Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Brielexander and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I do not know WHAT.IS.UP. with today, but it be no good. I think I had such a fab weekend with my chickies JB and J…and now I’m just back at work freezing vital body parts off and I’m wearing a frumpy brown sweater and my hair looks icky and I’m behind on blog reading and overwhelmed with the sheer number of emails in my inbox to catch up on and in 5 short days I need to pack up and clean up my entire house and paint and re-model another one and I need the NJ tube replaced and I have a million blog topics boinking around in my brain that I never seem to get to and I’m going to stop this sentence because I need to breathe. But breathing sucks.

So does gravity, for realsies. What goes up must come down. UP was me this past weekend. DOWN is me now. Down=frown. Frown=sad. Sad=bad. Bad=tired. Tired=not wired. Not wired=Brie. Brie=me. Me=LAME.

So, in other words, for those of you not mathematically inclined or are not familiar with Briebonics, I’ll put it for you simply:
Today I am frowning while I’m down and am sadly badly tired, and thus NOT WIRED. Also, I am LAME.

So, here’s to hoping that global warming or a miracle from God or our financial destruction will reduce gravity’s steel mega death grip on me. Or, if either McCain or Obama can promise in their campaigns to reduce the hold gravity has here on earth, then they’ve got my vote. Oh, they’ll have my vote.

I’m done. Time to sulk and be smothered in the downess of gravity. The heavy sucky lameness of downess.


Marissa said...

SAD! But your enthusiastic approval of anyone who can reduce gravity made me laugh.

When are you moving? I can come over and help you pack up stuff and clean, if you want. I've had A LOT of experience moving.

So if you wanna hang/pack up your house/clean this weekend, let me know!

Emily said...

Hey, so sorry you're down. :( Gravity sucks.

Jenn said...

Hey Brie! Wow, you're really up on the down talk today! (Pun is, of course, intended). Remember, this too shall pass and if it doesn't, you're constipated!

Here's a joke for you: A man is in a job interview...
INTERVIEWER: Okay, this has been a good interview, but before you go there's one last question I need you to answer. You have two chickens and a fox on one side of a river. You need to get them to the other side. There is only one boat, only one animal can cross at a time, and you can't leave the fox alone with either of the chickens or he will eat them. How will you get them all across?
MAN: I would buy livestock insurance, barbeque the chickens and blame the fox.
INTERVIEWER: Can you start today?

Brett said...

I know you're not talking about real gravity but I'm reading an interesting book that talks about the creation of the Universe and other things. It suggests that gravity emerged (get this) one ten-millionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang. How amazing is that? Had gravity been a little stronger the universe could've collapsed on itself. If it were weaker, the elements wouldn't have stabilized to make you, me and everything else.

Voce gosta??

Tiptoe said...

Brie, I know that feeling of being UP one minute and the next day DOWN. It really bites the big one!

It sounds like you've got a lot going on. Try to take things one at a time. Maybe that'll help with not feeling too overwhelmed.

kathy with a k said...


Penny said...

I'm sorry but I have trouble feeling how lame you are when you are so dang creative, intelligent and mathematical and funny and I know how very cute you really are in lame brown sweater. So, sorry, have to convince me some other way. Remember you are not alone in all of your madness of trials coming this week. Keep thinking of the upside of it all. Especially real windows and a garage all of your own.

H said...

You SO better take it back....cuz your definitely NOT lame, my friend! Anything BUT!