Friday, August 22, 2008

Shadow Slayer? Really?

Well folks, the results of the poll are in, and they are as follows:

If you were to go by one of these names for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Chicken ‘n Pickles – 5%
TinRoofSugar – 17%
Munchie – 18%
Shadow Slayer – 22%

Wow. Seriously, do a bunch of sci fi enthusiasts or Trekkies read my blog? Who would really want to be known as Shadow Slayer? I was super duper surprised this won the majority of votes. My vote was for TinRoofSugar, which will be my stripper name when slash if The Husband ever lets me swing on a pole. How can you go wrong by combining your favorite ice cream and cookie to make a slutty name? My sister has a neighbor who believes in letting her children name themselves, which is what inspired this poll. Apparently her oldest goes by Shadow, while her younger child so aptly named himself Munchie. Poor kids. And, this is not a joke, though my sissy M is known to embellish things, like, a loooot, but she swears this is true.

So, random thought: I totally heard Tub Thumping by Chumba Wumba on the radio this morning as I was driving to work. That song came out when I was like 12 or something. It’s an oldie, but DEF a goodie! Who doesn’t love to hear about someone who gets knocked down (by being ridiculously inebriated) and gets back up again for more? I remember before I actually knew what pissing meant in England, I really just thought the poor dude had incontinence problems. Ah, the innocence of youth…

I am in the depths of despair right now. I just tried to multiply .26 by 22.5 and then times that all by 2, and I was all proud, because it was so hard, and I thought I did it, but then I checked my math with a calcy and I was off. What is wrong with me? Isn't that like 2nd grade math? Seriously wtf?

Well, this is a weird nothing post. I feel depleted though, from my last superlongnovel I wrote about my trip and interview, so I have nothing else to say, and you’re probably pretty tired of hearing it. So ciao, LOVE YOU, and have a good weekend!

What's your stripper name?

My name is TinRoofSugar and I approved this message.


jana bananas said...

"Chicken 'n Pickles" made me laugh and puke a bit in my mouth. Watching the Olympics, I saw so many commercials for that new sandwich at McDonalds which is basically a buttered bun, pickles, and a fried chicken patty. Grosssssss!!!

I feel so old, as Tub Thumping came out when I was in COLLEGE. I clearly remember loathing it right away and was disgusted that it became so popular. There's a good reason why I haven't listened to the radio in years.

I am really dumb at math. And what's funny is that technically I work in finance at my company. Good thing I'm not a number cruncher.

Later, TinRoofSugar!

brie said...


That's where I got the idea for chicken 'n pickles, from all those Mickey D commericals from the Olympics! It kept getting battered into my brain, and then I was like...hmmm...Chicken 'n Pickles...I likey...

Krista said...

Call me retarded but what does pissing mean in England? Perhaps Z could answer that for us. I once heard that find out what your stripper name would be you take your first pets name and add your moms maiden name. Mine is Scuttles Bridges... not too funny but my bro in law is known as Chubs Mullen which we get a kick out of.

brie said...

Krista, pissing in England means drinking.

Haha if I went by that then my stripper name would be Cammy Dalton. LAAAAME!!!

jana bananas said...

Cammy Dalton totally sounds like it could be a stripper name. No offense to anyone named Cammy Dalton that is not a stripper...

I thought the stripper name was middle name + street name growing up? If that's the case, mine's Michelle Henry. That's not very stripper-y.

Chicken n''s the pickles part that grosses me out, really.

Kathy with a K said...

So,wait...what did the parents call their kids before they could name themselves?

PS: i know of twins born many years ago, boy and a girl, named "male" and "female". Pronounced "Ma-lay" and "Feh-malay"
Yeah. With an accent.

brie said... you didn't.


Male and Female? That is the saddest most horrible awful grossest most hilarious hideous heartbreaking thing I've ever heard. What the hell were the parent's thinking? I'm totally shrieking out (in a BAD way) right now!!!

I guess they just called them baby and stuff, that's what my sissy said.

But Male and Female, that takes the cake. And I thought Munchie was bad!

Kathy with a K said...

I kid you not. And it was sad. Wonder if they changed their names?
Bet they'd kill for Munchie or Chicken n pickles...or Picken n Chickles.

jana bananas said...

If Picken n Chickles had been an option, I totally would have voted for it!

Emily said...

Sprout Beaver or Sprout Chatsworth. Those are my total lame stripper names. Especially the first one! :)

I like "Tubthumping" for some reason. I have it on my iPod.

"I get knocked down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down..."

Emily said...

Oh, and as for the math... Brie, ever since I had my many ECT treatments I cannot do basic math. I mean, I can add okay, and sometimes subtract okay, but anything else and I am in TROUBLE. I know you didn't have ECT, but I thought I'd let you know that you are not alone in your math problems.

brie said...

Emily? Are you effing kidding me? Sprout Beaver is not only the coolest stripper name I've ever heard, but also the dirtiest!!

Kathy, you totally made me laugh with the whole dyslexic chickles and picken thing. Wait. WAs that right?

Kathy with a K said...

I'm thinkin' Sprout Beaver is underage. Maybe a Chinese gymnast gone stripper.

Keely said...

I'd rather be shadow slayer than any of the others. Munchie? It sounds like I eat a lot (ha ha..the irony). And then chicken and pickles is weird. TinRoofSugar sounds trampy. Shadow slayer reminds me of buffy the vampire slayer-only cooler. ha!

My stripper name would be Mariah Becker or (pet plus maiden name) or ccokiedoughoatmeal. If it could be current pets, mine would be Butters Becker. hmm..

Shannon said...

I would have voted for Tinroofsugar too. Huh. When I was in middle school I was told that your porn star/stripper name was your middle name and the street you lived on. I always kinda liked mine. It ended up being Kay Fonda. You can call me that if you want. ;) Don't feel bad about your math skills. I can no longer even add fractions. Doubling a recipe is a major math problem that usually requires me to use a calculator. Sad.

Penny said...

Hey I love your new pic of you at the beginning of the blog. I have so been waiting for this momentous change. You are so cute!! and I love the quote about well behaved women.....because I am one and I have never made history, but oh well....I'm ok.

Krista said...

Hmm if I go with middle name/street I would be _________ 300 North. I have no middle name. And Emily your stripper name is totally pedophile worthy.

Guinea Pig said...

Soap operas have gone stripper since I was post-college ... used to be the middle name + first street name = your soap opera name.

My stripper name? Vanilla AnimalCrackers ... hmmm ... kinda a "vanilla" stripper name, don't you think?

I tried to vote for TinRoofSugar, but I got an error message ... and voting was still "open," so it was totally rigged/fixed/corrupted by the shadow slayers :)

And, finally, a note on McD's chicken-n-pickles meal ... because CitiBank seems to own all of the business and gas stations we hold credit with, we had about four free breakfast biscuits and four free lunch sandwiches (inserts in the monthly statements) ... and my kiddos wouldn't eat the sandwich b/c they saw the prep guy glop a plop of mayo bigger than the sandwich itself and got grossed out when it squished out the side of the bun and he wiped it off with a (seemingly) cleaning/table towel ... wet, gray, used looking. Yum.

Elizabeth said...

I've always heard that your stripper name is the name of your first pet and the name of your first street. That would make me TIGGER CANFIELD, which is great, right?

Laura said...

I'm Kit Kat Blueberry! Totally a stripper. Love it.

Kathy with a K said...

Yeah, and I'm Pebbles Blueberry.

brie said...

Guinea Pig...did the McD's worker really wipe off the sandwich with a nasty germy rag? Holy gag. Pretty sure I never wanna eat there again...

Okay, so I have to say I love all the stripper names. Brandon's would be Naven Walden. How poetic is that?!

Laura said...

Brie-love it! Jack would be Dusty Carmine!
Belle-bubbles Gardner
Annie-Princess Meadowbrook
Luke-Ozzy....and well, I think I will leave out my current street know...I could have stalkers....

Devon said...

I'm going to rock Pineapple Coco Snickerdoodle. I think it has a nice ring to it...and for the record, I have swung on a pole. Fabulous workout and way fun to take a class in.

(No friends, I have not had a chance to use that name - only take a pole class at a women's fitness center - such)

belinda said...

Hey Brie,
Just watched your interview. That guy seems like a bit of a tool yeah? Hmmm.. anyway, you did a wonderful job & looked beautiful too ;)

Re: Stripper names,
My gosh, so many kitties & so many streets ~ i've forgotten the order but here is a few:
Tigger Como
Biscuit Barkley
Poppy Southern

Hmmm.... Not very tempting are they? LOL


brie said...

Guys, these comments are really leaving me feeling so joyous. I roar every time I read them!

Cade's stripper name, via 1st pet and street name:

Bobbi Crown