Monday, March 26, 2012

Kids and Chaos


Holy. Crap.

How do you do it?  Specifically, how do you have children who are close in age?  Cade and Mila are five years apart, so it hasn't been too difficult between them, because Cade is so much older, and he's much more independent and doesn't need me watching him every second of every day, so (admittedly) most of my time can be focused on Mila and feeding her and changing her diapers, etc.

But I always kind of wished that they were closer in age, at least for their sakes, so that they could have a sibling they could be close to.  I have no doubt they'll be the best of friends when they're older, but while in their younger years, they probably won't ever have much in common.

So I wanted them to be closer in age, but now I'm not so sure:

I am currently watching my adorable niece, Baby Penny.  See, look how adorable she is?  (With her cute parents.)

I love her.  And of course I'd do anything for her (and her parents!) which is why I am willingly watching her this morning.

But boy.  Oh boy.

If it was just her, it would be cake.  But having an 8 month old on top of it?  Not so cake-y.  Penny is running around screaming KITTIES!!!  KITTIES!  I LOOOOOOVE KITTIES!  And then she lunges for them, and they run, terrified, under my bed.  But does that deter Penny?  No!  She gleefully tries to wiggle under the bed, thinking that their hissing actually means please come closer, I'd like you to manhandle me.

And then Mila starts fussing.  So I run to her, put her binky in, give her a little love, then run back to Baby Penny who is now taking out every item in my overstuffed diaper bag.  And throwing it (or eating it).

Once I get my diaper bag put away and put up high, I turn around and she's gnawing on a granola bar.  MY granola bar.  There goes morning snack.  And as I type this, she is currently trying to stuff herself in a dollhouse.  It's kind of entertaining.

Penny and Mila are 15 months apart.  Remind me to not have another child until Mila is, oh I don't know, 15.  YEARS.  That oughta help.

I am wiped, and it's only been two hours!
So, to all you moms with kids close in age, I seriously take off my hat to you.  I mean this seriously.  You have a tough job!


fabricsandfun said...

This is hilarious! I have a 2 year old, a 1 year old (well, turning one this week), and another baby due this Summer. That is three in three years and they are boys, too! Things are definitely chaotic but I think it is easier when they are yours because they have a routine and know things that are off limits (hissing cats, diaper bags, your food, etc).
I'll let you know how crazy things become with number 3 arriving- eek!!!

Allison said...

Bahahaha oh my gosh this is hilarious. Probably not all kids are quite as hyper and full of energy as Penny! I took her to the aquarium and I seriously could not keep up with her! Good luck for the rest of the day :)

Heather Lindquist said...

Lol.....too funny! I agree, you mamas with kids close in age are amazing. Sometimes I have a hard time just managing ONE one year old!

And Brie, J loves loves loves chasing our kitty all over too. It's hilarious. Surprisingly, Atticus has been very patient and only clawed him up once! And did J learn his lesson? Nope!

Shannon said...

I have had the EXACT thoughts about my kids. I wanted them to be close in age so they could be all BFFie. You just reminded me that, although not 5 years apart, Im glad Sophie and this little nugget will be 3 years apart! And the next...if it happens...will be another 5 years :) You go moms!

Amanda said...

OMG! I am laughing so hard right now. We had all five of our rugrats in six years and I would not have done it any other way. It doesn't happen over night. You grow into it and get used to it. It is a little crazy when they are younger but now that ours are a little older, it gets a little easier. Luckily, you have the best example of a multi-tasking mother right in your own mom. My momma in law (your sweetie aunt G) always speaks of your mother with awe for suriving when all of you guys were little. Love your family!

Telstaar said...

You might think that mum's with bubs close to each other are amazing, but I think ALL mum's are amazing (you included). I see the anguish in mum's when they hear their child cry or when something is wrong... I think of all the things that parents do when they're unwell simply to care for a child that can't go parentless just because the parent is sick...all the late nights, many parents are more isolated because they're caring for the kids and then kids often seem to have SOOO much energy (where on earth does it come from?) and Mum's (and dads) are right there playing with them! Yep I think ALL mum's are amazing, yourself included :)

Liz said...

I don't know how parents do it. My younger sister and I are 22 months apart and we fought constantly growing up. I always wonder how parents handle multiple children the same age. I know that you are a twin, how did your mom handle it?

Angela said...

I had all 4 of my boys in six years. The last two were less than a year apart. I went to my six week check up, and was pregnant with #4. A lot of it is a blur, which makes me sad, but my boys are all really close. Now they are 21, 19, 17, and 16, and we have so much fun! It does get easier.

Laura said...


I commented on your blog sometimes a couple of years ago... (my internet name back then was Now is Now) and I haven't actually read your blog since then (yikes!) What happened was that, 2 yrs ago, I went into treatment for serious and totally prioritized recovery. I stopped reading all ED blogs except one. I just saw you comment on that one (it recently went private...), and I was happy to see your name, so I clicked on your blog for the first time since April of 2010 just now and caught up a little. First, let me say how happy I am to see you in the place you are in now!! It's incredible! Second, I want to tell you that I have stopped initiating any contact with treatment friends that are still in their eating disorders even though I really like these people. When they call, I sometimes answer the phone, but I don't consider myself to be in a true friendship with them anymore b/c I just can't engage - when I do I end up angry that they seem to be fine just settling for a really crappy life. I know that they can still recover, but my recovery is still too precious and fragile for me to risk weakening it. So, I don't read ED blogs and I have defriended plenty of treatment people from facebook actually. I have a better network of people now - a network of friends and family who eat and live for real, you know? I relate to the transition your'e in, but I think you know what's best for you and I encourage you to make your move!

brie said...

Laura! I remember you! And I'm thrilled you are doing well. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. :)

alriggells said...

Yup. I go visit my sister who has 4 kiddos under the age of 5 and it is PERFECT birth control. :)

Sarah said...

Not a mom but, my Brother and I are just about 10 years apart, and we were not very close until I turned 16, when we could finally start to relate/have real conversations. (He moved out when I was 7, he 17). Since being 16, and even more so now we are extremely close and I consider him one of my best friends.

Hilary said...

Very late, I actually stopped reading for a bit because you (I'm sorry) were ED associated in my head and I was trying to ignore all things realted. BUT: My sister and I are 5 years apart and we are the best of friends and exactly alike in the ways that matter. So, don't be concerned about your kiddos!
Also: I've had 2 glasses of wine! I'm reading from now to present so be prepared for more possible delayed comments?