Thursday, December 18, 2008

Festive Footwear Bringing Tidings of Comfort & Joy

Well lookee here! A pussy in a mitten! Merry Christmas from my holiday socks to your’s!

Guuuuuuys, I’m actually starting to get into the Christmas Spirit! How totally freakishly but oh so awesomely scrumtrulescent! FM 100 plays Christmas music 24/7, and I’m really excited for Big B and ‘Lil C to see their gifts, and there’s yummy treats and Christmas lights and freaky potential pedophile Santa’s in the mall. Less work, more play…this ain’t so bad. I was being a GIANT bah humbugger, but I’ll try to be festive now. TRY. I can’t promise anything. You never know when a bad mood is going to hit.

Got another tube inquiry yesterday, though it wasn’t very original – just the regular ‘ol “Do you have cancer?” spiel. Seriously, a turkey sandwich can do better than that. As stupid as Sinus Infection Tool was, at least he was original. That counts for something!

Any Sick Lakers out there dying to help paint this weekend? Lemme know, we need help!


H said...

I like the cute and they look way warm too. I'm glad you're feeling more festive.....can you pass some on to me please????

tawny said...

Are those the socks mom gave us yesterday?? I so love mine too! Hot stuff for sure!
Geez, good luck with painting the weekend before have a crazy life! Oh wait, they are painting my house this weekend too...yay!!! Glad you have the Christmas's about time sista :)

jana bananas said...

Hah, you holiday nerd.

I still love you though.

Penny said...

Glad to see you being silly and happy. Good times ahead!! As lame as the cancer inquiries are, can you try to imagine what you would say or do it you actually had cancer? So heres to the future with you in it.