Saturday, August 16, 2008

3 Things that Happen When 70 Girls with Eating Disorders Get Together

1. Severe anxiety. When I got to CFC for the alumni reunion last night, I was profusely sweating and shrieking out. We’re talking major underarm wettage that I have not experienced since the throes of puberty. I was so tickled that I had remembered my travel size deodorant, I mean how do you even survive without that shiz? In the end, though, my anxiety was totally unnecessary. I had fun with minimum comparage and maximum love and unity and adorableness. Yeah! CFC sistas 4Eva! It was actually so sweet to see so many of us choosing life over insanity and pain and death. ED sucks! Life rocks!

2. At least one of said alumni comparing recovery to sex. (As in, you don’t know what it feels like till you actually experience it.) Racher was freaking out and coping by eating her hair and I was fanning my face in embarrassment slash heat stroke. Who knew that an ED sufferer could not only come up with a really dirty analogy, but also a really apt one? That’s like my life’s dream goal. I’ve got the dirty part down, just not the apt part quite nailed in. Huh.

3. And, my favorite: at least one meatless hamburger. Poor AY baby was completely opposed to the staff of CFC knowing that she was a vegetarian, even though she’s suuuuuuper recovered (well not completely, but coming along swimmingly). So how does she solve this little dilemma? Throw the patty away when not under surveillance, and then promptly eat a bun with ketchup and mustard and lettuce and a tomato. Ew! Ewwwwwy! It was awesome, though. I had to snap a pic. Go recovery even when it doesn’t include meat! My name is Brie and I approve of this message. Here is me and AC loving each other and life. I can’t believe this is the only pic I have. I’m totally pouting that I didn’t properly document this occasion. Holy mongolian eye folds! Can you say Asianista?Also, I’m having some major issues with a wrist muffin top, and I may blog this later. But first I need to take a picture, and I think I was just quite clear that I’m not very good at taking them when I should.

Oh, and guess whatsies? My sis-in-law Ang called me last night and told me my blog was on MSN dot com. WTF? It was linked (again) with pregorexics. Boo the term ‘pregorexia,’ but yay my blog was recognized again! Tonight I love exclamation points!!

LOVE YOU! [Author does not condone the eatage of meatless hamburgers.]


Kathy with a K said...

Wow, I had no idea there was such a thing as a treatment alumni reunion! How things change.
I come from the era when eating disorders were a new thing; when "The Best Little Girl in the World" was a new ground-breaking book. (and yes, I have the original hard-cover copy).
Hard for me to even imagine a reunion. Got stress? Guess that's where the travel deoderant came in handy.
(really?, they served hamburgers, and what looks like a brownie, and wait...a jar of m&m's?)

jana bananas said...

Muffin top wrists? Ummm, I'm pretty sure that's all in your head, missy.

And burgers sans meat are good! OK, maybe they're not really "burgers" then but hey. Just a veggie sticking up for meatlessness. :)

Stacy said...

you freaking crack me up! I too was having anxiety mania upon arriving and wanted to split, but I had the whole day of workshops to kill the urge to run.
It was so awesome to meet you face to face. Our little group had some very serious yet warped hilatrity come out in our discussion. I wish I too would have liked take more pix I felt lame.
AND you totally bailed on the drumming and dancing around like indians at a tribunal. ( don't get me wrong the ending result feels amazing but it probably would be pretty entertaining for an outsider looking in)

nuf said. you are rad. I wish it had been more alumni buddy fun and less workshops and hearing the profs talk to us. Maybe next time?


racher said...

the couple of things that stood out to me were:

1. dr. b hovering near us A was removing said meat pattie.

2. the sense of satisfaction i received when one of the techs came out to call us into the drumming circle. i cringed but then realized i... didn't...have to go.... so stick it! hooray for recovery!

3. the fact that most of us left without our little jar of m&m's, go figure?

sidenote to kathy with a k: yes those are hamburgers and there were hot dogs, brownies with icing and a little take home gift of m&m's.

additional.... my anxiety was highest not only at the time of the sex analogy, but your side comment about how you love hot dogs. i can always count on you, brie. p.s. i wasn't eating my hair, i was trying to disappear behind it, but i ain't no chris angel mind freak.

alana.rachelle said...

yeah yeah laugh it up! actually i was cracking up because it was so freaking ridicuolous but really- what was i supposed to do?! it felt so EDed to try to stash the patty (i was tempted to toss it in a bush somewhere and see if RTC got a unit freeze out of it), but i don't any amount of "recovered-ness" would be enough for cfc to accept a vegetarian and i just didn't want to hear the grief from it! i felt really bad that i kept laughing while dr. b was talking but once i started i just couldn't stop! bad news bears. wow. and for the record, i do not condone eating bun/lettuce/tomato/ketchup/mustard burgers either. it's much better with a gardenburger patty, but i just don't get the impression that strolling in with my own veggie patty would go over all that well either... oh well. good times! haha

xoxo lana

brydelle said...

My name is Marissa, and I approve of this message. Oh man I love it! And post the wrist muffin top with the save the earth bracelet soon!

Penny said...

I'm your MOM and I approve that you went back there and had some serious fun! I approve also of those three points you believe in but I am a little wary of your muffin top wrist cause baby this might mean more therapy for you!!!(I like exclalmation points too!!

brie said...

What? I do like hot dogs.

Emily said...

This was an entertaining post. I wish Rogers had alumni reunions, and I wish I was allowed to drive AND had a car so I could drive there if they did ever have one! I'd love to see the girls I was with again.

I am so glad there was minimum comparage. Knowing me, I'd be comparing myself to every person in the entire room! I am so happy that you weren't.

Wait- drumming at a reunion? Weird.

Emily said...

Oh, and coming from a vegetarian, I much prefer veggie burgers to have actual gardenburger/boca/whatever patties, too.

Jackie said...

B, I missed you! I am glad you went to the reunion and had such a good time. Let's find a time to get together so we can rant about the Chinese gymnasts in all there hair accessories, blue glitter glory. Thanks for the text message :)

Love ya,

Jackie said...

B, I missed you! I am glad you went to the reunion and had such a good time. Let's find a time to get together so we can rant about the Chinese gymnasts in all there hair accessories, blue glitter glory. Thanks for the text message :)

Love ya,

Jackie said...

Oh yeah, and what are MUFFIN TOP WRISTS??!!! And I know my comment posted twice, but you know what? I am not deleting it. So THERE. :)

Krista said...

I feel ya on the pre-reunion anxiety. I almost sharted prior to entering the building. I'm glad you came and now I can put a real person to your blogalicisouness. I have to say that our mini group was pretty entertaining. Even Julie stuck around for quite a bit to listen to us and our wonderful analogies. I was sad that you ditched out on drum therapy though. I didn't get to say goodbye! It was fun meeting you and all you other girlies. We should all get together just for the fun of it.

jana bananas said...

Drum therapy? Heh. What kind of reunion was this where they had workshops? Weirdos. ;)

Krista...using the word "sharted." Love it.

Krista said...

Oh yeah I forget to tell you that I snapped a few pics that I will email you, but they are mostly of me and Stacy. I felt too dumb to ask anyone if it was ok to take their picture.

alana.rachelle said...

i concur with krista! so fun. krista i'd love to read your blog if that's okay?! my email is but no pressure! :) and stacy's too! :)

brie said...

I know Krista, I was sad I didn't get to say goodbye - I was talking to Dr Julie while drumming was going on, and then I didn't want to walk in when it was halfway over, you know? But I'd love for us to get together sometime, and it *was* fun putting a face to your blog. :)

Yes JB, drum therapy. It's pretty cool, though. Maybe I should write a From Behind Bars series on it??

I hear ya on the sharted thing. I told that to Rachel, and she sent me a text asking if I was alive and dry, lol.

Krista said...

Certainly you can read my blog (and mostly anyone else for that matter just send me an email I will warn you though that is is not quite as entertaining as my family blog nor is it anywhere even remotely in the same entertainment ball park as Brie's blog.

You were hilarious! I love your aversion to sexual talk.

Yes, I thank my dear friend Owen Wilson for that word!

Sorry I just used your blog as means of communication to your other readers...oops!

Abby said...

Alas, now I'm miffed that I missed out on all the hilarity!

Brie, I like how you convey the fabulousness that is CFC. Keep the Northern Californian posted, okay?

Love you guys.

belinda said...

Hey Brie,
Muffin top wrists? Hmmmm
Not sure about that one honey!

Sounds like you had fun :)
Love to you!

Sarah said...

muffin top wrist?! dude.

Shannon said...

Glad you had fun at the reunion and that it was so well attended, despite Behind Bars, I do believe the center is a special place. Anyway, I love the sex analogy, very profound. :)

Paige said...

I'm so proud of you for going; I got the invite and considered going since I am like the ULTIMATE cfc success story, but I'm 3 months preggo and fat again so I didn't want to scare anyone, er, less recovered than me. I'm glad you had a good time.