Monday, January 16, 2012

Trip Recap

Hello all!  I am back from my weekend getaway, and let me tell you, it was absolutely fabulous.  You might not think being holed up in a cabin for several days would be fun, (couldn't really go outside; it was so cold I'd have frozen my bajina off) but it was!  We played gazillions of games and laughed and cooked and ATE A LOT and had lots of time for some really fun and serious and even scandalous conversation.  Thanks so much to Brett and Ang for inviting us up for the weekend, and to everybody else for making it so freaking fun.  :)

Notice I have not posted any pictures of said weekend getaway.  I took ONE picture, and it was of my twin sportin some rooster hair.  You wanna  see it?  Okay!  I'll post it.  I'm a giver, that's what I do:


What else?  Mila did great on the drive, which is a relief.  On the way there she cried for maybe 30 minutes, but it wasn't like a full-on wail or anything; I'd say it hovered more in the whiny range, which I can totally tolerate.  On the way home, she didn't cry at all - slept the whole time, it was sweet.  Cade only asked "are we there yet?" about 854 times, so that was okay.  Winning, I say.

I fear, though, that my cats suffered terribly without me.  I mean they had food and water and stuff but not LOVE.  They were all over my person last night when I got home, it totally made Brandon jealous, but they needed to fill up their love buckets.  Hairy has a particularly large love bucket, and can't quite seem to get enough.  As I type this, she's lounging on the desk in front of me and her paws are resting on my hands.  Maybe you could even say we're holding hands.  How tender.

Speaking of cats, have you seen that show on Animal Planet called Cat from Hell?  Jog, DO NOT WALK, to your TV, and Tivo that crap.  It has a cat whisperer in it!  A CAT WHISPERER.  And he is large with many tattoos and funny facial hair.  I giggle when I look at him.  It is sooooooo good, and I promise if you hate cats, it'll make you hate them more, and if you love cats, you'll be like just so grateful that the cat you own couldn't possibly behave as badly as these little hellions.  I'm hooked, I can't stop watching.  When I grow up I want to be a cat whisperer.  I mean, I already whisper sweet nothings into my cat's ears, but I'm thinking that might not quite be the same thing.  Hum.

This post might possibly be the most pointless ever.  Whatever, I'm going to go eat a sandwich now.  Byesies!


Erin said...

Goddamn I love cats.

Fight 4 Ur Lyfe said...

Not pointless at all. Full of good humor and the kitty part (or all mentionings of cats) put a giant smile on my face. Dare I even say my heart even felt a bit fuzzy while reading this post. :)

Cammy said...

So glad it was a good trip! I know pre-trip preparation is always stressful, but a lot of times it's worth it once you actually get there and switch into vacation mode. Sounds like Mila is a really good baby--one of my brothers used to SCREAM at full volume, nonstop, for however long we happened to be in the car--15 minutes, an hour, six stuff.

I'm not really a cat person (sorry! not a hater though, and they do make for hilarious youtube videos) but the way they bond with humans really fascinates me. I think there "domestication" is mostly nominal, lol, and it's really intriguing how much they seem to enjoy attention from humans and other cats, considering that only one of the 40+ living species is social in the wild. I will stop nerding all over your comments now...

Have a great day chica! <3