Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Neighborhood Welcome Wagon

The new street I moved onto in my ‘hood is reallllly weird. So far, I have met the following neighbors:



The first day we moved in, I was in the front yard watching Lil C play. Midget slowly walked up to me and plunked down on the grass beside me without even seeming to notice my existence. Well, the Comcast Cable dude was here saving me from the perils of No Cable, and every time he walked past me to get to his car for a tool or something, Midget would growl to let Cable Guy know that I was his. We fell in love right then and there. It’s been soooo intense every since.

Next I met Megan. She walked right up to me outside, rubbed my legs, then dramatically flopped on her back and begged for a belly rub. Because I cannot resist letting anybody down, even if they look feral and are about to rape or maul my face, I plunked down beside her and gave her some major rubbage. (That’s what he said.) A little while later I wandered into the house, and no fewer than a 10 minutes later, she was sitting in the middle of the kitchen, looking at me like she owned the freaking place. I still can’t figure out how she got in, btw. Good thing Bobert didn’t see her, or she’d have squashed all the life out of her then eaten her for breakfast.

Then there’s Princess. Princess is a black sweetie that was abandoned on some dude’s farm and I guess a neighbor felt sorry for her and adopted her. Yesterday I rescued her from Sassy, and she thanked me by, well, not saying thank you. It was excellent. I really felt like we share a connection.

Then there’s Sassy. Well, I call her Sassy. I don’t know what her name is, she wouldn't tell me, so I had to make do. I actually have no idea where she came from and am bewildered as to which house she lives in. Well, last night as Big B and Lil C and I were doing some yard work, out of nowhere she appears and stays in our yard for hours. She followed me around, and was always begging me for some lovin’. Also, she somehow got into our house a few times. I believe there is a secret door or something we have not yet discovered. It’s making me feel uncomfy.

Oliver is GIGANTIC and ORANGE and GAY. (3 points for you if you know where the quote’s from…JB, J??)

Shorty’s a bit jittery. Me no likey. I don’t want to share my Xanax.

I still as of yet am not sure if there are actual homo-sapiens living in the vicinity. I’ll keep you posted. Seriously, it’s insane. I’ve never lived or even been on a street where you can look out the window and see cats and dogs frolicking together like the lions and the lambs or whatever. I feel like I’m in the Garden of Eden. Well, if the Garden of Eden included dust and power tools and no plumbing and a house where the previous owners smoked Meth. If that’s not paradise, I don’t know what is.

In the meantime, I’ll wait for Midget or Megan to bring me over a plate of cookies and a fruit basket. I hear they’re the head of the welcoming committee.


Kyla said...

haha, loves it, at first I didn't get that you were talking about cats. that's a lot of kitties for one neighborhood! thanks for making me smile.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, in a strange tribute to Harry Potter, the animals ARE the people! I think you should offer one some cat food. If it's a person, it won't eat it. ;) I vote for your construction to go smoothly, and for your house to be done soon!

brie said...

well, to clarify, k, midget and shorty and sassy are pups. the rest are kitties. seriously, they're all insane. i don't even know what i'm going to do. there are seriously like at least 3 of them in my yard at a time. it's weeeeirrrrd.

jana bananas said...

Got the quote right away (of course!): The Sarah Silverman Program!!

Tanya said...

I have to laugh that you seem to have attracted all the cats and beasts. Lol...thats something I would have done too. It sounds like they are all wonderful and completely sneaky if they got into your house.

Hugs. If you ever need help with the decorations I could always lend some help. I did some design classes and such. SO yea...anyhow. Love ya.


Krista said...

At least they are friendly and didn't bite you.

Jackie said...

SARAH SILVERMAN. Can JB and I split the 3 points?!

Jackie said...


H said...

Hey, do you remember when that dog who belonged to S bit your leg at my apartment in UT years ago? Do you still have a scar? I remember he even ripped your pants. :(