Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A GIANT Bucket ‘O Yuck

I look so disgusting today. My alarm went off at 7, and I didn’t crawl out of bed until 7:28. I put on some mascara with (literally) my eyes half closed, threw on some really cute wide leg pants from Nordy’s that’d be totally chic if it weren’t for the fact it looks like I’m wearing a 90 year old women’s skin because they’re so wrinkly, and, like, depleted. My iron is hiding from me, and even if it wasn’t, I’d still use that as an excuse – and my hair is in a wilted ‘lil ponytail, and I’m gulping down Diet Coke in the hopes it’ll make me NOT look like I actually look today.
Meaning tired and disgusting.

Seriously, I look like a giant bucket ‘o yuck today.

So, interesting: I heard on AM radio today that according to Men’s Fit Mag, SLC is the most “fit” city (for men) in the US, while – get this – Miami comes in last. Why do I find this, like, IRONIC? Or just weird? Or maybe I just found one of the only perks to living here? Or maybe I’d feel better about myself if I lived in Miami? I actually think I want to visit Miami’s beaches a little less now. Yeah. It’s true.

Oh, and can someone tell this GIANT bucket ‘o yuck what the difference between the blog counter you have on your profile through Blogger is, and a gadget counter you add to your profile? It seems the gadget counters seem to jack your profile views up way higher than Blogger’s do. I tend to believe Blogger because they’re pretty kick A and stuff and are like totally legit and have decent bow staff skills ‘n stuff, but the inconsistency bugs me. Has anybody figured it out?

Oh and who watched American Idol last night? Who's kinda is bored with it already? Who thinks the new judge is hotttt ‘n feisty?
Oh, and the answer is THE GIANT BUCKET ‘O YUCK to all of the above questions.
…And you?

Oh, and PS - I'm totally going to write more From Behind Bars chapters, and I've had several people tell me what they want to hear about, but if you have any ideas or suggestions and want me to let it rip, leave me a comment and let me know!


Heth said...

I'm a big bucket of yuck today too...but fortunatly, I got to stay home today from work. So, I can revel in my yucky-ness. I hope your day gets better.

tawny said...

OMG, i just read the same article about SL being the fittest and Miami the worst! What?! Whoever wrote the article must be blind because Ry and I just got back from Miami (South Beach) and the people there are HOT!! Skin is in and everyone showed their hot bodies and tan skin! I was telling Ry how everyone is so dang good lookin here compared to SL. I have it all backwards!

tawny said...

Okay wait, let me correct myself, we r good lookin in SL too, but I mean everyone's bod's in South Beach Miami were full of hotness. And they were rated the fattest???hmmmm

brie said...

tawn, maybe all the old people retired in miami are bringing down the "fit" level...old rich guys might be more interested in like drinking or something than working out, haha.

Kara said...

I hate those giant bucket o yuck days. They happen way too often for me. I feel your pain. But something tells me that you look beautiful anyways...

That is ironic about Miami and SLC. You'd think Miami would be buffer because of the nice exercising weather. But maybe it's too hot to be outside and exercise and I think you're right about the old people.

I'm SO GLAD that you are going to do some more Behind Bars posts - they are my faves. Reading them is actually very therapeutic for me. I want to hear about it all, but maybe next you could write about a recreational outing (one of the service oriented ones, I don't know if they made you go to an old folks home, but they made us go play bingo with the old folks and it was awful) or a dietary appointment. I'd also like a post about what it was like your first day there. Anything you write about will be good.

T* =] said...

not a good day heey.. pff same here.. yaa. i wanna read more about your 'behind the bars adventures', i loove ur bloggins and u´re the only blog i follow so hmm.. ya.. im not a stalker! ¬¬.. ME is goin to have her first group teraphy with other unknown 4 girls eveer, in a few hours =/ ..
im vry nervous, should i be nervous?.. any advice? i have no idea of what to expect.. gaa!

Hope u have a better dayy briee =)
cheers and lve!

Laur said...

I just bairly heard the same thing on the radio, and i said outloud, "What?"
hey, i really want to go see a movie, a chick flick, a girls night out. What do you think?
Me and you and whit and brooke?
and whoever else. We could go see Confessions of a shopaholic or "He's just not that into you."
let me know
Neither one is out yet but soon.

Laura said...

yes, I have the Mens Health mag right here in front of me...and because SLC is chock full of mormons, the no alcohol and caffeine kick your health way up! Go SLC! go mormons!

LA has the worst air. And I would fail at a being mormon.
I am a drunk, over caffeinated, chick, breathing in tons o' smog. Explains a lot.

Kyla said...

Miami = OVERRATED. I went to South Beach there and you know what I noticed? the men were not particularly attractive but all the women looked PERFECT, and looked like they KNEW they were perfect. So no hot guys to ogle at and plenty of gorgeous women to make you feel inadequate. Fortunately I got drunk pretty quickly and didn't care anymore.

I totally voted for body image (though your legendary fart was hilarious), and I still stand by that. SO MUCH fodder from body image group.

Jackie said...

Giant bucket 'o yuck = hot mess. And I am sure you still a hot biotch. xoxo

Jackie said...

Do I get points for leaving the most superficial comments on your blog? Please? Please? :)

Krista said...

When I was watching AI and they showed those little tweenie boppers crying cause David Archuletta lost I thought of you humping the TV! The first eopisodes are always a little boring to me except for the freaks that come on, but even they are getting boring

Heth said...

Being raised in Florida, and going to Miami quite a bit during the spring and summer, I must admit, the beach is a major trigger! Who ever wrote that article must've been knocked over the head with a hammer. The bods are gorgeous, tan, tall, and everyone looks extremely good. That's why I always wore a shirt over my suit....ya know, body image problems and such! But the men, yes, they were nice, but I bet Tawny is right, that it's the old people who are fat.

jana bananas said...

I don't think you could ever be yucky, girlie. Sorry, but no.

NoSurfGirl said...

"SLC is the most “fit” city (for men) in the US, while – get this – Miami comes in last"

I had to laugh at that. SLC is a nice place for me to live because (confession time) I hate shaving my legs. Wintertime is niiiiice.

Sorry if I just grossed about seventy billion people out.

Maybe it's all the skiing? Or maybe the fact that Robert Redford lives here (obviously a statistical outlier for his age and fitness level) jacks up our fitness statistics (similar to how Steve Young jacked up the BYU law school gradutates' income level statistics?)

Gotta love happy valley.

Brooke said...

I feel like giant bucket of yuck most of the time. I always like American reality show junkiie. ps your comment thingy is out of control. I'm typing on someone elses words. It's very hard to know waht I'm writing.Idol girl. You know me

brie said...

i've never been to miami, but i absolutely believe ya'll about the men being "not perfect" and all the women having hot bods. that sounds about right. le sigh.

and what's up with the blog counters??

Kyla said...

um. what is a blog counter?

satisfiction said...

Oh gawd Brie if that's all it takes for you to feel yucky... I'm totally jealous. I'm sure you still look awesome. My yucky days are the days when I can't bring myself to do the whole self-maintenance thing. I don't usually wear makeup. I feel yucky all the time now. :(

brie said...

kyla, i'm talking about the count on your profile - it says something like "profile views" or something, which is the same number of people who have viewed your blog.

Kyla said...

hmm, can't say I know anything about that :-/