Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Affirmations are ROUGH, Part II

So the M-ster wasn't surprised by my sarcastic and controversial affirmations. And I didn't offend her either, which was a superawesome plus. I thought the Red Robin/orgy one might've done her in, been a little inappropriate. But thankfully she seems to more or less tolerate me in small does (in two 60 minute sessions weekly, haha).

She re-assigned me, though. I have to do 10 more affirmations. Specifically, about my identity. Maybe? I think? Can you have affirmations about something you're not even sure you have? Can my affirmations be

1. I wish I had an identity
2. My identity will be beautiful no matter its size
3. An identity is an idea or belief and not actually physical matter, so procuring one will not actually make me gain weight.
4. I
5. don't
6. like
7. this
8. assignment.
9. Affirmations
10. SUCK.

But seriously, I don't get it. According to Wikipedia, an affirmation is

a declaration that something is true

But according to the Briectionary, an affirmation is

a declaration that I'm an idiot because though I am smart and relatively sane, I cannot figure out what I'm supposed to say.

Well, unless I crack (Say crack again. CRACK.) a few dirty jokes, throw in the word 'lame,' and call it a day.


I need ten. First ten commenters each give me one. GO!!! I need this by tomorrow at 11 am. 19 hours and counting, people!


jana bananas said...

Not all affirmations have to be about how you're not about your ED, right? If so, you already mentioned one that you can add: you're smart.

There is so much to you Brie. I wish you could see that.

brie said...

so if i use "smar" as an affirmation, will that work for an "identity affirmation" like M asked for? i seriously am not lying, i just don't get it!!!

and also, how can i make a "declaration that something is true" when it's not, or if i'm not sure whether or not it even is true???

Shannon said...

Dang, its hard finding good, nice things about yourself, huh? Darn our society for making it so hard for us women! Well, I am going to state the first, most obvious, and that is your hilarious! I'm sure everyone who reads your blog, and I bet you would even agree thats true.I am declairing that is true. Cant argue there!

Also, we are SO tube buddies! I couldnt help but chuckle when you left that comment on my blog. My Dr actually even told me if I kept losing weight I would need to go on a feeding tube..eek! This little yellow IV dripping slowly into my heart veins is enough for me! We are so tough.

Say a prayer I can make it on Sat! We will need to get pics :)

kristin said...

Brie, there is so much to love about you and so much to you. I could tell you what I see in you, but that would defeat the purpose of you creating your own affirmations about your identity. Commenting in your blog that you were smart was a great start. Keep going, Brie. I know you can do it! I'm cheering you on!

Take care and good luck!

love, kristin

Kara said...

I disagree with the definition of "affirmation" in the Dictionary (can someone disagree with the Dictionary? hmmmm...). I don't think one has to believe the affirmation is true in order for it to be an affirmation. I think the purpose of an affirmation is to say it over and over and maybe if you say it long enough it will help you believe it (because repeating it over and over is using your positive mind instead of your negative mind or something). At least, that's how I understand affs.

Reagan said...

I had to do it, so you do, too. :) There's an affirmation for ya!

Good luck! ;)

Jackie said...

What about "My identity will not be contingent on my ability to shop in the children's clothing section!"

You know that one is true!!! Does it sound to attorney-ish? xoxo

Kyla said...

affirmation: I can exert control by making decisions that are best for my health.

Single said...

Kara is right about what she said about affirmations. Awhile back I read some books about using affirmations to help you get what you want. A simple affirmation you could say is, "I am a smart person." This is about your identity because smart is part of what/who you are. Or how about, "I am funny." Or "I have lots of friends and family that care about me because I am a good person." Okay, there's three. I don't think you need to make it any more complicated than that. I could probably write all ten for you but I really have to go to work now. Good luck!

satisfiction said...

How 'bout... I am a good, well-loved writer? Or something more eloquently phrased, but I'd say from your blog that it's very evident that people love to read what you write and that it affects people. I love your blog, your sense of humour, all of it. Your ability to express yourself is a positive part of your identity for sure. :)

H said...

How about your a dang good cat lover? Oh, and a wife and mother. I mean, you most liely WOULLD stand in front of a car to keep your child from being killed, am I not right? That means you are SELFLESS. You truly care and love people.

Let us know what you finally come up with! I'll be lookin forward to it.

jana bananas said...

Haha, I like Jackie's comment. How true!!

Brie, there are SO MANY good things that you could say. We could make lists with so many qualities about you that make us love you. But that doesn't mean that you'll believe any of it is true. We're so hard on ourselves and it's so hard to see what other people see.

Here are a few things about you that I'd like to share:

1. You sincerely care. About everything.
2. You are a strong woman. You may not feel that way at all, but I see everything you go through and your strength shines through.
3. You're a great writer.
4. You're a great friend.
5. You're funny and smart and fun to be around.
6. You're an excellent napper (ok, kidding on that one...)

Anyway, you didn't expect me to come up with all 10 for you, did you? ;)

Affirmations ARE hard. I wish you the best of luck. I hope that you can take some of the advice we've all given and you're able to see some truth in it, and maybe that will help you form your affirmations.

kb said...


I have to say that I'm very sympathetic about the whole identity issue. For many years, I think that was definitely one of the major issues of my depression. Even now, I'm relatively comfortable with myself and all that blah blah blah stuff, but I would have a difficult time writing 10 affirmations about my identity, in part because so much of that identity is continually changing.
So, my sympathies.

- Kristina

brie said...

oh dear goodness lovers! thanks so much for all your suggestions! seriously, i think i'm starting to get it now...the whole concept seriously eluded me for awhile. it's still not easy, but i'm trying...

Melisa said...

At first after reading your post I thought I knew 10 affirmations of myself right off the top of my head. Then after really thinking about it I started to doubt so many of my thoughts. I can totally see where you are coming from. I think for me owning up to the fact that I really am those things scares me....if I know the truth then I have to be responsible for them. Does that make sense? I too shall make a list, everyone needs to know of their worth. Good luck on writing your 10. I know I could make a list for you easily. You are amazing. Thanks for sharing:)

Brooke said...

Brie, I didn't read this until today. I hope it went well. I read through a few of your comments but I think of all the comments your received Melisa's was the most down to earth. She said "I think for me owning up to the fact that I really am those things scares me....if I know the truth then I have to be responsible for them."

Think about that.

Stacy said...

so I totally missed the deadline... but since i miss gossip girl so much I have this affirmation for you.

"I am Queen B... What I say goes, I rock at EVERYTHING...
there, that should cover 1 through 10... I make the rules, I mean I am the QUEEN aren't I?"

probably wouldn't have worked but I thought I would give it shot.

smile. lots of love