Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Moving Mania

OMG I missed you!!! It feels like it’s been FOR.EV.ER since I last blogged, and to see it’s been less than a week, WOW. I haven’t really checked my email in days either, and the last time that happened, I swear to you on my life I was, like, 11 years old. I have over 200 suckas in my inbox that are waaaaay too overwhelming to touch – and that’s not even counting work emails! Eeewy. I’ll get to it all anon, I’m sure.

So. We’ve moved. To our own little house on the prairie, which isn’t on a prairie and could hardly be deemed a house, so I’m not sure where that leaves me. The entire place is being renovated. NOT redecorated; don’t misunderstand me. RENOVATED. That’s, like, when walls are demolished. And there are large, intimidating power tools everywhere. And men listening to heavy metal. Our master suite isn’t going to be finished for 3 weeks – it takes first priority, even over our kitchen, which isn’t a kitchen since they took out all our cupboards and counters and sink and stove and microwave and dishwasher and need I go on? This is SO SAD. It’ll look amazing once it’s finished, but for now it be blowin’. Big B and Lil C and I are reduced to sharing two rooms that have all our immediately necessary belongings packed into about 100 square feet. The room Big B and I are in (which will eventually be C’s room) has our queen size bed, our TV and cable box, a dresser, a nightstand, a teensy weensy closet we BOTH share, all my makeup and hair necessities, 3 laundry baskets full of stuff which we think we need but have not quite yet figured out why, a garbage, a lamp, a drawer on the floor, and two scared kitties under the bed. And, so not joking: we have about 10 square feet in which to walk in the room.

Lil C shares a room with our desk and computers, the mini fridge, a gross rug that’ll have to do until we’re finished renovating, his crib, and his toy box. Oh, and he’s missing a wall. But I promise it’s getting put up today. (Do you put up walls? Do you glue them on? I’m not sure what the right terms are, here.)

Also, we have no heat. Or hot water. So, showering at the in-law’s has become an interesting endeavor, as has using space heaters. Fortunately sharing a bed with a large, hairy man, and usually our 2 year old that has an insane ability to not only kick at important body parts while sleeping but also at generating fiery body heat, AND two cats, who, with their combined weights, comes to nearly 40 lbs, for reals, don’t even need a heater. Sweating in my britches last night, no kidding.

Furnace Man is coming today, as is Gas Man, and I’m not sure if they’re the same, like a two for one package here, but all I know and care about is that we’ll have heat and hot water – oh, and totally hilarious: he came to the house yesterday when we weren’t home to scope out the situaish, and apparently he thought Bobbi was an abnormally large raccoon who popped out from the furnace and made him scream and throw his tools. Why do I love that my 30 pound poppet scared a grown man??! Also, Big B has sworn on our marriage that he will put on the new toilet seat today. Squatting has really built some good thigh muscles, but I be yearnin’ to sit. I’ll keep you posted. I also found it hilarious that it took us several days to make arrangements for important things like heat or whatever, but the day we moved in, the cable guy came and hooked me up with my cable and Tivo. I mean, I can live without practically every human luxury that we’ve all had become NECESSITIES like heat and microwaves and hot water – oh yes, I can live without all these things. But you try to make me miss my primetime television? I’ll put you down. Don’t mess with me. (Gossip Girls was so good last night!!! SO GLAD I was able to watch it!!! Yay! Go cable!!)

So, we all learned in 7th grade science class that the only three things that humans need to survive are
*Water and
*Food and
*A roof over your head

I have also recently realized that I need FOUR things to live, and, in order of importance, they are:
*Blogging and
*A roof over my head
*And water
*And food

And I kinda feel ashamed that blogging took a backseat this weekend! Please never let me leave you ever again, okay?!

On to one last bit of good news before I peace out:
My sweet little nephew, Jackson, was born on Friday the 24th. He and his mama are home safe and healthy now after quite a scare and traumatic birth for Baby and Mom both. Here are some sweet pics of my brother, B, and his wife and sweet little daughter Claire with brand new J. Congratulations, and so happy I now have a new nephew – that brings the total to 29 on my side and 3 (almost 4 in January) on Big B’s side…wow that makes me quite the aunt. Go fam!
My brotha with his new mini man
The poor sweetie had a hard time breathing at first. This pic makes me sad!

Ha ha this pic is so awesome! C wants to nurse like her mama. :)


Kyla said...

Brie, you're back! Never leave again, okay?!!? Don't you need oxygen too? Or am I just an extremely needy person? I'm afraid I contributed to your inbox filling up, oopsy. That sounds like quite the unfinished house you're living in, good luck! If the big renovation men try anything, just throw Bobbi at them. That should work. I'm glad there's so much heat generated in your bed at night. that's very important.

Krista said...

My mother-in-law nursed my sis-in-law until she was three. I am totally not joking. It was on her third birthday that she finally "pulled the plug." She is four now, but for a while she would do the same thing with her dolls.

I'm glad you are back. I was havin blogxygen withdrawls. I should really be getting ready for preschool which starts in about 20 min, but when I saw you updated I had to read it. Good luck with the house! I want a tour when it's all done.

brie said...

Ha ha Kyla you're right! We do need oxygen, huh?? Or, do we only need BLOGXYGEN??

Anonymous said...

Yay! You're back! I don't know where to begin with the house stuff, except to say that I laughed my ASS off just now. I'm glad it's your house getting renovated and not mine! (On the other hand, you actually OWN your house, and I don't, so maybe I WOULD trade places with you . . . That's a tough one.)

Welcome back! :D


H said...

The fact that your spirits are so high and your home so, dare I say "low" at the moment, says a lot about your character! You're awesome. I too would make cable one of my top priorities before moving....such the tv junkie, it's pathetic!

Emily said...

Oh Brie, I am so glad you are back. :) And best of luck with the house renovations.

Kyla said...

we definitely need blogxygen. And heat. I need loads of heat. I think you've inspired a blog post. I shall blog about basic human needs.

jana bananas said...

Briiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee's back! Oh how I've missed your blogingness! You had a good excuse for not blogging but not anymore!

I'm sorry your house is in chaos right now. That really sucks. Just hang in there for a few weeks and I bet you're going to be super happy. It takes a long time to get settled into places. Moves are stressful. Take care of yourself!

Kyla said...

okey dokey, I updated and my post is inspired by you

Tiptoe said...

Glad to hear from you. I was wondering how the whole house moving thing was going.

It can be hard when so many things need to be done, but you are holding down the fort and doing okay.

I quite chuckled at all your funnies with Bobbi and you building up those thigh muscles. I know you'll be glad to sit again.

Anyway, also congrats to your brother and new baby!

Kyla said...

I know you're super busy with moving and 200 emails, but please, when you get the chance, WRITE ME!

Laura said...

now that you are moved, I could use your help with MY move. Actually, send Big B over..does he have a truck?

Congrats on the new Home...I will bring over a plant....

Tanya said...

B I want to tell you, you make me laugh. So umm food is at the bottom of your list but at least its on your list :P I can imagine moving is traumatic all alone then to add renovations to that...wow. and ICK...

COngrats on the new man in the fam. Thats so awesome.

Hugs brister....missed you.

zubeldia said...

Those are cute pics. And look at C's hair! It's beautiful.

I won't repeat what I wrote in email, but know that I'm thinking of you, my girl.

love, Z

Shannon said...

Oh geez I loathe moving. Hopefully the construction will be done soon so you can actually settle in. BTW I think it's hilarious that you got your cable hooked up on day 1 but are just barely getting hot water. You're so funny. Congrats on a new nephew too!

Tanya said...

I meant to let you know Brie...if you have internet you can catch most shows online now. I am sure you know that but I wish there was a way to make fox put bones on seriously...