Saturday, March 17, 2012

New House Adventure Week 3

This week was spent almost entirely at the design center deciding definitively what we wanted the interior of our house to look like.  Whatever it was I posted in week 2, completely discard that, because we changed almost everything - and I'm glad, because I looooooove what we've chosen!

We kept our hardwood floor, because it's this gray/tan distressed wood that has pretty wide planks and is super contemporary looking - I heart it.  And we kept our super dark cabinets, but the carpet and granite and bathrooms we completely changed, which you'll see below in the pictures.  Oh - and notice that in every picture, the carpet and wood looks different, depending on the lighting.  I think the most accurate picture to see what our wood really looks like is in the pic that is just the wood - a close up.  In other pictures it looks almost greenish, but trust me, it's not!

I had fun at the design center doing all this, but I'm glad this part is over, because my brain is FRIED.  If I have to look at one more sample of carpet I may (non-bulimicly) puke.  Also, pretty sure I just made up that word.  BULIMICLY.  Heh.  I like it!

So, here are our choices:

This is the kitchen/front entry/dining/mud room colors and choices.  We chose the espresso cabinets with the lighter wood floor and the granite.  THE GRANITE.  I love it.  I want to eat it.  Our carpet looks good too, though it's hard to see that the carpet meshes well with the wood in this picture.  I like our carpet, but it did end up being a little lighter than I anticipated, and that makes me nervous considering all the small humans and animals that will be frolicking on it, but hopefully it'll work out just fine!

Another shot of the cabinets with the carpet and wood:

A close up of my granite.  I want to take it behind the junior high school and get it pregnant.  And make cute little Brie/Hot Granite babies with it!

Our wood floor.  Purty.

Making sure Mila's skin tone complimented our choices.  Yay!  It does!  ;)

Mila was very opinionated when it came to our tile choice.  And when she got bored, she just sucked on her feet.

This is what the kid's bathroom and our laundry room will look like - the flooring and cupboards and counter top.  We had to stay with a gray-tan/dark wood theme to match the rest of our house.

And this is what the master bath will look like - the cupboards and countertops will be the same as in the laundry room and other bathroom, but we changed the flooring to this really beautiful gray slate to make it a little different and set it apart.

Here is Brandon and Cade and Uncle Bwycie at our lot this afternoon.  It is HUGE.

Me at our lot, declaring, IT IS GOOD.  (It was windy and cold and I was wearing glasses, so my precious kittens, do not judge!)

This picture was actually taken a couple weeks ago, but I keep forgetting to post it.  We had just signed our life away to build this house, and we're pointing to the lot we chose in (obvious) utter delight.  I mean, doesn't Brandon look thrilled?  ;)

Until week 4.  Bye kittens!


Erin said...

You know how much land I own? Um, NONE. No yard or anything. Yours is HUUUUUUUGE! And what a pretty view you'll have with the mountains!

brie said...

thanks E - i actually just realized today while at the lot that we have a beautiful view! and...not having land sucks, but at least you're not going to have to mow it! thankfully i have brandon, because he'll be spending all day saturday EVERY saturday mowing it - there's soooooo much!

Liz said...

Your house is going to be so pretty. I'm jealous.
And what a beautiful view. Are those the Oquirrh Mountains?

CH said...

Your choices look great... and Mila looks even cuter than usual in that adorable onsie and headband :)

Penny said...

I got to view it all in person finally and believe me.!!It will turn out perfectly. THey have chosen WELL and I am so excited for Brie and Brandon. They have waited a long time for this moment in time or somewhere in time or something like that.

Anonymous said...

WOW the view of those mountains makes me want to leave the east coast and move to utah. it's absolutely breathtaking. We don't have mountains like that! I like the choices you've made. I love reading your blog, but I have to be honest this is the first time I've ever commented. Keep up the good work in recovery & enjoy every minute of being a mom to those 2 cuties you have.

bri said...

A few things....first of all I loooooovvvvveeeee the stuff uve picked for the house can I move in?!!!! Secondly ur hair grows like a weed I'm jealous it's already getting long again. Last but not least I loooovvvveee you! Muah!

Alie said...

Everything you guys picked looks so great! I love the colors, and everything seems to go so well together. Looking forward to pics of everything put together in the house! Also, what a great view!

brie said...

Aw,you guys are great. :) thanks for validating my choices...if any of y'all need a designer, you know how to reach me. Heh.

And welcome to my blog, Elle, thanks for commenting.

Can my house just be built already?! I wanna move in!

Stacy said...

I love it and I am sure you will too. There is some great satisfaction in choosing what will be your home from the ground up!

Anonymous said...

Good flooring choices! Our whole house (even our bedroom!) is white tile and I absolutely despise it. Whoever decided to pick that color either did not have kids/pets or had a maid. I seriously sweep and mop almost every day!

po said...

Your future house and mountains and plot kind of blow my mind, I don't live in a country where those things are affordable or available, thank you for sharing with us!

emo said...

Very nice on the choices you have made on everything! I agree, Mila's complexion compliments it all and she looks like she is at home. :)
I'm glad you have it figured out and can't wait to watch the progress of your home!

Sharee said...

Great choices! It is going to be beautiful! You will love having a big yard...riding lawn mower is the way to go!

Telstaar said...

I think that your choices look and sound great. I look forward to seeing pictures of the final product very much. Haha you need to build a spare room JUUUSSSSTTT for me :P.

I think I would love to sit and design my own house (with someone to help guide me through it all) but I think you're both amazing for doing it kinda just over like 2 weekends... I think I'd need to do come back like 10 times or something, I'd be in information overload, but it sounds like it all just came together really nicely for you both and that is fantastic.

Oooh so excited for you!