Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Clarifications to my Last Post

Thanks to all who commented on my last post.  It was kind of a controversial one, I get that.  There are just a couple things I wanted to clarify:

I did not write the post trying to be manipulative to garner more comments.  I guess I was just feeling sad that Healthy Brie doesn't get as many responses.  I know that most of you (like the vaaassst majority) are thrilled I am in recovery.  And I appreciate you telling me so.

I don't think I'm going to stop writing on Blogxygen completely - I can't, she's my baby, and I've had her for years now, and I'd miss her (and you!) terribly.  However, I still have not decided if I will go private or not.  If I do, I will give sufficient notice so that those of you who would like invites can get me your information.

I am going to be off the grid for awhile - I've decided I need a technology break.  So, anything www or cell phone related is going to be turned off for a couple days - I just want some time to chill with my fam and take a breather from all this.  Won't be long, just need some time.

Have a great week!


Liz said...

I can totally relate to your feelings that healthy Brie doesn't get as much love as sick Brie. I often feel and am totally paranoid that no one will care for me if I get better which has been a big road block in my own recovery. Stay strong and know that there are a ton of people rooting for you whether they comment or not. I hope a technology break can help you clear your head and that you have fun with your adorable family.

Sairs said...

A technology break is always good, not that I can ever stick to it but I have stopped blogging for a few days before now. Anyway, hope you're break is a good one and we'll see you back soon :)

Krista said...

In response to this post and the last I do think some people are more inclined to comment when someone is struggling. I think it is human nature to want to help someone when they are down. The hard part is that I think it reinforces the eating disorder and the mentality that no one will see that I am in pain if I don't express that physically through starving myself or using other destructive behaviors.

I also think there are likely a lot more readers and lurkers than there are commenters. Its true though that the reason most people blog is to get readers and to see comments- otherwise we'd all be writing in journals if we didn't care.

Another thing I was thinking about is this strange eating disorder cyber culture that seems to be out there. I do think a lot of "sick" people are out on the internet looking and reading about eating disorders. I think the majority of people in this culture aren't out to intentionally hurt anyone or even themselves but they get sucked into all the stuff that's out there about ed's. Perhaps for those still "sick" they aren't getting their fix from your blog anymore because you are moving on to bigger and better things and actually living life.

I don't know if that even made sense, but it did in my head. I'm not saying everyone is like that, but my guess is that some are. I know that when I was sick I was more likely to obsessively read about ed stuff/blogs. In fact in order to start really recovering I had to give up much of that cyber ed culture.

I think you writing about your recovery and life is amazing and a good thing even if you don't get as many commenters. I think your doing good in the blogging world and giving people hope and I hope you continue to do so. I know it is your choice to go private and totally respect that decision if you decide to make it, but I also think that if you stay public you will be able to influence those lurkers that are too shy to comment or ask for an invite. Either way I will keep on reading!

Katie said...

Enjoy your time technology free!

Åsa said...

There is another blog that I read, written by a woman who used to have cancer but she is almost 100% now. She has the same "problem", when she writes about every day stuff people dont seem to care but when she writes about her cancer it spikes an interesst again. I wouldn'¨t get discouraged about not getting too many comments, keep doing what you're doing regardless of the number of comments you get on your blog. The number on the scale doesnt matter and the number of comments are not important either.

po said...

I agree with Krista, when a blogger is struggling, someone else is more likely to comment out of concern, whereas when a blogger is happy and doing well, that doesn't necessarily equate to less readers, just a reader reaction of a smile and a happy feeling, but not necessarily anything appropriate to say. Also most commenters I have had in the past have been trying to get others to read their blogs. Now I have no readers at all and pretty much blog for myself anyway. Seeing as I only found your blog two months ago and it gives me such a good feeling, I can assume that reading about a recovered person makes others feel good too.

Kaylyn said...

Well I have been a reader for quite some time, and I love your blog now more than ever. The only reason I don’t comment is because I don’t want to admit I am a stalker. But I would rather admit that than have you thinking people are not getting inspiration and laughs from your blog. Because I can assure you, one girl still is.

Emily Wallner said...

I quit blogging because I experienced the same phenomenon.

bri said...

Love you Brie!

t. said...

enjoy your break! sometimes it is really nice to unplug for a while and just get back to basics. :)