Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My 100

Brandon and I have each made a list of 100 things we want to do in five years.  Some are big, some are small, but we wanted to focus on our goals and things to look forward to, rather than wallow in the current goo of our seemingly hopeless situation.

I have had SO MUCH (needed) FUN writing this list.  And, I feel inspired.

What do you wanna do?

1. Have another baby
2. Go back to school to finish my degree
3. Learn how to change a tire
4. Pay off all my medical debts*
5. Go skiing/snowboarding
6. Take a random road trip*
7. Hike Mt. Olympus
8. Try taking a yoga class with Brandon*
9. Run a marathon
10. Get off all medication to see how I do
11. Learn a trick on my ripstick
12. Visit my grandparent’s graves
13. Get a climbing gym membership*
14. Go to a comedy club*
15. Go on the cruise I earned by gaining weight
16. Build something cool with and for Caden*
17. Go to the Temple*
18. Finish my book
19. Move into our own place*
20. Grow out my hair past my boobies
21. Turn my book into at least 12 publishing companies
22. Get my lung functioning to 85%
23. Go wave-running and drive on my own
24. Try waterskiing
25. Enroll Caden in an instrument class (guitar or piano)
26. Go to Disneyland
27. Cook a gourmet meal
28. Read Entire Book of Mormon again*
29. Sew myself a skirt
30. Go to the beach house with everyone else*
31. Have a real conversation with Brandon’s mom
32. Get 200 followers on my blog
33. Take Caden to Lagoon*
34. Gamble
35. Go to a Jazz Game*
36. Bear my testimony at Church*
37. Play in the ocean*
38. Go shooting
39. Go a week without popping my knuckles
40. Read Believing Christ
41. Be in a live talk show audience
42. Read The Doctrine and Covenants*
43. Get a henna tattoo
44. Give a homeless person a meal
45. Train a dog when we get a house
46. Play tennis with Brandon*
47. Go backpacking at Escalante
48. Try out for a reality show
49. Run half-marathon race with Tawny
50. Go camping with the family*
51. Spend one on one time with each of my sisters and sisters-in-law
52. Have a Harry Potter marathon in one sitting
53. Have a Lord of the Rings marathon in one sitting*
54. Visit Grandpa Dalton
55. Land a free-lance writing job
56. Take Caden on a train*
57. Make a craft with Caden
58. Have a new family portrait taken*
59. Go to Florida
60. Get a Wii again*
61. Try playing Halo
62. Help Caden earn enough to buy a DS game*
63. Make cookies or a dessert for someone*
64. Go see Bryson perform*
65. Plant flowers
66. Write my mom a letter not on Mothers’ Day*
67. Wear an entire outfit Bran picks out for me
68. Smile in more pictures with my mouth open
69. Help someone in need at Christmas time*
70. Have a Mommy/Son date with Cade
71. Practice legit wrestling moves with Brandon
72. Write Mom and Dad a thank you letter*
73. Make a snowman with Cade
74. Start a fire by myself with just matches, no gasoline
75. Hike the Y
76. Go to a Real game*
77. Go to a Grizzlies game*
78. Go to a Bees game with Caden*
79. See Taylor Swift in concert
80. Play the “Penis” Game
81. Maintain a healthy body weight for 3 months - and beyond
82. Watch or listen to all of General Conference*
83. Take Cade to see the lights at Temple Square
84. Moon somebody
85. Go to Las Vegas with Brandon*
86. Get a good printer*
87. Eat for an entire day without feeling guilty
88. Get us all baseball mitts*
89. Inspire someone to recover from an addiction
90. Donate a small amount to charity*
91. Go to my ten year high school reunion
92. Go a week without asking Brandon if I’m fat
93. Successfully have a calling in church
94. Plan a trip to Europe for later in life
95. Start a savings account for Caden*
96. Hold a memorial for Kendall
97. Play a practical joke on someone
98. Be able to quit my job
99. Go six months without having to be in the ER
100. Host a family party at our house

An * indicates something that is on both my list and Brandon's.


Devon said...

I like this idea a ton - might take a break from the thesis to do the same.

Regarding #89...I assure you that you already have and will continue to do so.

Love and miss you tons!

Jonny and Haley said...

I can help with the Lord of the Rings marathon. We do one every winter. I think Jonny and Steve would love to play the penis game too. That sounds super dirty when I say it like that. P.S. So sorry about Brandon's job. He is such a gem though so I am sure he will find something else. Sending lots of love and prayers your way!

Brandon said...

Brie, this is a nice list. I am glad we share some items, as they are always more fun to do with a pal. To all you other readers, I dare you to make your own list, it is amazing how inspiring it is. I am already crossing some off of my list and working towards others.

Brie, we want pictures and updates as some of these get crossed off. DO IT!!

brie said...

Honey, that's a great idea -- to document each time we get one done, take pics, and post it on the blog! I'm on it!

Haley will you play the penis game with me? ;)

brie said...

tonight Brandon and I are crossing #8 off the list: going to yoga! wait for some hilarious pictures!

Eating Alone said...

Disneyland not Disney World? :-(

And you need to explain the penis game, or I'll have to totaly re-think my view's on mormons.

Krista said...

I will become a follower (even though I check your blog anyway) so you can be one step closer to your goal!

Shannon said...

What a fabulous list! I want to go write one now! I don't know if I can even think of 100 things, but I'm going to give it a shot. I hope you are able to do everything on this list. Good luck!

B R I T N E Y said...

I did this a few years ago - it's my bucket list so I've got some far-fetched goals out there... but I love that I did it. I'm pretty much a computer geek/nerd/overachiever/whatever you want to call me when it comes to this stuff because I put them all on powerpoint slides and printed them off so I have something to cross off when I do it :)

Lou Lou said...

list is truly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
and you are an inspiration! i am onto my own list

TM said...

You've already accomplished #89 :)

Alexandra Rising said...

2 of my friends have done this, too. Well, '101 things to do before we die'. It's got a lot of craaaazy stuff on it but it's exciting to watch as they follow through on things.

I wish you luck on reading the Lord of the Rings series in one sitting. Dont think I could handle more than one of those books in 1 sitting.

I want to take a random road trip, too :)

And as everyone else has said, you've accomplished #89 many times.

Jenny Bay said...

I loved this post - what a great idea!

brie said...

oh alex it's DEFINITELY to watch the lord of the rings series, not read them in one sitting - i've read the books before but couldn't have done it marathon style - phew!

Alexandra Rising said...

-Huge sigh of relief-

I mean, I know you're a reader, but I was a bit startled!

onlyelscorcho said...

NOTE: i'm really not trying to be rude about this, and if you perceive it that way i'm seriously and utterly sorry. i am in NO WAY WHATSOEVER trying to make you angry or upset etc.

when are you wanting to have another child? do you really think it's economically smart for you and your family to have another child? especially right now considering your every growing medical bills and debt, brandon's recent lay-off, the expenses just one child requires, your desire to own a home, and the current global economic crisis?

financial inadequacies often lead to a myriad of problems the child will be affected by further in life. it's a sobering and disgusting facet of modern america, but access to money does lead to better options in life. not to say you need to be a mega millionaire to have opportunities. however research shows that the majority of children who grow up in low SES homes experience many more problems, such as limited education options and higher rates of crime and violence.
so is now the right time to have another child?

i just want to know if you think it's okay/acceptable, considering your current financial struggles, to knowingly bring a child into a world where the risk of negative and detrimental effects is extremely high.

Maeve said...

What a fabulous list! I can't wait to see photos from your yoga class :-)

I will definitely work on my own list thanks to Brandon's suggestion. Whether or not my list makes an appearance on my blog is yet to be determined, but a list shall be made!!

onlyelscorcho: Maybe I am in no position to comment on Brie's life in reply to you, but I just wanted to say something. As educated and intelligent adults I believe that Brie and Brandon would weigh all the costs of having another child. More importantly, Brie and Brandon are loving kind and wonderful people who will be brilliant parents. No child of theirs will ever suffer from detrimental effects of their parenting. The economy may not be fantastic, but Brandon will get another job soon, and things will turn around.

standing in the rain said...

Love the list. And think I might want to make a deal with you...I copy your idea and as a trade I'll become an official "follower".

Cool? Coo.

brie said...

um. thanks for the "advice?"

but i'm a big girl. i think i can make a decision as huge as when i will have another child with my husband - the appropriate person to decide to have a child with.

Lou Lou said...

onlyelscorcho- I think when you start a comment with " I hope you dont think I am being rude" the rest of what you say is usually going to feel rude. I don't think your comment is helpful, inspiring or positive in any which way.

BRIE- I hope you dont mind, I did a post on my wall with top 100 because your so damn inspiring, i feel like I am taking over the world with my new found ideas!!!! theres a wee mention and link to your amazing blog. its such an awesome feeling, hope we can see brandons list at some point, that would be cool! xoxoxox

Just That ZombieGrrl said...

Inspiring list!!!

Thank you for sharing, I know you'll accomplish these and everything to which you set your mind.

If I had pom-poms, I'd wave them to cheer you on -- you deserve it! :)

P.S.--Using the 43things website can help you track and write about your updates, and you could link it to your blog.

P.P.S.--Please explain the penis game.

heather said...

These are muy bueno! I cant wait to see/hear about all your adventures! I think that maybe that commenter who gave you 'advice' was confused and thought you were going to do this list in order? Idk. Anyway, sending best wishes to you and your family!

Kara said...

LOVE the list! Very inspiring. One comment though - I don't know if you have ever hiked the Y, but it is a major Debby Downer. It doesn't look far up there, but you are going on a 80% incline along switchbacks the whole way... well, let's just say that it's HARD. The hike isn't even pretty, it's just gravelly. But perhaps it is worth it because you do get a pretty view in the end. There are so many ways I could relate hiking the Y to our lives, but if I start down that road I'm seriously going to shoot myself in the foot.

PS - I'm kind of a pansy, so the part about the hike being really hard may not apply to you.

Krista said...

I bet if everyone who was poor quit reproducing we would have a perfect world (much sarcasm intended). said...

Very cool idea. I might want to do it too. It's nice because it gives you some intention in the way you spend your time. Question: how long did it take you to think of 100? Did you stress and agonize over it or did you just let your mind free flow think?

Kaity said...

Maybe this is weird, but I came across this page and as soon as I read the first line I automatically recognized it as your type of humor (at least, that you express on this blog) and had to link it to you:

Also, I read this post earlier. And it inspired a very long and awesome conversation with my grandmother about when her and her college suite-mate did a drive yourself tour of europe (I am going in November), all of the things she wanted to do in life, the one thing she regrets not doing and the advice she has for me about life. Now I am making an 100 things list, and she is making a list, and I am taking her to somewhere she never got the chance to see in college, next year.
There was an unspoken thorn in the side of our relationship lately. Your post and the talk it churned up really made me feel close to her again.
Thanks Brie (:

(and ps. Im praying for you and B, he will find a job, you will continue to keep reaching health and everything will work out!)

Heather Lindquist said...

I'm so inspired! What a great idea. I just asked Timothy to make a list with me and then tomorrow we're going to sit down and compare them. I remember doing something similar to this when I was a kid....make lists of all I wanted to do in my life. Unfortunately, somewhere down the line, I quit doing it. But thanks to you, I'm going to start again! Wahoo...I'm so flippin' excited! I needed a good idea like this. Thanks SOOOO much! : )

anna.maria said...

great idea :):)
well, having done #7 a few times, I assure you it's quite an experience! You should definitelly try it ..

hope you manage to do all these 100 things and one extra you have never thought about dear!!

i love bows:) said...

haha this is such a good idea, i love it!
and really, where do people get off lecturing you on wanting another child.mad me mad for you to read that.

hope you dont mind if i do a similar post
vics x

終於呀 said...


brie said...

oh and for all you sad people who don't know what the penis game the movie (500) Days of Summer...

I'll try to find a youtube clip of it...and actual penises are involved...omg i've never typed the p word so much! this is AWFUL.

Samantha Kay said...

I can help with number3 :D

Tanya said...

I assure 89 has been fulfilled many times over. Your list is a good idea...perhaps I will post my own soon.

tawny said...

Yay I made you list!

We are running a half for sure!!!

and hiking Mount Olympus (in May)

and YOU are coming to the Beach house with us...

I love your list.

Very inspiring.

(What a sweet hubby you have too)


Katherine said...

#80. penis

(love you B!)