Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My TV Experience Posted on Jezebel

Hey all! Mucho thanks to Sarah for alerting me to the fact that Jezebel wrote a blurb about my appearance on the show this morning. Check it out and let me know what you think, though I can probably guage that from your previous comments on my last post, you'll probably agree with her.

Here's the link.

Okay, more later, I have some major male-child bonding to do!

Recovery now! Pregorexia never!


KC Elaine said...

great to have you back! can't wait to read more.

Nichole said...

I watched it online this morning and I thought that you did a fantastic job. You were so well spoken! I posted it on both of my blogs so everyone I know can see it.

And yeah, Mike was kind of out there. I kept thinking, "Did he really just ask her about having food cravings???" You think maybe they would have researched E.D.'s before the segment. Oh well, at least you did a wonderful job.

jana bananas said...

You did a great job and looked so beautiful. Very poised and confident. If you were nervous at all, it didn't come through!

Missed you & I'm looking forward to your next post!

Carlie Michelle said...

Brie you did fantastic! You handled yourself so well, and looked beautiful! You should be proud!

Shannon said...

I watched you this morning and thought you did a great job fielding the somewhat non-applicable questions and trying to explain the heart of the matter in very few sentences and words. I also looked at the link and totally agree. Mike is a total moron. I mean, granted, the average person really has zero clue about someone with and ED, but still, you'd think they'd have prepped him a little better.
PS- you were tons better (more interesting to listen to and more composed and HUMAN) than that lady from Remuda.
I really do skip articles and pics of the celebs "post baby." I don't even have an ED and it triggers negativity in me. Stupid media!

Stacy said...

Yay you are back. After mulling over it all day I sent the M&J show a comment. I posted it to my reflections blog. I was nicer in what I said than the thoughts that were going through my head, I didn't want to sound completely un educated and only angry (cause I knew I would have typos).

on anothere note, the camera really loves you (duh you were a model) but TV is different. I would totally have studdered and had quivering voice me thinks. You sounded great. someone needs to smack Mike to see if he ever listens to his guests.

How was New York?

Tiptoe said...

Brie, great job! You were so eloquently spoken and handled the questions well.

Mike is either trying to get the "asked stupidest questions" reward or is really stupid!

Savannah said...

Hey Brie! Just wanted to let you know that you did great. You looked as though you do TV shows everyday :) I'm very proud of you, and I'm sorry that Mike was such a strange and outright clueless man. You didn't let it stray you at all and you did great.

Hope you don't mind, but I was working so I turned it on in the lobby at my hotel and a few of my coworkers told me that they are really proud of someone that could do that. One girl said this:

"Wow. An eating disorder is very difficult to work on and for her to put her baby before her, even with all of those emotions and fears, really shows you what sort of a young woman she is. She is remarkable. You have great taste in friends."

I looked her and told her that you really were amazing unselfish in every meaning of the word. It was pretty sweet that she told me I have great friends...hehe.

Just thought I would let you know that you did wonderfully. Love ya!


Jordan and Amy said...

Good job today Brie! You looked really pretty, I can't believe your hair is already that long again! CRAZY!
By the way... your dirty mind is very accurate! LOL! I love that you posted that on my blog, you crack me up.

Krista said...

I don't know if anyone read the reader comments on Jezebel, but I thought this comment was funny. I only post it because I know you have a sense of humor Brie.

"Anyone else feel like having a food name might have contributed to her food issues? Or am I alone in suddenly craving brie cheese and baguette and red wine and having to restrain myself?"

Laura said...

I go away for a few days, and look what happens!

You, my dear, are so beautiful, and well spoken, and it was just so thrilling to "hear" and "see" you this morning. Fantastic job. You did, and are, amazing!

zubeldia said...

I did read that, Krista, and it totally cracked me up!!

Love to you, brie cheese (I'm vegan so have never actually eaten brie!).


Sarah said...

You did a wonderful job, Brie baby! Really fantastic.


brie said...

Krista, that comment was hilarious! Maybe it did...? It's something to consider in therapy...

Kathy with a K said...

Very exciting to see/hear you! Well done. :)

emmy. said...

good lord, you're elegant in interviews. you were really fantastic; very professional! you must have been peeing-yourself-excited!

i'm so proud of you!! :)

KC Elaine said...

Brie, I agree, THEY made the mistakes, not you - I think you did beautifully. I'll cross-post this on your blog to make sure you read it. You did an excellent job of not glamorizing your disorder and telling the truth about eating disorders. And what were they thinking, I mean Kate, 1-2 pounds, really?? I wish they would have let you go into more depth, but like I said, you really did great and everything you said made me cheer.