Sunday, August 3, 2008

4:23 am

What was I doing at 4:23 am, you ask? Oh, I was just outside with my son.

Guys, last night was awful!

Cade was having some major freak out issues and was up nearly all night. Bran and I got very little sleep. And still, we’re not sure what’s even wrong with him. He’s not really acting sick. At least, he stopped acting sick once we took him outside and sat on the rock-rock (translation: rocking chair). Hence, the reason we were outside in the middle of the night that’s the prime-time for rapists and robbers to be out doing their illegal shenanigans.

I smell of exhaustion and, I think, for some reason, wet dog.

I need four ibuprofen, some ear plugs, and a good long nap.

No one’s feeling sorry for me today the way I am, I can tell.

Boo. Double boo!

On the plus side, I think this lack of sleep is making me feel a bit manic. And that’s not so bad. As long as I don’t get a hankering to jump off my roof, that is.
I know, right? That was a bad night…


kristin said...

Sounds like a bad night. I hope that you feel better and that Cade does, too.

Take care, Brie.

love, kristin

Jackie said...

Ugh Brie, I feel bad for you! I am so sorry; lack of sleep will make the best of us go crazy. Please try to get some sleep today! Take some meds, pop those ear plugs in and take a nap!


belinda said...

Ear plugs, I'm sure are the key to good sleep. If it's not kids, it's animals and if it's not animals it's hubby's snoring!

I hope you can get some rest today for lack of sleep really can make you manic.

Take care hon

Stacy said...

oh kids... and their wonderful timing. tonight will be better :o) have a great nap... or a really early bed time.
No offense but I am so glad I am not you today. being sleep deprived is a very mean form of totrure.
I am sending very restful thoughts your way

Keely said...

bleh. Sorry for your sleepless night. That's why I don't have kids-I'm too selfish and cherish my happiness (and sleep time) above all others. ;)

Laur said...

sounds like the way I have been feeling all week. Conners sleep has been off BAD and I am about to lose my mind.

Laura said...

let me know if you head for the roof. I will join you.

Lizzy said...

brie, thanks for posting on my blog! it was so good to see you the other day. your little boy is so handsome - and you looked beautiful! now, go take a nap :)

Courtney said...

Hope you guys are hanging in there. I know I can't function without sleep, so be patient with yourself. Also, I haven't had a chance to comment but I LOVED your last two posts. I hope you don't mind but I might copy down some of those comments on identity because I'm struggling with the same issue and I was so amazed by everyone's advice and insights. And your Cade post--thank you for reminding me why I am excited to have children!