Monday, April 13, 2009

Cooler is the New Healthy

My mom, to me: “Brie! You look…cooler.”
Me, bluntly: “You mean fatter?”
My mom: “Uh-huh.” She beams.
“Yeah, Mom, that’s awesome. …Thanks….?”

Only the Mumster could get away with saying something awkward and just really freaking weird to me like that and me not taking it the wrong way. Way to compliment me in your own way, Mama. I love being cooler.

Cooler, apparently, is the new healthy.

So that’s good I guess.


Penny said...

How cool that I get to be the first to post!! Or maybe How healthy that I get to post first!!Seriously, you should sometime poll your readers on how do others compliment recovering former anorexics on how great they now look? What is a way to gently compliment without causing a mini "freakout"? (Like, I am glad that I am more healthy now but no one should notice tht I have gained a couple of pounds?) Does it remind you of when a friend has a sort of "un good looking" baby and all you can think of to say is that the baby is wearing cute shoes? So to help friends and family out, give us some really good tips on how to support, encourage and how to say someone looks very nice w/o triggering them? But I love how you said tht I "beamed" I do love you in all of your conditions but am so happy that you are glowing and more cool right now!

Sarah said...

HA! My mom said to me, after I'd been sober a little while, "you're so much more interesting than you used to be."

thanks mom! only they can get away with it. xoxo

Kara said...

I love it! I hate it when people say "you look healthy." One of the staff at CFC said that to me when I was IP and I FLIPPED. "Cooler" sounds much better if you are going to say anything at all. Go mom!

Brooke said...

Mom you are so cute! Brie I do agree with mom because I thought you looked a little cooler since the last time I had seen you. But, like Mom there is no good way to say anything to a recovering anorexic. Do a poll! Let us know what to say or NOT to say!

Stacy said...

Ditto ditto. I never know what to say and I never know how to take what has been said to me... I am glad your fam says you are looking cool. cool is good stuff, everyone wants to be cooler than they are.

BTW I AM HERE... I wanna get together. I mean if you still wanna too :o)

Telstaar said...

I was thinking and thinking and thinking about this...and then I spoke to one of my really good friends (who also has an ed) and we were thinking... I don't think there is ANYTHING I can think of on how to pay a compliment easily to someone recovering from anorexia! I decided, that it totally depends on WHO it comes from, the context its in and how much you trust them!

I could take a compliment from her and she from me because we "get" each other. I could take it from my sister (even though she doesn't understand) because I know she cares about me... But I couldn't take it from the people at work easily who don't know me and don't understand and I'm not brilliant at taking it from health professionals sadly...

So for me, it's about the WHO not the WHAT. Hope that makes some sense.


Savannah said...

I know it's been a while since I've read, but I just had to post on this because it made me think of my mom. Since I've stayed out of the hospital or treatment for 2 years now she looks at me and goes, "You're not as much work as you use to be." Haha...I agree...only moms can get away with it :)