Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Window of Opportunity

“When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.”

We’ve all heard this quote a million times before. Basically what’s being said here is that when one opportunity ends or is lost; somewhere, somehow, another blessing or prospect is waiting for you if you just have faith blah blah blah YAKKITY SCHMAKKITY.

Thing is, though; getting through the window, if you think about it, isn’t nearly as easy as walking through a door. Like, you might have to scrunch up to fit through it, then leap to your oak tree 5 feet away to shimmy down to the ground, or maybe your ass is too big to fit, or maybe you can’t get the screen off – I can never get the screen off!  And don't even get me started on finding the right window in the first place.

I’m being pessimistic today. Just a little.

Friends, Brandon and I found out yesterday that he lost his job. He has until the end of the week. They blame the economy, but I remain suspicious, but unfortunately on a forum as widely read as my blog, I cannot go into details. But we’re scared. We can’t survive off of my income alone. We’ve looked into a couple leads, but so far nothing has really panned out.

So I’ll just ask for ya’ll to be our window. If ANY of you, however remote, have leads or ideas on a job Husband could perhaps look into, you’d be a godsend. Because right now, the best I can do with a window is either jump out of it, break my back, and be paralyzed from the waist down and have people change my diapers for the rest of my life, or fart out of it and wilt my Begonias.


Krista said...

Does Brandon have computer skills?

brie said...

krista, B is fantastic with computers. his major is computer science, so he knows quite a bit.

Maeve said...

I'm afraid I cannot offer any leads for a job, but I will pray that God gives your family a door during this stressful time (no tiny windows for Brie's long legs!!).

It's ok to feel pessimistic some times, but just remember that you can get through this.

I'll look into FedExing you a case of maple doughnuts so that you have one less expense right now.

Take care.

brie said...

hey maeve, thanks for making me smile, when all i really wanna do is cry, which really, would be kind of complicated while at work. ;)


Cammy said...

Well damn, I'm sorry Brie (and Brandon). Things like this that launch us into the unknown can be really difficult. Keep your chin up, I know that it sounds cliche, but maybe this really will lead to something even better, especially since he's got computer skills. I wish I had a lead for you, not my area...but hang in there and let me know if there's anything I can do. This WILL work out, just don't let yourself believe any differently.
major hugs,

Kelly S. said...

If he does computers, the fed gov't is hiring IT/CS professionals in my area, and maybe yours too?

Seach at usajobs.gov

Here's a link to what I found there:

Also get him to file for unemployment.

Melisa said...
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brie said...

thanks! melisa i'll delete the comment now... xox

dietcolagirl said...

I hate to go by clichés but I do truly believe that everything happsens for a reason and God doesn't test us beyond what we can bear. I will pray for you and your family and keep you in my thoughts.

Will said...

Are they giving him severance?
The good thing is that he was let go and can receive unemployment so you will at least have some income coming in while he tries to find something. I believe it's like $400 or $500 a week.
I'll let you know if I hear of anything from friends in that area.

brie said...

thanks all. yes we will be filing for unemployment, so at least we'll have something...

Eating Alone said...

Well we are hiring but the pay suck's and you'd have to move to FL.

But don't freak out totaly. Unemployment will help, it sucks but it will get through. Good luck and dont crash out the window. Don't let this be an excuse to slip down the eating disorder slope either.

I'll keep you guy's in my prayers.

tracy said...

Oh, Brie, i am so very sorry. My folks live in Salt Lake and my dad is a semi-retired business (Chemistry and Micro) owner...anyhow, he and my mom know tons of people, (unlike me). i will be talking to my mom tonight and will tell them to "put out the feelers".(Hee, that quote sounds kinda...ummm anyhow).

i hope and pray the best for you.

Suzi Q said...

So after reading your blog for several months and not being able to relate to all that you are going through (ED) I can finally relate!

Nov 2008 I lost my job! I job I loved and worked hard at and really thought I could move my way up to a really cool position. Not to mention we had just bought a new house and were still trying to adjust to the mortgage. :( Anyway I was soooo scared. It took me a month to find a job and in that month a TON of crazy shiz happened. But I'll tell you what I look back now and feel like the Lord literally plucked me from something that was just okay to something that has literally change mine and my hubby's lives!
I know sometimes it's hard when the Lord decides to direct our lives but if we just have faith in Him. We'll understand where it's going eventually.

I am really sorry though. What has your hubby been doing for work? I'll keep my eye out.

standing in the rain said...

so no job leads here, but thought i'd offer this...

when my dad lost his job when i was home for christmas my very actions were to not eat. then, a few hours later i though, "wow starving really won't fix this problem." i know, weird. but really it was the first time that i realized that there was a concrete problem that absolutely COULD NOT be fixed by me not eating. i could change my emotions about it my not eating, but it wouldn't change the actual situation. it was one of those times when you realize how ingrained and yet messed up and ineffective that coping mechanism is.

anyways, i share these thoughts in hopes that you are still pushing onward, even though it's rough right now. because really, that's what life is. there is always something, some reason, some excuse to run back to the old ways. and it doesn't fix a single thing. it only makes more problems in the end.

best of luck to brandon in the yucky job-search world. try not to worry too much yet. get the unemployment lined up and see what comes his way in the next few weeks. he is lucky to be young, healthy, a hard-worker, and have mad computer skilz!

brie said...

thanks for the reminder, sitr...cuz...well, i actually needed it...

Brandon said...

Wow, my wife has a lot of friends, I would never want to be the reason for a bad post on this blog. I have to say thanks as well to all you strangers for your concern. My head is up high and I am confident I will find my way into something good. Some are asking about my work experience and what I can do, so here it is in a nutshell. I have been managing a warehouse for 3 years, and a huge convenience store for 2 years before that. Studying computer science at the U. I have been told that I am a striking gentleman and I enjoy Dr. Pepper. That's me, inside the nutshell, nice to meet you.

brie said...

Husband, you forgot to mention in your nutshell resume that you have an uncanny ability to grow quite the full beard. ;)

Heather Lindquist said...

Oh that sucks big time. So sorry you guys are having to go through that! My husband didn't lose his job, but due to the economy he isn't able to make enough to support us and pay all the bills. Right when we were freaking out and wondering what the hell we were going to do, his best friend in SF, CA called and offered him an amazing job opportunity! So, he flew down there, had an interview, and got hired! It was an answer to our prayers. It happens, and it will happen to you guys....just not always in the immediate like we want and sometimes need it to be. But it will happen. Word of mouth, I've discovered is the best way to find out about jobs and be offered one. So, just like you're doing, put the word out! I'm sure he could get a job with the company my husband is going to be working at...but hey, it's in San Francisco...kind of a far commute! Also, when I needed to find more clients to work with when I moved to WA, I talked to my Bishop and RS president and they put out the word and I actually got several new clients just from that! So, maybe you guys could put out the word there as well? Sorry I don't have any other leads. I know it sucks to worry about an unknown future, but right when you think things will never change or get better....they often do....sometimes even spectacularly better! Hang in there girl!

Kerri said...

Ooh that sucks. Bad surprises like that always seem to happen when you aren't expecting it at all-- and not in the least prepared! I know it is hard to picture it right now, but I am sure things will be fine. It might be a bit of a pain to get through the next little while, but you guys will be fine. Don't let this hit you too hard Brie- you have been doing great, keep it that way, eh? It really truly will work out and more than likely for the better. :)

kristin said...

I'm sorry that your hubby lost his job! That's horrible! I am sending good job-finding vibes!

kelly anne said...

aw i'm so sorry! i hope he finds a new job soon! i would offer job leads except i don't have any seeing as i'm looking for a job too.
curse the economy... or whatever it was.

Erin said...

Brie, that sucks. I can't believe everything you guys have been bombarded with lately. If its true that trials make us stronger, you are on your way to looking like this:

(don't look too closely, its kinda disturbing)


I don't have any job leads, but just wondering, are you guys open to relocating, or do you want to stay where you are?

t. said...

aw, crap, brie. i'm sorry B lost his job. i wish i had a lead for you. but the best i could hope to do there is tell you that my bro-in-law is an air force recruiter. however, let's face it, B's awesome beard growing abilities would be squandered in the military.

so instead, i will pray that a big honking window opens right up and brandon is able to casually saunter right on through, all the while collecting massive gobs o' cash. best of luck to you guys!

Laura said...

How is he with kids? I have been looking for a nanny for 11 years now.

Now seriously...
I KNOW the fear all too well
And somehow, we are still standing

here is what will carry you through this:
family and God
and you lucky girl, you have both!

A window DOES open...I have learned this...unfortunately, you go through MANY windows and doors before you get to the right one.
How long it takes, I do not know.
But after 10 years of trying to fit my fat ass through ANY opening that lead to anywhere but the shit hole I have been living in, a window, large enough for my ass, has at last opened!
And only NOW can I look back and actually AGREE with God...
we NEEDED the last ten years to get to this place..
if I had the option of clicking my heels three times and just fucking getting there ASAP would I have? Heck yeah!
you know...it is GODS plan..not OURS...whether we like it or not.


a quick re cap:
and I will pray pray pray
and you continue to tell EVERYONE that Hubby needs a job.
squeeky wheel..no stone unturned..you know...

your window will open
it may also shut on your neck and kill you first...
but let's hope that doesn't happen

Laura said...

Does Brandon twirl a baton?

sprinkledwithcinnamon said...

Aw Brie I'm sorry to hear that- I truly believe however though that everything happens for a reason and is ultimately for the best- like you said, one door closing means the opening of another. Hoping for the best :)

tawny said...

Leave it to Laura for the best advice. she is so right Brie. Family, Faith, prayers and something will come up. Life seems to be always crazy.. IT never seems to stop, but there is a plan. I promise it will work out. SOmetimes, well most times, it is sooo hard to understand why, BUT I promise a door will OPEN. You and Bran are amazing people with amazing opportunities ahead...they will come. Bran has so much to offer. He is a fabulous hardworking, intelligent guy! It will come. Meanwhile, patience, perserverance, and prayers! You are in mine...always are. Love you sis.

Krista said...

My husband's work often has openings. I will tell him to be on the lookout. It's a computer software company. I will email you more info about them.

alriggells said...

I will be on the look out. I will ask my uncle if they have anything open. They do something with making CD's for people or something. I will ask and be on high awareness. Best of luck. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

alriggells said...
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Jackie said...

I am so sorry Brie :( I can't imagine the stress that you and your family must be feeling right now. Something will work out, I know it will. I will let you know if I hear anything about a possible job. My thoughts are with you guys!!! xoxo

Keely said...

There are a couple jobs posted for the University of Utah in the IT (information technology) dept. I don't know if this is even what you guys are looking for (or if the format will allow you to read it) but go to www.utah.edu and click on external canidates and then browse.

03/02/2010 Applications Systems Analyst 39248 UH ITS-CLINICAL SYSTEMS Information Technology Research Park
02/23/2010 Database Analyst I 39166 DIVISION OF EPIDEMIOLOGY Information Technology Health Science/School of Med
02/19/2010 Pediatric Critical Care Statistician (Grade 17) 39133 Pediatric Administration Information Technology Main Campus
02/10/2010 Database Analyst 39050 DIVISION OF EPIDEMIOLOGY Information Technology Health Science/School of Med
01/29/2010 Enterprise Infrastructure Architect 38923 UIT - Network & Comm Srvs Information Technology Main Campus
01/28/2010 Systems Administrator 38904 Ctr For High Perform Computing Information Technology Main Campus
01/20/2010 Software Developer (Grade 017) 38800 Scient Comp & Imag Instit-Oper Information Technology Main Campus
01/14/2010 Network Engineer/Wireless (Grade 016) 37739 UIT - Network & Comm Srvs Information Technology Main Campus
10/22/2009 Computer Professional (Grade 017) 38008 UIT - ACS Information Technology Main Campus

Keely said...

www.saltlakecityhelpwanted.com? I've never used it but the commerical says it has amazing results... :)

Lou Lou said...

kia tau te rangimarie
kia hora te marino
kia whakapapa pounamu te moana
kia tere te kahorirohi
I mua to hua rahi

Let there be peace
let there be tranquility
let the waves glisten like pounamu
let the light dance upon your pathway.

kia kaha brie and brandon, be strong brie and brandon.

you will make it through this time.
iv read a great book called "make money while you sleep" about the internet. I cant remember the author but the book was blue and green if I remember right.
sending love light and serenity

Alexandra Rising said...

I'm sorry Brie&Brandon!
Brandon could come work for Mike [he needs to hire someone] for IT work but you'd have to move to NY and I think Utah is way better than NY.
I'm glad he will be getting unemployment and I'm sure that being young as he is and [Im going to assume] good at what he does that he'll find a job before unemployment runs out.
Hang in there and have faith. I'm sure something will send you guys flying through that window :)

Shawna Wilson said...

ugh this gay economy! It's screwing with us all!!! So, my husband was laid off a couple years ago, found another "similar" job...and basically was told he'd be laid off again if he didn't find something quick. So he went a completely different route and became a sales rep for comcast. It's worked out really well. And although it's not his ideal job and not really a "career," he makes enough for our needs and is home more often then before. Have your man call up comcast and see if they are hiring sales reps! He can call my guy if he wants to know more!

email mwah for the #

Shawna Wilson said...

p.s. My husband is quite the Dr. Pepper fan as well...

so maybe the same line of work would be beneficial to him ;)

Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

Thinking of you guys. That sucks so much. I'm glad you have wonderful parents that are there for you and can be a strength though - so a blessing. You are not alone! I will pray that something good happens very soon. Very very soon.

Sheryl said...

My husband's work is hiring (he actually told me TODAY that someone in his area quit yesterday)- he works for Varian Medical Systems. It's a GREAT company that is expanding and growing despite the economy actually... and with kick-arse benefits, and a fabulous christmas party at the Marriott-woo woo. Mick, my man, works in the security dept handling all the computers and alarms that go off in the building (chemical spill alarms, fire alarms, someone's in the lobby and needs to be arrested alarms - ya know). There are other areas in the plant too. They make x-ray tubes and CT scanner tubes and plasma tv stuff. Kinda way high tech or something. Check it out at www.varian.com - oh, it has locations around the US, but the one here in Utah is around 17th south and redwoodISH. HUGS and good luck :)