Saturday, March 24, 2012

New House Adventure Week 4

This week, the most (and only) remarkable thing that happened was that we had our final design meeting.  During that 2 hour meeting, we finalized everything that will go inside the home, from the granite and hardware to the carpet and cupboards.  In the end I feel pretty confident about what we chose, and am excited to see it all come together when the house is being built.

Remember how I said we were going to upgrade a few things, and try to be content with most of the stuff that came with the base price of the house?  Um, scratch that.  We upgraded a lot.  A lot A LOT.  And I think it's my fault because I somehow have this...radar or something...that can sniff out the most expensive option and HAVE TO HAVE IT.  It could even be the ugliest thing I swear, but if it's costly, then I want it.  I'm a terrible person!  But I suppose I can live with being terrible, as long as I have a beautiful house.  :)

A few of the fun features that will be in our house that we decided to upgrade on:
1. Having board and batten in our living room and mud room.   Kind of similar to wainscot.  I'm posting a picture I found on Google because I had no idea what it was until I started this process, and have a feeling you are like me.  :)

2. Wood floors in the front entry, hallway, kitchen, dining, mud room, and powder room.
3. Amazingly hot and kinda rare granite in the kitchen.  That I am going to make babies with.
4. Stainless steel appliances.
5. Having a beautiful bay sliding glass door in our dining room that makes the room look really bright and open and spacious.
6. Beautiful backsplash in the kitchen.  A little more on that later.

....So those are just some of the funnest things we upgraded on.  There are little things, like nice(r) tile or fixtures, but for the most part, this is da coolest stuff.

So, I took a few pics at our design meeting:

Not the greatest picture, nor is it very exciting - just all of our choices for floors and cupboards and counters that I have already detailed in week 3.  We were looking at it one last time to make sure we loved them before definitively deciding.  

Deciding where we wanted wood vs. carpet on our main floor.  

This is the backsplash we chose for our kitchen.  It's going to be this really beautiful subway tile, and of course it is quite an expensive option.  Damn radar.  If I were a gazillionaire this wouldn't be a problem.  Sorry Brandon!

And that's about it.  :)  They still haven't broken ground on our lot yet, and won't until we have a final meeting with the VP of construction and go over all of our blueprints and finalize (one last time, geez) all of our interior and exterior options.  Hopefully this can happen next week so that they can start building soon and I can bust outta our basement apartment.  Aaaahhhhh 4 months, can't you just pass by in the blink of an eye?!


Jonny and Haley said...

I love love love the board and batten. And what's another thousand dollars when you're spending hundreds of thousands anyway? It's going to look so good and I can't wait to see it.

brie said...

Haley, love how you put things in perspective! ;)

...helps the guilt, hee hee.

agoraphob said...

love it!

Alie said...

I love the board and batten, it looks so classy and fresh! Very exciting that you guys have everything finalized!

Sairs said...

It's looking awesome :)

emo said...

That's super exciting stuff! I like the upgrades as well--completely know what ya mean. I kept picking the more expensive things. Some I got:) some I did not :/

Dianne said...

We are scheduled to "break walls" on phase one of our reno on April 16 with a completion date of July 14. Let's have a race. On your mark, get set ....