Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Docalicious Revealed

Remember Docalicious? Well, after EXTENSIVE research, I’ve finally found a pic of him online! And, well, since I’m big on the whole privacy thing, just throwing out a disclaimer that his face isn’t actually a yellow cloudy mess (that looks suspiciously like Pee Air) in real life. And he’s not Edward Cullen, either, but he’s CLOSE. I don’t want to get sued by any, like, copyright laws. Ooh, doesn’t he have some smoldering good looks? He makes my teeth sweat.

PS Can you copyright your face? In any case, I’m not taking any chances.
PPS I don’t want to share his face anyway. Sometimes I can be really selfish.
PPPS I am now shunning myself for putting Edward’s face on my Docalicious.
I am humiliated by my childish actions.
But I find him hot.
I find him glorious.
He is a delicious piece of man meat.
I'm so lame.
I will now commence to hang my head in shame.


Jackie said...

As your attorney, you CAN post his picture! :)

zubeldia said...

You need to email me this picture, chica!!

Gaining Back My Life said...

Hey, I posted a pic of my plastic surgeon (who reconstructed my face) on my blog cuz well....he's kinda hot, too - and has an accent!