Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Everything from STD's to Shopping

Suffering from Writer’s Block is, like, worse than having an STD. Not that I would know. I swear! I promise thee. 
I struggle to write on my blog. Haven’t made progress on my book in a few weeks.
I’m barely even reading. You know it’s bad when I’m not even reading.
I wish someone could make me all better…

I’ll just give you a quick update:

I’m okay. I’m casually looking for a second job, and Husband is still on the lookout for a new job. In the meantime we’ve filed for unemployment and the bitches make you pay taxes. On unemployment. I mean, how does it work to be taxed on money that you’re given because you’re destitute? Yes, Utah, please take my money and re-pave a road or plant a few trees while we have bread and water for dinner. I mean it’s not that bad but you get what I mean. Lame lame lamazoid.

Doing well with my mealplan. We’re tweaking it because we’re trying to figure out exactly how much I need to eat to maintain my weight. Even though I feel like my calories are quite high, I’ve lost a little, but we’re assuming it’s because Girlfriend’s a tall glass of water and I need lotsa, as my D would say, energy. (She acts like the C word – calories – is a bad word, or if I hear it or something, I’ll freak out and be like trigger trigger trigger peew peew peew! Energy, according to E, is interchangeable with the words ‘calories’ and ‘weight.’ E, the dietish: Wow. We need to up your energy, or Wow, you lost energy this week so let’s add even more energy!!) She’s Finnish. Maybe it’s a Finnish thing? Note to self: look into this.

I haven’t mentioned in a loooong time my C Man. I just love Cade. He holds my heart. Bran took this pic last night. We were sleeeeeepy.

Yesterday I went with the BFF’s Whit and Steph (I’d link to their blogs but they, like, for some odd reason value privacy and anonymity and have set their respective blogs to private. Whatever. Pish.) to the mall to try on new pants for the new booty. Whit felt pukey so didn’t have as much fun, but Miss S and I tried on, like seriously, 1203894788 pair of jeans in the Almighty Amazing Store, Buckle.. We were in the same dressing room grunting and squeezing into every size from, like I said on Facebook, 24 to 32, (okay really we weren’t trying on that broad a range of sizes, but cllloooooose) and laughing the entire time. Why not, right? Here’s our designer denim-fied pa-tooties this afternoon in our new Miss Me’s we boughts. Tres delicious, yes? Teff is going for the Winged Bottom look, while I went for the more rustic, cowgirl skinny pair. For some reason in the dressing room, we morphed into talking with British slash Scottish accents and said BAH! and BROWN BEAR! like every other word, and the sweet salesgirl, Elaina was her name, was trying desperately to keep up with our need for new jeans and witty repertoire. She bravely did her best. We’re considering the possibility of opening up a much coveted spot in our shopping expeditions and having her go with us; we must honor this girl’s courage for putting up with our dirty jokes, messy dressing room, and plus I mean she was just DARLING. She assumed we were sisters, which made her golden in our book; that, and she flattered our flat asses. ;)

LOVE YOU all. Have a great day, friends.


Penny said...

Speaking as someone who does know you well, you look only about 12 years older than lil C in that pic!
A big Sis if you will.
Like this post but loved your previous post. Wish it wasn't "covered" up so soon!!

Stacy said...

LOVE the little man snugglin' gives me warm fuzzies and stuff :-)
and the Miss Me Jeans rock. I tried on the same pair you are wearing recently... only they were about 8 inches too long for my shortness.

and sorry bout the writers block, but if you ask your D I bet she will say it has something to do with some sort of energy.

take care.


That's too funny to see S on your blog. I remember her from three years ago at Group @ CFC- and this morning, OUT OF NO WHERE, I was like, 'I wonder what happened to that girl?' And then out of no where, I saw her walking out of CFC today when I was heading in.... And NOW...To see her on your blog?! Utterly delightful.

t. said...

that snuggly pic is some serious cuteness overload! and the jeans totally rock. i miss shopping for jeans. sigh.

Alexandra Rising said...

Do you think if you read a memoir type book it might help you get the kick to write again?
Memoirs seem to have that e?a?ffect on me. Just a suggestion!
Also, I think 'energy' is used for 'calories' in some European countries? PIf you peek at food labels in the 'Shop the World' sections of supermarkets you may notice some of them say 'energy'.
Final thought: I saw that fb status [think I commented on it] and was still thoroughly confused. I can never figure out what approximate size to look for when jeans are in those sizes. What does the number stand for? Waist? Inseam? Neither? So confusing!

I hope your writer's block goes away soon, I imagine that is very frustrating for you!

Stephanie said...

B... I heart you and our "flattered flat asses" bahaha..I still have to fill you in on the rest of the Jenga throwing sesh. I must say, I am quite proud in my ability to create such hilarity in moments while the T is trying to be serious.
"creationofabeautifullife"- Did I see you as well yesterday? I'm sorry if I missed it. I'm glad that I was able to randomly walk out of Le Mansion to answer your question of my whereabouts. I wont ask you for your name, but can I get a first initial? Id love to hear about how fellow groupies are doing.

Melisa said...

Girl you make me laugh. Having water and bread for food but MAMA'S got good jeans! Am I missing something here?

malpaz said...

gahhh i am so jealous you can AFFORD buckle... i think i drool everytime i walk past that place. i tried on ONE pair of jeans one time, fell in love, and almost had a heart attack when i saw how much they cost...immeditaely left ebfore swiping my plastic!

Michele R said...

Brie, I have been unemployed several times (extremely traumatic and stressful) and each time I signed up for unemployment I indicated that I wanted NO taxes taken out. I wanted the full weekly amount because it was still WAY less than what I had been making and therefore would not bring on any shocks to us when we rec’d our W-2s and did our taxes. So if your Hubs indicated for taxes to be taken out, he can go online and change this.
Love the photo of you and C!

Dena said...

Cute Jeans!! I cannot even get near Buckle, it's way too expensive for me. I'm jealous!!