Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This evening, a neighbor of our’s stopped by. She was quite elderly, at least in her late seventies, maybe even older. Brandon introduced her to Cade:

“…and this is Cade.” He pushes him forward gently; I do my nervous smile, thinking please, Dear Lord, do not let my child curse or fart.

He doesn’t.

He looks up at her, through his thick, angelic lashes. He raises his right arm, an arm that’s wielding a lime-green squirt gun.

He aims.

“P E E W!”

She didn’t stay long.


jana bananas said...

That freakin' kid is the most adorable kid ever, though.

Zena said...

Your cade is the cutest!!! I wonder what would have happened if he squirted her....you know youd have to laugh how could you not?

Love, Z

Zena said...

oh wait he did squirt her...huh...dont worry my little men would have done the same thing, i think its a boy thing that they grow out of ...at least one could hope:)

Love, Z

Krystle said...

Hahahaha! That's too funny!

Courtney said...

This cracks me up! I love how kids have no reservations. I think the hardest part for me will be learning how to discipline when I really just want to laugh.

This is totally off subject, but did your dad used to be on a board that took annual retreats up to Jackson Hole? After a very random conversation (that in no way involves EDs, I'll have to tell ya the story later) I think I pieced together that my parents know your parents. If I'm right (which I'm guessing I am since there's only one MP in Provo) my dad could not stop saying enough good things about your dad. Funny to think that if you did in fact go up to Jackson we could've been hanging out at the ol' Bar J together and not even known it! :)

Anyway, hope you're hanging in there and feeling even better today.

Brooke said...

Oh sis...this is one of the many times your little Cade will embarrass you and Brandon. I know it's happened before with him saying "Jesus" all the time in Sac. meeting. He is so hilarious. I think it's great you blog these things because when he grows up you can all laugh together.

BTW Josh has PEEEWWWWEEEDD many a visiting teachers or grocery checkers or preschool teachers (which is now why we are on our third school probably).

Gotta love Mommy-hood!

Pattie Cordova said...

LOL... how do kids learn these things??? My bebe does the same thing... he's not even a year and a half!


HAFC said...

That's so adorable! Probably not for the old lady, but seriously, kids just can't lie or pull up a facade when needed....they are so uninhibited that makes all that more precious. Keep these funny memories written down somewhere, here or somewhere else, to remember what an awesome kid you have....and then you can share all these funny things when he's in high school or something. Thanks for making me smile....I just had my ovary "massaged" back to where it should be (it had dropped down towards the bottom outside of my uterus, go figure), so I needed to laugh and smile instead of grown in pain. THANK YOU!!!!!