Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Babbling On

Okay, so it took 4 days, but I'm finally onboard with this whole new year thing.  I was worried 2012 was going to suck, but methinks it could be pretty rad.  This is the year that Brandon will graduate, (only took him a decade - but LOVE YOU BRANDON!) and the year we buy our own house.  All good things, yes? 

And I've also decided that today is going to be a good day, despite the fact I was rudely awakened at 5:53 this morning by my cat retching at my bedside.  Stepped in it this morning too, all squishy between my toes.  But I let it rolllllll off the old shoulderoos; washed my puke-soiled foot, and cheerfully woke up much earlier than I have been lately.  My house is clean, (relatively) Cade is ready for school, Mila is napping, my cats are (thankfully) not puking at the moment, and I have a cold Diet Coke by my side.  How could this day NOT be okay?!

And, can I just say that you guys are rad?  If you knew me in real life, (most of you don't) you'd probably view me as this relatively cheerful person who was somewhat quiet that keeps mostly to herself.  And it's true - I'm kind and I'm polite, but unless you reallllly know me, you know that I don't offer much information up about myself, and I more or less keep to myself.  And, usually, I'm okay with that.  It's only after I have an outpouring of kindness and love from you guys (like after my last post) that I am left thinking, wow, maybe I do need more people in my life.  Because the kind comments that you all left, when I hadn't even met the majority of the people that commented, just blew me away.  It left a huge smile on my face after I read each comment.  It made me ache (but in a good way) and it made me realize I need more people in my life that I can talk to, and I need more moments where I am real and open.  Doing that is scary because it makes me feel so vulnerable, but I think it's also really really good for me, too.  So thanks for helping me guys.  You are way cheaper than therapy!  ;)

By the way, last night my meat loaf was a smashing success.  I even "cooked" baked potatoes, and if you can believe it, I've never done THAT before.  I'm not joking, I can microwave things like a wiz, and I can cook, like, grilled cheese and maybe put soup on the stove, but that is where my culinary talents end.  And, it's not like I wasn't given an opportunity to learn, as a kid, (and even adult) my mom has asked - nay, begged - to teach me how to do that kinda stuff, and I always politely decline.  I just have ZERO interest in cooking.  But I also know I'm kind of, like, a wife and mom, so maybe I should try to learn to cook some'm trying.  New year, new me, right?  Maybe?  Meat loaf Brie?

Now I'm just babbling.  Time to get the kiddo to school, anyway.  Hope ya'll have a great day.  Sorry no cute pics of the kiddos today.  Saaaaaad.  Tomorrow's post for sure, I'll add new pics!

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Heather Lindquist said...

It's nice to "catch up" with you through your blog, Brie. A new house this year? That is awesome! I am, respectively, jealous......ho hum. I can relate to your cooking woes.....I can't stand cooking either. We've been living off frozen food since James was born.....and it's getting rather boring. I'm thinking I need to begin cooking too, but I'm dreading it. I do cook a couple times a month, lol, and each time bake a yummy chicken pot pie. It's should look up a recipe and give it a's bound to be a success! Good luck in the coming year, Brie!