Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good Things, People, Good Things

I’m in a bit of a chipper mood today, and I have no idea why, (although I have some ideas I shall share and let you partake of) but I’m totally just gonna take it and run – nay - sprint with it.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that today my allergist didn’t use the word “expire” in relation to my life this morning?
Or maybe
Because my dietician is a sweetheart and totally reminded me why gaining weight is good and absolutely totally positively unequivocally NECESSARY?
And maybe today’s cool because
I actually listened to her, soaked it all in baby, and was grateful for the reminder?
Or what about the fact that
I’ve only taken one painkiller today instead of, you know, er…34?
Or that
The swelling on my tum-tum’s gone down just a bit so I’m not doing the whole Buddha Thang quite so much?
Or what about
I’m sportin’ braids, and they’re, you know, totally in right now?
Or perhaps
It’s because my newest doc that just fired me, SB, pulled 150 strings and probably had to do at least two sexual favors to get me in TOMORROW to see the most sought after ED specialist in Utah? I think that means she cares, even if she had to lovingly fire me. And that gives me warm fuzzies (not to be confused with stomach acid burnies).
Although, maybe
my chipperosity could be attributed to the fact that my man, who’s hubberific, traded in his beloved XBOX games and got me a Wii, (thanks for the surprise Lover Pants!) which I fervently LOVElove, and have now deemed my new nickname to be Bwii?
And lastly, I’m thinkin’
Methinks I could be feelin’ the good stuff because I’ve gotten so many emails from all of YOU, who care and love me and are concerned for me and wanna cheer me up a wee bit. Well guess what? It worked. So thanks.

And Brie Bwii looked upon all her readers and deemed they were good. Yea verily.
Things are looking up.
Thank you, God, thank you. I needed this.
All of it.


Lisa said...

Your dietician sounds awesome, and I'm impressed by your ex-doc. I'm even more impressed by your husband's Xbox sacrifice!

You absolutely deserve to be surrounded by good people and good things.

Also, will you do my hair? Yours is so cute.

jana bananas said...

I am in love with your hair. So cute!!

tawny said...


Love it, so creative. The post was sweet and straight from the heart. I am so so so glad that things are turning up for you..you have had a tough battle to fight and YOU definitely needed a break!!

You do have lots of blog peeps that love you and need you..props to you girl!

btw, Bran is so sweeeeet to you. What a great guy. you two are good for each other! Have fun with the wii Bwii! xoxo loves!!

HAFC said...

I think that's a great name for you....bwii....you game me a big smile today. I called in sick because I seriously have to rethink my job situation and I just couldn't face wicked-evil-principal today.

I've wanted a wii too....but alas, no money. : (

I love your positive attitude....I've been so mopey lately due to my unfortunate job situation, and reading your words are actually forcing me to look on MY side of the good things in life. I need to do that mroe. I'm usually a pessimist, but I'm hoping to change that!

I'm glad you're feeling better.
Loads of love and hugs,

kristin said...

I'm so glad that you are happy, Bwii! You deserve some cheer right now!

Good luck with your appointment tomorrow. That is absolutely amazing that you get to see someone who specializes in EDs.

Wiis are awesome, by the way! I love mine! Enjoy it! :)

Take care!

love, kristin

Stacy said...

happiness and joy and love all comin your way. smile. it's only gonna get better from here.
Your post today seemed to me like you stopped to smell the roses on the chaotic road you traveled down and now it is becoming good road not a chaotic one.
xo xo

Standing in the Rain said...

I love Bwii. And her hair.

Laura said...

and this good feeling???just the beginning....

Arielle Lee Bair said...

So glad things are looking up. YAY! You deserve it.

Penny said...

I know that this is weird coming from me, but I really like your "yea, verily." I read somewhere that it is like saying "amen". And Bwii, It was a very sweet blog and I am happy for you that you can feel a little sweet and happy and cheerful and hopeful. You do deserve too. You have been working hard to get past this rough patch. You will."yea, verily and AMEN"

Anonymous said...

The last chunk made me smile. I can picture you sitting at your computer very regally, ruling over your Blogland subjects.


rachel ramsay said...

I. am. so. excited. for. this. weekend. the end.

Van Otten Family said...

Your my hero, I think your blogs are very posative and very help full to all that are going though ruff times. Thank you for posting and know you in my thoghts and prayers. Love ya

Telstaar said...

Whoo hoo! So cool Brie! On so many fronts :). I love reading what you write because if you feel crap, you write it and if you feel good you write it, you just ARE and that is awesome. I know you're on a rollercoaster but the rollercoaster does seem to be in some very nice countryside right now, so I hope you can continue to sit back and enjoy the ride :).

(Penny, in ancient greek, verily and amen are the same word :) John particularly OFTEN went "amen amen" or "verily verily" at the start of sentences to emphasise what he had to say was important. Cool huh!?)

Kraxpelax said...

666; The Final Solution; and the Claim


Krystle said...

Awesome! You totally rock! :)

Brooke said...

I am also so glad to see you in a positive place. Good luck with the doctor today! Let me know how it goes :)

ps Now I know where the Buddah Belly comment came from that landed on my blog. Funny how those things work. Once on your mind for the day....still there, ha ha ha

brie said...

HOLY CRAP MY EYEBROWS LOOK AMAZING. So good in fact, I want to eat them!!

Shannon said...

SO glad you are feeling good! Your Dr. K sounds like a creeper, but I guess you get used to his attention. Do you watch Scrubs? Jimmy the overly feely orderly? Totally reminded me of him. Anywhoo, I am sincerely jealous of your newly acquired Wii. I want one. I currently have one in my house, but it is not, in fact, mine. Oh well. At least I get to play it. Hope you keep on feeling awesome!