Sunday, January 18, 2009

Church: ‘Lil C Style

'Lil C thought church was pretty rad today. He got to color. He got to paint a cool picture. But best of all, he got to sing. And sing he did.

In Sacrament Meeting, while Brandon, Whit, and I – along with the rest of the congregation – were singing

There is sunshine
Blessed sunshine
When the peaceful, happy
Moments roll
When Jesus shows
His shining face
There is sunshine
In my soul

Cade was singing



‘Lil C and his sweet innocence and enthusiasm had unwittingly made the entire congregation start laughing. He was by far the loudest singer – and really, he wasn’t singing, he was practically yelling.

Best moment of church. Thanks for making me smile, Little One. Thanks for your humility. Thanks for your passion. Somehow, inadvertently, you were MY lesson in church today.

Well, before you started screaming.
And biting my boobs.
(And laughing about it.)


Heth said...

This blog is so precious Brie. Remember your little guy at this point forever. He seems like he's a kid with a mission! And the fact that you just roll with it all shows that you can do anything, be a wife, daughter, mother, friend, cousin, sister, aunt, and everything else. You've got a son that will, I'm sure, teach you to love who you are to be PROUD of it, cuz it sounds like he really is!! : )

THanks for sharing was so beautiful.

jana bananas said...

You need to be careful of your boobs, lady!!!

Kyla said...


Laura said...

In church, Luke likes to say, in full voice, I HAVE TO BE QUIET!!!!!!!

Pattie Cordova said...

LOL... cute!!! We took our bebe to mass in Tijuana for my BIL's funeral and he couldn't stop clapping and dancing during the mass so I ended up spending that hour outside with him tearing branches from trees.

goodmum said...

That's awesome! Whenever I see/hear kids with that lack of inhibition, I think back to my own childhood and wish I had been so "free." Good for him! :)

Krystle said...

Awwwwwwww! I love it! He sounds (and looks) so adorable!

kristin said...

That is so cute! :)

love, kristin

Courtney said...

I would have loved to have seen (and heard) it! My absolute favorite moments in church are when the kids sing--in fact I think they should have a primary program in sac meeting at least once a month!

Tanya said...

O Brie this made my day. I don't smile much lately but you put one on my face. Your little guy is so funny. I love to hear your stories about him.

Penny said...

Oh how I wish that I could have heard him sing. He may never do it again so I am glad that it it "immortalized" now. here. You guys are great parents to enjoy the moment too. Loved the blog.

Arielle Lee Bair said...

That's great! :) Thanks for sharing!

Krista said...

So cute! I'm glad am not the only one with a two year old that can't be quiet in church! Seriously there are these other people that always sit behind us in church who have a two year old that just sits on their lap the entire time and I feel like a total douche as my son runs up and down the isles screaming "Jesus loves Jaxon!" Maybe I should move to your ward.

kathy with a k said...

That is precious.

tawny said...

Ahh lil C, I would of loved to of heard that. What a cute boy, love him lots!!

Laur said...

isnt that the best? Conner has a habit of standing up and clapping when people finish talking or the choir finishes singing, everyone always laughs. And when people say amen he says it so loud that everyone starts laughing.
Man, these kids are the best right?
If only he would sit thru sacrament with all his jokes life would be great, but instead we end up taking him out after five minutes it feels like these days.
"who am I? I'll never tell,

NoSurfGirl said...


I don't think I'd be singing anymore.