Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Post-Christmas Update

Hello lovers! I missed you!

I've been totally sad because my internet has been was a Christmas UN-miracle, for sure. I'm currently at the parentals, so I thought I'd mooch their internet connection off them.

I'm totally lame but this isn't really going to be a post-Christmas post. I have no pictures because I'm STILL always and forever lame, and I'm not really in the mood. But I do want to talk about it, just not feeling it tonight.

Well I survived surgery. Anesthesia is a beautiful thing, but coming off it and hurting
is not. Also, when I'm under anesthesia, I have a tendency to say embarrassing things that I don't remember like MERRY BOOBMAS and THIS IS FANTASTIC, JUST FANTASTIC and BOOOOOOBS and HOLD MY BOOB (when I really mean my hand). Apprently I have a thang for, well, boobs.

I kind of had a rough time with the painkillers. I was taking them as prescribed by my doc, but the dose was too strong for me or something, and it numbed up my muscles, especially my pee or whatever muscles, and I couldn't pee. Or number two, or even fart. I couldn't even feel when I needed to pee, and only realized this when I looked like I had a buddha belly and my tummy was hard as a rock and it was cramping and I realized holy suck it's been FOREVER since I last peed. And then I'd try to go, and I'd have to puuuush real hard like I was constipated or something, and this was just to pee. Seriously, strangest thing. Stupid low body weight. You do weird, weird things to me.

We're for suresies moving into the new pad on TUESDAY. Holy oh my moly I be so grateful!! The floorboards and celings are getting painted or something today, then tomorrow finishing touchups, then Tuesday the carpet. The kitchen won't be finished yet, we'll still in fact have no tile or appliances or cupboards or anything, but in the next week or so that should change. Kitchens are overrated anyway.

You wanna know what the most depressing thought around this time of year is? Well, most people are cool with snow before Christmas because it puts you in the holiday mood 'n stuff (personally I don't understand this offensive thinking, but whateva) but after the holidays, most are ready for the snow to suck it and the sun to come back out...but what some of us fail to realize that on the day after Christmas, it has in fact technically only been winter for 5 DAYS. Doesn't that just devastate you? On days when I'm feeling particularly tender and vulnerable, this makes me want to get a giant black garbage bag, find a nice comfy corner, climb in it, and hide for the rest of winter or FOREVER, depending on the intensity of vulnerability I'm feeling. Today is a black bag day.

Okay, well I'm off. I need to sew my kitchen curtains and do the finising touches on the aforementioned bedroom curtains that are passionately trying to break me of my desire to be a bad-A seamstress. They're such a burden!

Bye! Love you!


licketysplit said...

I've TOTALLY experienced the inability to pee issue, due to meds, and it SUCKS! So sorry you had to experience that, AND that you're feeling the wintertime blues :( But Yea for moving into the new pad and good luck w/ the curtains. My mom used to make curtains for a living and I know it is no simple task.

kristin said...

I'm glad that you survived your surgery! Yeah!

I'm one of those crazy people who loves the snow. Instead of the winter blues, I get the summer blues. The summer is my least favourite season because the sun is out every day and I really don't like the sun. It burns my poor pale skin!

I hope that your house gets put together and finished soon. Good luck on finishing the curtains!

Take care, Brie! I hope that the weather turns brighter for you!

love, kristin

jana bananas said...

I can't pee after surgery or anesthesia (and painkillers) either! In fact, I had to have THREE catheters (yes, 3!!!!) when I had surgery a couple of years ago. Oh dear lord, be glad you don't have to deal with that. Because there's nothing quite like having a tube shoved up one's pee'er to one's bladder.

I will say that it was awesome to just lie in bed and have my pee automatically go into a bag so I didn't have to worry about getting up...

Abby said...

Brie, my dear, I am so glad that you survived surgery!

And I like the boob talk. Did medical personnel witness these exclamations of yours? Well, maybe doctors are used to anesthetized people saying this sort of thing? Hm....

H said...

I'm glad you're surgery went well! Sometimes, when I'm really in a hurry and have to pee doesn't happen. It won't come out. How strange is that? Possibly I feel stressed out over the whole thing! Oh, and I too am one of those rare people who would love to have winter year around. I abhor summer. Fall is okay, but not Summer or Spring. I feel happier when it's cold...but I do remember sharing that blue electric blanket with you to keep warm in my freezing apartment in Murray b/c I was too cheap to turn on the heat. Dumb me. Then I got that awful cough and was sequestered in your basement guest room under your parent's gentle care. That was an awful sickness. Glad you didn't get it.

Anyway, I'm glad you get to move in totally soon. That's wonderful and a happy "late" Christmas gift.

satisfiction said...

Brie we missed you too! I didn't realize until I read this entry how much I really love your writing. It totally cheered me up after one of the worst days I've had all year, which couldn't be better timing. I'm glad you got through your surgery okay, boob talk and all! And hey, who doesn't like boobs? I'm sure no one minded thinking about them. ;)


Stacy said...

I HATE THE PEE THING. and the poo thing. Perkaset (sp?) is a total poopie stopper. which is retarted, it is like shoosing pain over pooping and lack of pooing causes lost of pain.

It is so very weird to think... why can't I get myself to go pee. very weird.

I HOPE you NEVER have to go through that again... so don't ever have a c-section. they suck balls too!

so what did you go under the knife for??


oh do you know when GG comes back on?

Stacy said...

lost of type o's... sorry I am typing and feeding a baby. not a great multitasker I guess

Krista said...

A space heater and blanket are my best friends in the winter. I am so freaking sick of all this snow already! I hope your peeper works well soon.

takeupyourbedandwalk said...

Yay! You made it! Too funny about the boob thing, though. That was HILARIOUS. :)


Brooke said...

When it rains it pours! Someone is out to get you. Your boobies should not be popping yet! Sorry, girl.