Tuesday, December 30, 2008

BEST (and worst) OF 2008

Jax tagged me to do a list of my favorite products, only I expanded it to include some of my favorites (and me no likeys) of 2008. It was mostly a crappy year, folks, but there were definitely some good things thrown in there:

Favorite shampoo/conditioner: I’ll admit that I don’t have a favorite, and usually when I finish a bottle I buy a different brand. This is because I get all paranoid thinking my hair is to “used” to the product and doesn’t respond to the amazingness that I know the product’s marketing is trying to sell me.
Least favorite shampoo/conditioner, though, would have to be Pantene Pro-V. Sorry you Pro-Vers. I hear it’s bad for your hair.

Favorite hair product: Aveda’s Style-Prep Smoother. Works like a dream, a smooth, delicious dream. Least favorite? I dunno. Probably that totally nast cheap gel where you can buy like 32 oz for a buck or something.

Favorite makeup: Why, concealer of course! I have the darkest, creepiest under-eye circles known to (wo)man. Personally I’m totally having a passionate love affair with Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse. Lame name, because I feel like I’m supposed to eat it, but it works great and is only like 10 bucks.

Favorite perfume: I’m personally a fan of Ginger Essence from Origins. It’s really light but doesn’t smell like all those other generic ones out there that the celebrities are making. And least favorite? Well, like I said: all those ones out there that the celebrities are concocting when you know that they don’t do a d-a-m-n thing to create them. Also, really strong smells give me a headache. Can't even walk into Bath and Body Works without getting dizzy, having a headache, and wanting to ralph. I have a very sensitive nasal cavity. Also, even I could mix some Diet Coke and spices and flowers or whatever and call it something overly dramatic like DROP DEAD SENSUAL. Would people buy it?

Favorite Vitamin: this one made me laugh, because as a general rule I hateohIpassionatlyHATE taking vitamins. Something about taking care of myself. I dunno. HOWEVER, I will eat Gummy Vites. Cade and I each eat 2 a day! And don't therapize me. I know I'm a grown woman lalala, and I know I should take real pills, but THESE ARE GOOD. And it's nice to not have to swallow ANOTHER pill after the 37463728 other ones I take. Okay? (Shutup.)(I'm not being defensive.)(I'm just saying.)

Diet Supplement: Hmmm. While I was tempted to put Ephedra on here just so I could see how many shat their pants and tried to arrange an intervention, I’ll refrain and be a good girl: BOOST BABY!! Seriously, cannot count the amount of cans I’ve gagged down or had dripdripdripping into me.

Favorite must have of all time: this was a toughie. And while I think concealer is pretty high up on the list, I also need to mention C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint. It’s so cheap and is full of fun and amazingess. Least favorite product of all time: FEEDING TUBE.

Now on to more of my faveys:
Favorite store: Why, The Buckle, of course!

Favorite Jeans: MEK Denim stole my heart away this year. I luuuurve them. Look at these. Oh, and these too! I wear both of these ALL.THE.TIME.

Favorite shoes: These Pumas have made my year. I’ve got them in two colors! They’re so comfy and fun and make me feel so freaking cool.

Favorite movie(s): The Dark Knight. Oh, and Twilight. Shutup.

Favorite Restaurant: Red Robin, of course. I don’t think this’ll ever change. Have you ever had their fries and their chocolate malts? Totally get an O without the foreplay!

Favorite TV show(s): Wow. This was extrememly hard to narrow down because truthfully, I really like watching TV. However, I’d have to say that this year my faveys are Biggest Loser and Gossip Girls. Alana got me into GG and I’ve been hooked ever since. For realsies, you should try it!

Favorite books: This was really hard because I probably read hundreds of books this year. However, the three that come to mind are I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak, A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving, and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, which won the Pulitzer this year or last year or something. All worthwhile reads, for sure.

Okay, well that’s it for now. Let me know what you (un)enjoyed this year, too.


tawny said...

I think were sis's b/c I totally agree with you on lots of the products. I love that you "quietly admitted" Twilight was your fav...it's okay cuz Jacob and Edward are hotness! and I soooo love the Buckle. I will always be indebted to them for their respect of the "tall" girl..FINALLY clothes that compliment our bods!

jana bananas said...

My eye circles and your eye circles should duke it out to see which is worse. Mine are blue/pink/purple, dude. It's not cool. And they are ALWAYS there. Smashbox concealer is pretty decent though, I think.

Heth said...

Did you know that some insurances actually will pay for your boost???? If your doctor "prescribes" it.

Anyway, I love your post. I hope you don't mind if I steal your idea!! Right now I'm still creating one about Christmas Then and Now. It's not ready yet though. Oh, and I agree, The Messenger is one of my MOST favorite books of all. Well, besides the other 100 I've read this past month! You're so funny. Thanks for giving me a laugh today....I have to go see Grief Lady in a little bit and was kind of mopey over it. Now I'm smiling. Thanks!!!

Kara said...

I have a pair of MEK jeans and they are my all-time favorite! I totally need another pair. And the Buckle is THE place to go for jeans. I loves it. But we don't have one where I live. Boo hoo.

Kara said...

PS - I feel like a super 'tard that I didn't realize that the Barbie wasn't real. Tell your sister she did a great job and fooled me!

Brooke said...

I LOVE TWIGLIGHT AND I'LL TELL EVERYONE. And I hate Black Night! You were pretty "on" with the rest of the others! Go Brie!

Jackie said...

I love your list - glad you obeyed my tagging orders! Lip gloss forever! Even JB can be in the club thanks to us :) xoxo Jax

kristin said...

I have eye circles, too. They are awful. I think I am going to try that concealer you use.

I *love* Red Robin. It is totally one of the most kick ass restaurants ever. Their fries are the shit. Seriously! I have been craving a basket of their fries. Hopefully I will convince my mom to go to one when she stays with me this weekend!

Take care, Brie! :)

love, kristin

Lisa said...

I just got the Mentha Lip Tint from my boyfriend's mom for Christmas. It's fantastic!

Angela and Brett said...

Remember how you took me to your favorite restaurant and you were so excited about the fries and then i bit into a screw that was hidden in my salad...

Laura said...

i wanna know more about the screw in the salad...sounds dirty....

ok, we are very much a like here...i HATE pantene pro v...it is crap...and I love LOVE LOVE the pumas!! in orange, baby!!!!!

happy new year B...xo

brie said...

jb, my eye-circles could bring down your's ANY DAY. remember lover that i've seen yours. they are NOTHING compared to the nastiness that are mine. :(

L, I *wish* they had those shoes in orange! but they've just made them in pink so i'm thinking i need to set aside my resolution to shop less for just a minute and comprar them immediately.