Monday, March 8, 2010


Noooooooo! Work cut off access to my blog, and to reading others blogs (I am writing this from my phone). I kind of want to die. And I'm totes shrieking out right now. Any hackers wanna do some illegal work out there and tell me how to get around it? I'M.DYING.SLOWLY.


Ovexiusanupai said...

I think: a) you can post via (just set it up, send them an email and it will post), and b) you can read blogs by adding their feeds to Google Reader.

Commenting is going to be difficult, but I guess you can use your phone for that.

Lots of people have to deal with blocks at work.

I just don't blog until weekends mostly.

t. said...

oh noooees!

Amber said...

That sucks. Did they put a block on your computer, or did they just forbid? PS nice journal entries, funny.

Stella said...

That sucks!

Try (no www)

Hope it works for you :)

elisa024 said...

Try googling a proxy. Google: blogger proxy

That will hopefully help you find something. I have to do this to see youtube since they blocked it in Turkey. :/

lisalisa said...

freaking nazis!

tawny said...

oh that is so me.

a virus ate my computer and

i am so sad.

i give up for now b/c we can't fix it.

but it somewhat of a slow death when we lose our bloggies.

we both need to fix our problem.

good luck toots. xo