you for posting about the maternity clothes- you're my favorite person today (:

Brooke said...

Love your earrings and your clothes. And Cade isn't so bad either!! I think you should take the plunge and just let me cut his hair! ha ha...I love to get my hands on kids hair. It's like a fun fettish of mine. But, then again, Cade would hate me forever, and I've worked so hard to gain a bond with him. So, never mind.

He's darling no matter what his hair is doing. A doll. A doll.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE those outfits. I'm totally going to be checking out clothes like that when I'm preggers. I'm sure you look FABULUOS in those threads though. :o)

bananas said...

Those earrings are wild. Pretty sure I had a miniature version when I was 13 or 14 'cause like, that was the style. Because I am old.