Friday, October 31, 2008


The lovely Kyla tagged me. And it looks like a goodie!

Here are the rules:
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2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks about you.
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[EDIT: I ain't gonna leave you a comment. Just do it if you read it, okay?! I don't have time for all this childish nonsense! ;) ...Ahem...but I do have time for a tag...]

Quirk numero uno:
For those of you who love me and know me and read my blog, you can probably gather that I am an animal lover/luster. Even my new friendly neighbors seem to just get that I will love you and rub you and pet you and cuddle with you. I’ve always luuuuurved me some furry feline hotness, but before I was pregnant, I didn’t particularly care for other animals. I didn’t loathe them with a fiery pash or anything, but I also didn’t want to smother them with loves and kisses, either. That all changed when my eggo became prego. Suddenly all the motherish hormones came out in me and I turned into a mama bear who loved anything that had fur and could move, as long as it didn’t have a realllly big weiner that hung around, like on a giant dog or anything. I remember I saw an email when I was only weeks pregnant, and it was a pic of a mousie that had gotten caught in a printer. It wasn’t dead or anything, just caught until someone came and rescued the lil bugger. Well, I saw that and cried and cried and was so sad for the mousie that was probably missing his mama – I couldn’t get over it. Well, the hormones never calmed down and I’m still a raging animal loveraholic. It’s such a burden, but I really do love it, for realsies. In fact, I will go veggie when I’m recovered and my treatment team doesn’t think I’m just doing it for ED reasons. It’s really become an ethical thing for me.

Quirk numero dos:
This is something that my mom actually encourages me to get therapy for: I feel bad for inanimate objects. For example, we have a lamp that has three light bulbs, but we usually only turn on one at a time. If there is a bulb that gets more action than the other two, then I feel bad for them because they can’t let their light shine, so I’ll turn off the one that’s been on for awhile and let another one have a turn. I also have a pillow that I sleep with every night, and her name is Hugger. Bran will tease me and throw her on the ground and I’ll be so sad that he hurt her. Or, if she falls off the bed during the night I snatch her up quickly so she can get warm under the covers again. Also, I have proof: you see this paper? I keep this chart at my desk, (locked in my desk of course so people don’t regularly see my weirdness) and every day, I mark the date with a colored pen that I use, so that I use all the colors before I start over. I found that without this system, the pink and lime green pens were getting used more than the others, and I started to feel bad for them. So this makes sure they all get a turn! Yay equality! And shutup. This isn’t that weird. Just don’t go insulting Hugger, okay? Let’s all stay calm!

Quirk numero tres:
I was an allergen-free girl/woman(eeewy) until I was at the ripe age of 19. Suddenly at the gym one morning, my lungs decided to wig out and have an asthma attack. I grew up with cats and a dog all my life, and never experienced allergies. Now, even though I have two kitty witty titties…they give me major allergies. My asthma is nearly uncontrollable, and I’m always whisked to the ER or an instacare allthefriggintime due to los allergens.
Also, my innards now reject dog hair and saliva as well. This used to be my pooch until he gave me giant hives everywhere that made me look like Big B was whipping me with his belt…they looked like giant welts everywhere and I didn’t like looking like I was a battered wife. So now my DDF Racher has lovingly adopted the Shepcat. This was me last night wearing my mask. Yes, I need to wear it in our new casa right now because there is so much dust everywhere from the construction, that’s like the sure fire way to make me stop breathing. Seriously, I’m such a delicate freak. What gives?! At least I didn’t have all these allergies in elementary school, I’d have been one of those weirdos that everybody made fun of. (Ooh, and if you look closely, you can see that I'm hugging Hugger. She's red and beautiful!)

Quirk numero quatro:
I cannot, under any circumstances, tolerate haunted houses. I’m such a pussy. I used to love the crap like that – horror movies and such – and now I turn into a giant, 5’11” baby. The last time I went to a haunted house I was a senior in high to the school. I gave Taylor, who was with me, scabs and bruises in the shape of my finger prints because I was literally so terrified. Big B still to this day wants to share this experience with me…and I tell him, “No, unless you really, truly, want to witness me shit my pants.” I’ll keep you posted.

Quirk numero cinco:
You know how people will say, “I’m so bad with names, but I never forget a face,” or something to that effect? Well, I am terrible with BOTH faces and names. Seriously. I lived in the neighborhood that I just moved out of for THREE years, and just now realized that my next door neighbor’s name was not actually Julie, but J___. And she left us hate letters on our car.
Long story.
Also, all old people look alike to me. Especially the male variety.

Quirk numero seis:
I luuuuve chapstick. On my lips. And on my nose. I try to keep the nose and lip sticks separate, but sometimes, when desperate, will rub the lip chapstick all over my nose, then put it on my lips anyway. What? It feels soooooo good! Shutup. If you had debilitating allergies, you would too, you judger!

I tag…

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jana bananas said...

Those are supposed to be unspectacular quirks? Damn girl!

I will tryyyy to think of my many quirks today and pick the 6 least spectacular but so far, brain no worky today.

This banana loves you!

Kara said...

Hey Brie! I want to thank you again for your blog - I loves it! I was looking through my old photos the other day and ran across a picture of you and me and some other CFCers at Kyndra's bridal shower. That was such a long time ago! It was when you had short hair.

Emily said...

Hey... that's awesome that you're going to be a vegetarian when you recover!

Jade Lee said...

I'm so relieved! I thought I was the only one who felt bad for inanimate objects ... in fact, I'd been told as much by the husband and several friends.

Lisa said...

Brie and Jade, you're definitely not alone. Just because they have no sensory function doesn't mean objects don't deserve care and respect, too.

Shannon said...

I have a slight obsession with my huggy pillow. Not my head pillow, but my little squishy. Ian is always throwing it out of bed when he wants to cuddle and so I have to kick him out instead. ;) Also, I think your colored pen log is kind of funny.

BTW, congrats on getting Lil C to smile in a costume. He looked adorable.

zubeldia said...

Oh, these are all pretty endearing. We had a mouse living in our dishwasher. We decided to just stop using the dishwasher rather than move him out :)

Love, Z

kristin said...

Those were some pretty spectacular quirks! I totally understand the inanimate objects one. I totally have a Hugger, except her name is Blankie!

I posted six of my unspectacular quotes, if you want to check it out.

Take care.

love, kristin

kristin said...

OMG--I'm such an imbecile. I meant quirks.

H said...

I too grow attached to inanimate objects....this has been an ongoing thing since I was, like, ummm.....a teeny-tiny child????? In any case, if I'm reading a book and I really, really don't like it, I MAKE myself read it (even if it's from the library) b/c I don't want to "hurt" its feelings. Dumb, but true. Same goes for movies that I rent and may not especially like.....I HAVE to watch it or else it will be hurt somehow. WTF? There are just too many things to write down....but lastly, I'm super attached to my teddy bear that I've had since I was born. Do you remember at the center when they wouldn't let us have any kind of stuffed animals to sleep with? Well, I went bolistic cuz I'd never slept apart from him and I thought he'd suffer in my hidden baggage down in the basement. Our T finally relented and hid my teddy in the nurses station drawer and allowed me to sleep with it, but I had to sneak him in and out of my room late at night and early in the morning so no one else would see and be mad or jealous. I think I actually told you about that back then. I seemed to have told you just about everything. You're the one who got me into eating those dame red vines, and that was from Friday snack nights and you convinced me to at least try it, I did, and I blame you that now I'm a red-vine junkie!

H said...

ha! I meant "those DAMB red vines!"

H said...

Okay, so I was inspired and wrote my own "quirks"...but I'm not done, so check out my blog sometime today or tomorrow and it'll be most likely up. I didn't tag anyone....seeing how I hardly have invited anyonoe, but maybe I should change that, huh?

jana bananas said...

I will admit that I too have had a thing about inanimate objects before, but it was something I must've mostly outgrown, because I don't feel that way so much anymore.

You are such a sensitive soul, my Brie, Brie. And that is both a blessing and a curse.

jana bananas said...

You should read "The Highly Sensitive Person" by Elaine Aron.

Both my sister and I found it helpful. We're sensies! (To quote JD from Scrubs.)

tawny said...

Hey sis, love your quirks! I would tell you all of mine but i have to many! But, I will tell you one... (besides public potties) I don't like library books! i don't like to read a book when 1,000 hands have touched it. I like to read mine new...! Something about hand washing. Yuck!

DaftDragon said...

These are fan-freakin'-tastic, what a fun thing to do... i think i'm inspired.

and the chapstick thing- i thought that was totally legit? no? i def do that and I honestly must not have enough shame cuz ill whip it out in public no prob.

taylor and laney said...

Well, I had almost totally forgotten about that time you let gigantic bruises on my arms. Glad to know you have not let anyone else relive that experience.