Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Allergies Aplenty

Just finished my THREE HOUR appt with my allergist. It was quite the interesting one.

When I initially came in, my lung function was at 48% which is “beyond bad,” according to the doc. He for realsies asked me why I hadn't gone to the ER. But it's honestly better than it is a lot of the time.

I told him that and he just stared.

After steroid and breathing treatments, they got it up to 70%, which was just high enough they could perform the scratch testing.

So. After 64 scratches on my back and 14 injections in my arm, I am allergic to 48 different things. FORTY-EIGHT.

Yeah. I know.

The severe allergies include:
Cats, dogs, horses, Alder trees, Birch trees, and Aspergilla (a common mold).

Other allergies include cows, all birds with feathers, (wait don’t they ALL have feathers?) a dozen or so trees including oak, maple, and sycamore trees, almost all grass grown in Utah, a couple dozen different kinds of weeds, hay, and house dust (See honey, I wasn’t just trying to get out of vacuuming. It really does give me asthma!)


It seems the only thing I’m not allergic to is ‘yo mamma.

So the plan?

Immunotherapy shots twice a week. I can only do them if my asthma is under control, and I have to be tested before each shot. My allergist said that almost any other doc would tell me to get rid of my furry lovers or find a new allergist, (I'm a liability you see, but I hear that all the time so whatever) but he’s a dog breeder and shows dogs at the Westminster Show, and he said he knows how important animals are, so he said he’d let me try this, but he said with how severe my allergy is and my asthma, (especially to cats) he’s not even sure the shots will work. Boo to that! But I remain optimistic.

Oh, and he also thinks I might have sinus disease. What is that? I need to see an ENT now. I think I should Google this. Ooh, and get this! My nose and sinuses are so swollen, that he said he wasn’t even sure a feeding tube would be able to get stuffed up there anymore. I think perhaps that’s like the only good thing to come of this congestion. And he wasn’t surprised that my allergies and asthma seemed to begin when my ED was really severe. Weird connection, eh?

He also said that “People like you are the ones who die of asthma every year. I’m not trying to scare you. I just want you to know.”

Gee. Thanks.

So I guess there goes my dreams of, like, becoming a farmer or whatever. Oh darn.


Kara said...

48?! That's nuts! I'm glad you aren't allergic to blogging. I hope these treatments work so you don't have to get rid of your kitties. Take care of yourself - I DON'T want you to be one of those people that die from asthma every year.

Lisa said...

Jeebus, if someone told me I was allergic to 48 different things I'd be in a plastic bubble before you could say "immunotherapy."

And I googled it - apparently the only birds that don't have feathers are the sick ones. Also airplanes and women, which can both be referred to as "birds."

Kyla said...

yes, take care of yourself, I hope the shots work! That way sucks, I would be really sad if I were allergic to animals.

brie said...

Lisa, you made me laugh!! Thanks for Googling that gem. :) AMAZING.

And...a bubble might be a better option. Could be fun!!

Pattie said...

Geez Louise... guess you can't be a housekeeper in Ohio either?

Keely said...

The liablility comment made me laugh in a guilty you-shouldn't-be laughing kinda way. Only because I can relate. :)

And man o man, 48? Geez. And I thought my asthma was bad. Your arm looks painful. Tell them to stop poking you with allergy-ridden substances. Who do they think they are...

Courtney said...

Wow. I don't even know what else to say except for you are one tough mama! Seriously, if I were you I'd probably already be the bubble-boy (or I guess bubble-girl, but that doesn't sound as fun) and yet here you are living life like a normal person while in more pain than most people can even begin to tolerate. I'll be praying that those shots work for ya!

Oh, and yes, let's definitely hang out. The little man and I are always looking for people to keep us (ok mostly me) company and I'd love to see you and W.

kristin said...

48 different things? Wow. Just wow. I hope that the shots work and that you can feel better. That's a lot of stuff to battle.

Take care!

love, kristin

tawny said...

Holy Moly girl! Who knew 48 things? Geez. I know you love your kitties (more like lionesses) like children but they have LOTS of hair on those bodies and maybe they account for like 23 of your allergies...:) BUT I couldn't give my children up so why should you~! I sure hope the shots work for ya cuz thats NOOO fun! good luck sista!

Heth said...

Holy moly! I cannot believe that. Incredible. I had that poke and scratch test done in Colorado and I'm allergic to, like, ummmm........4 things I think? 3 kinds of trees and shellfish. That's it. So, I definitely feel awful for you. At least you're not allergic to any kinds of food!!! : ) That will help a lot in your recovery. I hope you don't have to get rid of your lovers (ie: kitties)......they're so precious. Do what the doc says and hopefully the shots will work well on you! Man, maybe you need to move somewhere where there's cleaner air and not too many trees? Mabye like, Arizona?

Jackie said...

Ah that picture looks horrible!!! I am so sorry (and Stewie and Simon are very upset about the dog allergy) but hopefully now your doctor can find the proper medication and treatment so you can feel normal again.

Thinking of you - let's do Noodles when I get back from Portland!


eMiLy said...

Oh man Brie...that is insane!

jana bananas said...

Aw, my Brie Bee! That sucks! I guess it's good to know, though just a wee bit overwhelming. I hope that these tests will help get you on the right treatment regimen to get you back to better health!

Krista said...

Wow, your arm looks like a druggie that's been shooting it up. That is a lot of freaking things to be allergic to. I can honestly say I don't know what that feels like, but it sounds royally sucky to not be able to breathe.

Krystle said...

Holy moly! 48! Yikes. :(
I hope the shots help. *hugs*

Sarah said...

oh yikes darlin. YIKES.

that is a lot of things to be allergic to . . . consider the bubble, babe. We would all visit you.

seriously though I am glad you have such a good allergist who is seeing you, not just "the patient." That's a very good thing. xo

Brooke said...

Maybe all the years of feeding the horses and scooping poop out of the corral wasn't so good after all. Dad always said it was so good for us..but maybe you..ha ha.