Saturday, December 20, 2008

Do Not Be Fooled

Do not be fooled by this

Do not be fooled by his sweet little smile

or those blue blue eyes with those long blonde lashes

or that adorable left dimple

because this little boy can be evil

He can freak out when I want to change his diaper, a simple thing I've been doing oh, about SEVENTEEN times a day for the entire 2 1/2 years of his life. So what does he do when I'm trying to lay him down to get rid of the soiled thing?



And I was supposed to use it 24/7 all weekend in preparation for the surgery on Monday.

Suck face balls.

So, do not be fooled by him. I was, and I paid the price.

But damn I still love him. How could I not??!!


jana bananas said...

Awww, I know all about the little man. He's got that little angel/little devil thing going on. ;)

I can't believe he yoinked out the tube all the way! That's some sort of accomplishment. So whatcha gonna do??

Kara said...

Oh my gosh! That's crazy! Bad Cade, bad Cade. :)

tawny said...

Ohh sweet lil cade being a bad boy?! Nah, Us sis's love Cade like he's our own. Let him come have a play date with Mace and they can duke it out! Actually last time they played, they kept hugging eachother and talking and talking about was soooo cute, i took lots o' pics...i should send them your way. Love the lil man. XOXOXO

H said...

Wow...yes, I too know children like that!! : )

Whit said...

That blows friend....that little angel of yours can be quite the stinker sometimes...I love that kid. What is your plan? You gonna go get it put back in or just wait until after your surgery?

Love Ya,


jana bananas said...

Agh, but he is the cutest little thing. I am fondly remembering our game of "YOU!" and touching fingers in the back seat of your car. I don't know what he found so fun about that but I was thrilled!

Cousin Karrin said...

Hey lady! Your Cade is adorable. Best of luck with surgery Monday. Happy Holidays! Luv ya!

Penny said...

No matter what he does, Cade is adorable and he will always be "your little man." However, I think that he did it on purpose. He just doesn't know that he did a serious thing. Oh welll, ain't innocence wonderful?

Tanya said...

OMGoodness. To pull it out all the way....yikes. I am so sorry he did that. He does look like a sweet thing though...very sweet....but from the tales you tell definitely an angel/devil complex going on. I just hope it doesn't affect things too much for you.


kristin said...

I hope your surgery goes well, Brie. Take care!

love, kristin

Jade said...

I'm not sure how I missed what you're having done, but I hope your surgery goes well -- and that the little one learned an important lesson about staying away from Mommy's tube!

Laur said...

this is the worst age I swear Brie. Conner is like getting into the garbage and throwing it around the house, oh and he put a golf club in the toilet.
Lastly, conner too freaks out when I try to change his diaper and change his clothes. It totally exhausts me.

ania said...

Dear Brie,

I hope that your surgery goes smoothly.

With care and encouragement....

Brooke said...

Yo. I love Cade with all my heart. Misty told me this once about JOsh. He is a bad seed. He as a few self-calculating jabs here and there. But on the out-side they are the most charming kids ever! We love you Cade! Keep up the good work!