Saturday, August 30, 2008

Emo is _________

Last night Brandon and I were chatting. I happened to say ‘angsty,’ and he asked me what it meant. After pausing, thoughtful for a minute, this was the conversation that ensued:

“Well, I guess think emo with less black,” I was like.
“Well, that gets me thinking. What really is emo anyway?” He was like.
Hmmm. Good point, man, I was thinking.
“Emo is like the cool thing to do now when you’re a kid. 14 year old lesbians who wear black and are in a band, are, like, emo,” I said, thoughtfully.
“Oh, okay. So kind of like Dawson when his dad died, but with bands or purple hair?” He was like.
“Exactly!” I exclaimed. Eureka!

But then I’ve been thinking about it, and, well, what really is emo? I think we all have our own definitions.

Tell me yours, please.

[I mean no harm to those emo's out there. I just want to know what you are!]


Laura said...

OK, so I KNOW that I am like a million years older than you or most of your cute readers...but as an oldish mom of 500 kids I thought I was somewhat still with it.

Well, I am not. I have no idea what this EMO thing is...I know DAWSON...but still, after your post, I can not figure out EMO. I know ELMO, and I know NEMO...but I am at a loss when it comes to EMO.

Shit. First I was a loser not knowing about buzzfeed...and now, THIS!

Kathy with a K said...

I was gonna say "Elmo" without the L. (can't believe you beat me to that Laura...well, yes I can)

Emo....kinda goth, with a touch of punk. Long side bangs, lotsa' black. Tragic Teen look. Sketchy kid dressed in black, not happy.
EMOtional. Dark with a flare. Trying to be individual...but lookin' like all the other Emo's.
(all of this from observation at local high school and asking my teen-age children)

Laura said...

I think I was EMO my freshman year of college!!!! All nails...snake tips on the edge of my eyeliner...depressed....and very, very sketchy....was I kath? was I EMO?

brie said...

Wait. You, L, the innocent baker, are an EMO? Appearances can be so decieving!

jana bananas said...

I've always been confused by the "emo" thing. I think I'm too old. It was "goth" when I was in school -- no "emo."

If emo means crazy pink eye shadow that bleeds down into your cheeks though, count me in!! (I'll stay away from the lip piercings.)

H said...

Aside from what emo is...that pic scares the hell outa me!

"Julia" said...

Emo is, in terms of fashion, a really bad knock-off of goth and punk.
In terms of the stereotyping, they tend to get made fun of with fake tears and mimed wrist-slitting.
The word emo and the jokes about it really rub me the wrong way. Because I have been there with the SI and I am still that depressed.

brie said...

Julia, I'm very sorry - I hope I didn't offend you. May I ask you what SI stands for? It may help me understand more...

"Julia" said...

It's not you. SI is shorthand for self-injury. You're not offensive. It's just the sterotype, right now.
I think the oddest thing about it is that most of the people I know who "dress emo" are not "emo"tionally damaged.

brie said...

Oh, okay. Well, I of course know that if you're emo it's "in" to self-injure, which makes the whole thing all that more confusing to me. I mean, I don't cut anymore, but my left arm is riddled with scars - and they're big and not easy to miss. I would never poke fun at that (unless it was at myself, of course) but I hate that the trend can be "in."

"Julia" said...

I think we're on the exact same page with this one.
I was "emo" in the psychological sense, but never quite in the fashion sense. I'm too all over the place.

Beneath_the_Mask said...

Emo... You want a reasonably accurate definition of Emo? Check this out:

Jade Lee said...

Take a big scoop of "old-school" goth -- scrape out all the intelligence and creativity. Place the shell of the concept in a bowl, and add a cup each of trendiness and low self-esteem, two tablespoons of the teenage predisposition to self-destructive behavior, a splash of bad fashion choices, and a sprinkling of random piercings. Bake briefly on a thin layer of stolen alcohol from their parents' liquor cabinets -- then you have an emo.

brie said...

Jade Lee, I have no idea who you are, but your comment made me roar. I loved it! Thanks for sharing and making me laugh today. :)