Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Door Jumper, Dietary, and Melatonin

We bought Mila a doorway jumper, and it's the best money we've ever spent - I get 30 minutes at a time to like be free and be my own woman and get things done without her crying to be picked up.  I swear, when she's chillin on a blanket and I'm trying to clean, her weepy little eyes follow me around the house and she is judging me for not giving her enough attention - totally disconcerting.  But this has been a lifesaver because she loves it.  And she looks pretty darn cute in it, too.  :)

Saw my dietician today, and it went well I think.  I've been really consistent with my mealplan for about 6 weeks now, so we are finally going to start working on other things than my compliance (or lack thereof).  I mean, gosh, it only took me 2 1/2 years to comply; I think this qualifies me as a fast learner???  At any rate, we're going to start tackling body image stuff and intuitive eating stuff too, though that really scares me.  The very phrase, "INTUITIVE EATING," gives me the shivers, and I can't quite pinpoint why.  I guess to me it just coincides with weight gain and other not so fun stuff, but I know that was in the past and in my ED brain, so hopefully this time around things will be different.  So, hopefully I can make progress with some of this crap.  About time, I say.

I asked on Facebook yesterday what other people thought of Melatonin; as I've started taking it about a month ago and haven't really noticed it working very well yet, though I hear it takes 3-4 weeks to really take effect.  Well, as of last night, I think I just may be a believer in this Melatonin Thing.  I took it, and about 20 minutes later, I was soooooooo tired.  In fact, I crawled into bed, and usually I'm happy to talk to Brandon for a few minutes in the dark, just to wind down, but this time, every time he asked me a question, inside I was like REALLY?  I'M SO TIRED, STOP TALKING OR ELSE I'LL MURDER YOU, but on the outside I just murmured uh-huh, nuh-uh, and hmmmm, in the hopes that he'd get the hint that I didn't want to talk if I didn't, in fact, use any actual words. 
He didn't. 
But I did fall asleep more quickly than I have since I've been off all my hardcore sleeping meds, and maybe it was the Melatonin?  I hope so!  It'd be such a nice change to have something simple and all natural work for me, rather than resorting to sleeping meds that could knock out Shrek and his giant green balls.

Okay, that does it for now, I got nothin' else.  Peace out, friendcicles.


Penny said...

I love all the random pics of your kids. Why? Because they are both so cute. And I love being called a "friendcicle" although I don't think that I can spell it. Glad that you ar doing better and isn't sleeping wonderful? Definitely not over rated!

t. said...

cute pics! and i'm glad the melatonin worked for you. sometimes i have those times where i just can't shut off my mind and go to sleep. i got some sort of melatonin/valerian pill and i slept much better that night. although, now i am sick and sleeping like a narcoleptic, but it's nice i don't have to go in to see my doc and beg for more ambien.

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