Monday, April 20, 2009

The Weekend

Hey all, hope you had a great weekend. Mine was truckloads and truckloads and truckloads of fun! (sort of) See, Saturday had totally promised me that it was going to be a good one, seeing as my mama was coming to visit for the day since my dad had meetings in downtown SLC all day, but my body was acting no bueno. We had just barely gotten to the mall when I started to feel icky. My mom found me sitting on the ground (and I did not get there easily – much staggering and oh I don’t feel good moooooaaaaans were involved) amongst the cheap jewelry and headband display. So anyway we decided at that time I was about ready for a snack, but the milkshake offered no pass-outey relief.

I felt horrible on and off all day, even when I took Cade to his best-friend/cousin Mace’s bday party (you can read about it here) but finally closer to the evening when I knew I wouldn’t be around anybody in public to make an utter fool of myself, and also Brandon was home to make sure I didn’t try (again) to go on a walk in the neighborhood at midnight in my underwear AND ASK HIS BROTHER TO GO WITH ME (hallucinations around mere acquaintances - and also brother-in-laws - isn’t a good idea) I took a Fennegren (the Hallucination Maker) to knock out the nausea. It did, quite nicely, and I felt okay yesterday (Sunday) but that was probably mainly due to the fact I didn’t use the tube feed the night before. Reflux/nausea/yuckytomytummies suck. But never fear, I used it last night, so my body’s alllllll good and nourished and stuff. I hope I don’t feel gross today, too.

Yesterday was fab, too. It got up to 72 degrees, and my body rejoiced because it was in desperate need of some Vit D. All my sissies and I and our kids traipsed to the park and we let them play all day for hours. I even fancy that I may have gotten a little tan, which is great, because I have olive skin, which means it has a yellow undertone, which makes it look like I may or may not have some liver problemos, especially when I get suuuuper sick and pasty, like I have recently. Anyway having failing livers has never been at the top of my list, so I’m totally phewing from the color. Cade got a little color on his cheeks, and Whitney, once again, looks like a lobster. Go White-Skinned Whit!

This week is also going to be better because I only have two doctors’ appointments instead of the four or five I’ve been having in the weeks prior. It makes me feel – dare I say it – normal? Nah, not normal (I wish!) but, like, not quite so freakish. Brandon reminded me the other day that he hasn’t even gone to the doctor since that one time literally like 4 years ago, and it was no big deal, and he reminds me that I was the one who made him go, blah blah blab blab. (And that’s all true.) It’s so weird living with somebody so healthy. Going to the doctor as often as you have a high school reunion? How weeeeiiiird – but super awesome - would that be? I’ll tell you what; I’ll go to the doctor next to never when fat little piggy’s sprout wings and fly. I have a faulty bod, and most of it has been my own doing, and I have to deal with that, pay the doctor enough in my co-pays to make his house payment every month, and be okay with it, you know?

Hope ya’ll have a sweet Monday, too. I’m working for a few hours then - can you guess it? - heading off to the doctor. Le sigh. ;)


Pattie Cordova said...

wow... what a busy weekend. We had a great one too. And I totally relate to you re: tan. I kinda got one too this weekend and I have olive skin as well. I hate the yellowness. Especially when I have to be stuck inside for 8 hours - end up looking like I have jaundice.

tawny said...

My Brie!!

Why didn't you tell me you were sickies at Mace's bday party?!?!

You were a pro and helped Lil C have such a great time. You are a such a good momma to help him despite all of your pain.

Wasn't the park H E A V E N L Y yesterday?! THe warm weather, green grass, blue skies...sigh. I love it. AND I want Whit to be my sidekick. She was the BEST hands on momma in the world. When you left for a few, she took right over and played with Cade and Mace for hours...what a sweet friend you have!

glad you only have the doc a couple times..hang in there. We can all easily go on with our days and you still have to deal with your tummy. No fair and hard for you, but you are doing awesome!!

xoxo see ya at the parks!

tawny said...

Oh and you are TAN!!!!!!! woohoo.

love our oliveness. (is that a word?) Thanks to mom.

have a good day

Standing in the Rain said...

Ahh Vit D. It helps everything, doesn't it?

Sorry you are sickies though. Major bummer. I certainly understand though, especially the whole paying them enough per month is simply co-payments to send their kids to college thing.

Ok, well, hope today is better and you are feeling at least mediumly well.

Penny said...

Well, at least two of us were looking forward to Saturday. Being able to spend some real time with you and Cade made my day. I know how hard you work to keep going and not let on about your sickies. Good for you. You will get well. Keep believin because I do.

Kara said...

I'm sorry you are so sick all the time. That's absolutely no fun. It reminds me how sometimes things have to get worse to get better. (Bad analogy: When you start cleaning your room usually it looks more messy at first - you know, organized chaos - and then it ends up looking nice and neat. But it had to go through that extra messy stage first. Bad analogy, I know, sorry. )

Courtney said...

I hear ya on the olive skin thing--I can't tell you how many people I've had ask me if I have jaundice in the winter because I always look yellow/green. One time at 7-11 the cashier, in his Indian accent, asked me if I was getting better from my liver disease! Thank goodness the sun is out and we can get our tans back!

Oh, and I have to also say I loved your post below on jumping. Thanks for bringing back all those great ropes memories. And you got me often do I try to slowly inch off the platform and climb back down the tree rather than just jumping? My "cautious" approach is so exhausting, inefficient, and in the end I'm usually left hanging in no-mans-land. Plus, jumping is flat out more fun so I'm going to work on taking more leaps!

Telstaar said...

Sorry you were feeling so sick. Don't you love that meds cause other problems that require other meds, other fixes, that require other meds and other fixes! It's never ending :D.

I think we should nickname you super Brie!

I liked hearing about yr day at the park too, I felt like I was there, I love that :). I love having my "play time" through other people's worlds. Very cool.

Hope dr's goes okay miss.

Love Telly xo

lisalisa said...

i miss SLC so so much! Which park did you go to? I used to always take my girls to liberty park, or sugarhouse. Sometimes when i read your blog, i feel like i'm in good ol' Utah again :)

Misty said...

hahaha...I loved the fact that you had to point out that you had a tan arm. Such a, "Brown sister" thing to do. And it kind of does suck to not see your whole shirt. I'm bummed.

Brooke said...

All of us Brown Sissies' with the exception of one, brags a little about a tan arm or leg here or there. It's just the norm! Sure you didn't even realize you did that huh?